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Top 5 Fundraising Ideas

Top 5 Fundraising Ideas

If you are a school or nonprofit that is
looking to raise funds and you want to try something different,
stay tuned because today we’re breaking down our Top Five Favorite Fundraising
Ideas! yeah! Hi I’m Kristy with funds2orgs I’m Eric, nice to meet you.
Many people don’t realize that there’s ways to do fundraisers without buying or
selling anything. While these can be effective there are other options that
have no cost that could actually work for your organization way better. Tip
5 Collection Fundraisers companies like TerraCycle will pay you for everything
from candy wrappers to used cell phones that they then upcycle into new products.
Tip 4 Loyalty Programs there’s a lot of companies out there that will donate
money to a charity your choice if you collect items from their products some
of the really popular ones are Box Tops for Education Labels for Education or
even Loyalty Gator. Tip 3 Competitions all of us are competitive by nature so a
lot of schools channel this energy into classroom competitions such as Class
Wars or Grade Wars, one of my favorites are Penny Wars. Yeah Penny Wars is
actually really cool each class puts a jar in their classroom and they collect
change for every penny that’s collected in each classroom is a positive point
and any silver change like nickels, quarters, dimes they’re negative points.
So the kids put pennies in their own jars and they sneak nickels, quarters and
dimes into the opposing teams jars. At the end of the time frame they count up
the points and whoever has the most points wins. Then they get a reward like
pizza parties, yeah, pajama day! I love pajamas, and other stuff like that. Number 2 Events or
Auctions you can do things like a Cornhole Tournament where people will
pay to register and play to enter the tournament. Or you can do a Dress a
Teacher or Dress a Principal Day where kids pay a dollar to vote for their
favorite celebrity or historical figure for a teacher or principal to dress for
an entire day. That’s a fun one. I dressed as scooby-doo for a whole month once. No
reason.. no reason. Auctions are great because you can get the whole community involved. You ask local businesses to donate something to be auctioned off for your fundraiser.
That’s how I got the Scooby Doo costume. Not only is it great exposure for the
businesses you also get free items to help raise money for your organization.
And our Number One a FAVORITE FUNDRAISER is Shoe Drive Fundraisers with funds2orgs! A shoe drive fundraiser is a unique fundraiser where you collect
gently worn, used and new shoes. So you’re not asking anyone to buy or sell
anything they don’t want or need, you’re just asking them for what they already
have in their closet funds2orgs will then pay you by the pound for all of the
shoes you collect. Not only is this a green fundraiser because you’re helping
keep shoes out of landfills, instead the shoes go to developing nations where
they’re sold to small businesses and micro-enterprises to help the community.
Not only is this a fun and engaging fundraiser but it gets the whole
community and world involved, it’s a win-win. It’s a win-win! For more
information about shoe drive fundraisers or if you just want tips and tricks on
fundraising visit our website at and make sure to subscribe to this channel. Once again I’m Kristy and I’m Eric and
we’ll see you guys next time! bye! That’s the worst high-five ever. (mumbles) Why are you laughing, I did it right! Dang it. What is wrong with me. We should make one called loyalty for education.. in the universe 13 14th times a charm. Now you’re snorting? We’re only on number 2. yes, you did it! finally. We got some bloopers already…

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