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Train Yourself Impressive with Charity Fast-Track

Train Yourself Impressive with Charity Fast-Track

Two months ago I finally got my dream
job as a National Events Coordinator at children’s charity, and that literally couldn’t have done that without Charity Fast-Track. In distance only you can feel disconnected but throughout this course
we’ve felt very supported as a group we’ve had Bootcamps where we get to
meet up with each other and seeing each other in person really solidifies those
relationships. I think the course is perfect for is giving you so many ideas on different parts of the charity sector It gives you just such a good
grounding for every job role you could almost possibly want to go into I just want to say don’t rule yourself out if you think you’ve got too much going on I thought I wouldn’t fit this in with having a full-time job and a very new baby when I started the course and I’ve been able to fit it in because I’m
passionate about this I really want to change my career and I’m sure that if
you are passionate about something like this you will find the time and you
will enjoy that time.

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