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Triathlon Nationals crowdfunding video

Triathlon Nationals crowdfunding video

The CU Triathlon team is a group of student
athletes focused on competing in triathlons while fostering relationships with the local
Boulder community. Tri!! Our team has spent hundreds of hours training. All that hard work will now come to fruition
with our last two team races. Each spring the CU Tri team travels to two
races. Our regional championship, and our national
championship. CU Triathlon is seventeen time national champions. We are currently on the hunt for our eighth
consecutive title. Our team consists of over one hundred athletes. Getting one hundred people and bikes to races across the country is a huge financial burden on our club. We do everything we can as a team to offset
the cost of travel for our athletes, but we need your help to get our team where it needs
to go. Our two spring races are in Lake Havasu, Arizona
and Tuscaloosa, Alabama. When headed to Arizona, we will rent a fleet
of minivans and complete the sixteen-hour drive in two days. When our nationals team heads down to Alabama,
we will fly. All donations made through our crowdfunding page will go directly towards travel costs for our athletes. Any contribution goes a long way. Thank you for your support. Thank you!!

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