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Trimac United Way Volunteers at Women in Need Society

Trimac United Way Volunteers at Women in Need Society

Trimac United Way Committee came to
WINS to help sort clothing. They have all sorts of donations here, and we’ve worked our way through a big mound of clothes, trying to sort through what’s good for
sale at their thrift store and what needsto be recycled So our distribution
center is where all of our donations come. We collect donations from donors
and our stores. We have a truck department that goes around and picks up all the donations and brings them back to here, where the girls sort through them and
separate the clothing and the household items, and you get that shipped out to the
other stores, so that clients can come in and get items. We do get overwhelmed sometimes but our staff and our volunteers are great, and they work through it and they have fun and at the end of the day we get lots done. We’ve just recently put out a call for winter clothing – boots, jackets, mitts and even blankets. It’s getting cold out there, so we need to make sure everybody stays
warm. They can donate through a few different ways. They can go online and book a pickup online through our website, they can also give us a call on
our pickup line, and they can also drop in and do a donation pickup as well. We offer a referral program through our stores and our family resource centres, where women and their family can come in and get help getting items that they need to get started. We offer furniture referrals, clothing household referrals as well. I think, why should Trimac employees volunteer in these sort of initiatives For one, I think it helps bring the company together, build unity with your co-workers Gets the Trimac name out there. And I think the second thing, is it gives yourself you personal benefit from it, when you’re in your desk, and at your office you’re doing important things and there’s some demands there, But it’s not every day that you’re helping out the community, and helping those in need, It helps the company, it helps you personally, and it’s a good morning.

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