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Trump Attacks Biden; NRA Calls Trump: A Closer Look

Trump Attacks Biden; NRA Calls Trump: A Closer Look

-The President is already back to lashing out at his critics and taking his cues
from the NRA. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ We are now once again going through the absurd
post tragedy ritual of watching the media speculate
over whether Donald Trump is capable of changing his tone. The media seems desperate
to believe that Trump has a bunch of different tones
and moves and strategies, but he doesn’t. He’s not a Swiss Army knife. He’s just a sharp stick. Yesterday, he insisted to
reporters that he had already changed his tone and he began
by stating the obvious. -What do you say to your critics
that believe that your rhetoric is emboldening
white nationalists and inciting them with anger? -So, my critics are political
people. They are trying to make points. -Yes. I agree. They are trying to make points. That’s not a defense. That’s just a literal
description of what’s happening. [ As Trump ]
So my critics are human beings who are forming sentences
with their mouths, and out of those mouths
are coming words that are in English. [ Normal voice ]
Sounds like an alien trying to explain
the rules of basketball. “They are tall beings who use
the orange orb to make points.” Trump can’t go a day —
he can’t even go a few hours without fighting with someone because that’s
his favorite thing to do. It might be the only thing
he likes doing. If he weren’t President,
he’d be a guy around the city waiting for someone to
accidentally bump into him. That’s why he always
walks around with his chest puffed out
like that. [ As Trump ] Hey [bleep]
Did you bump into me? You want to go?
Let’s go right now. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] For example,
just hours after he lied and said he changed his tone, Trump found time to respond
to a speech by Joe Biden. -“Watching Sleepy Joe Biden
making a speech, so boring. The lame stream media
will die in the ratings and clicks with this guy. It will be over for them,
not to mention the fact that our country will do poorly
with him. It will be one big crash, but
at least China will be happy.” -Think about how much
of a narcissist you have to be to tweet about
how much better you are for TV ratings on a day
when you are supposed to be consoling victims of a tragedy. It’s like if you crashed
a car while drunk driving and your first thought was, “Oh, my God,
I’m going to be on ‘Cops’!” [ Laughter ] Yesterday, Biden was asked
if he wanted to respond to any of Trump’s attacks
on him. And he had a very curt response. -Do you want to respond to
the president responding to you? -He should get a life. [ Cheers and applause ]
-That’s the problem. That is the problem right there. Fighting with people online
is his life. That’s all he wants to do. If he were President in 1996
instead of 2019, Biden would have gotten
an AOL instant message from someone named “TheDonald69”
that said, “You suck, loser. Sad. See you at school tomorrow.” In fact,
Trump seemed to spend all day lashing out at people even if they didn’t actually
criticize him. For example, he picked
a totally bizarre fight with the mayor of Dayton,
Nan Whaley, and Ohio senator Sherrod Brown. According to CNN,
after Trump’s trip, Brown said Trump was received
well by the patients, was comforting,
and did the right things. Whaley said victims
were grateful to see Trump and that he was treated well
by the victims, for sure. Neither of the two Democrats alleged that Trump was badly
received at the hospital. Now, you might think,
“How could he possibly find a way to get mad
about that?” Well, if you’re thinking that,
congratulations. You don’t have Donald Trump’s
brain disease. Because despite saying
only nice things about his reception
at the hospital, Brown and Whaley
were both subjected to nasty tweets from Trump. -The president weighed in,
saying, “Just left Dayton, Ohio, where I met with the victims
and families, law enforcement, medical staff,
and first responders. It was a warm
and wonderful visit. Tremendous enthusiasm
and even love. Then I saw
failed presidential candidate, “Zero Percent” Sherrod Brown
and Mayor Whaley totally misrepresenting
what took place inside of the hospital. -Their news conference after
I left El Paso was a fraud. It bore no resemblance
to what took place with those incredible people
that I was so lucky to meet and spend time with.
They were all amazing. -First of all,
in case you missed it, he accidentally wrote
“amazing-o.” Which I guess is a knock-off
version of SpaghettiOs. “Dad, we want SpaghettiOs
for dinner!” [ As Trump ]
Here, have some Amazing-Os. They’re just as good.
I bought them at ShopWrong. [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] Second,
and I’m asking this sincerely, what the [bleep]
are you talking about? How did you manage to take what they said about you
and get mad about it? What chemical are you missing
from your brain that makes you like this? Is it the same chemical
responsible for telling you which direction to walk in
so you don’t amble around in circles
on the White House lawn like an old man who wandered
away from the group home? I mean, look at him,
just shuffling around like he’s looking for
a golf ball. [ As Trump ]
You guys seen a Titleist with a dollar sign on it? [ Normal voice ] Gonna have to
put a sign around his neck that says, “If found, return
to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.” [ Laughter, cheers,
and applause ] Then, after Trump’s
unhinged tweet barrage, we got to watch the mayor of
Dayton find out in real time that Trump
had tweeted about her, read the tweet,
and try to figure out what the hell
he was talking about. -“Just left Dayton, Ohio. You got two tweets.Doble.-“Totally misrepresenting.” [ Mumbling ] -What does the tweet say? -I don’t — I mean, like,
I’m really confused. We said he was treated, like,
very well, so… -I’d love to hear what his — -I don’t know what he’s
talking about misrepresenting. Oh, well. You know. He lives in his world
of Twitter. -You know, it’s such a relief
to see a politician have a normal, human reaction
to Trump’s tweets. You usually either get
Republicans making excuses or Democrats justifiably angrily
denouncing him. But it’s rare to see someone
in real time just be like, “What? I — I — What? Well, I mean, I guess somebody put something
in his Amazing-Os.” [ Laughter ] But in that press conference,
Whaley and Brown did offer some justified criticisms
of Trump that had nothing to do with
the hospital visits. Brown, for example,
said Trump would never act on gun violence because
he and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are, of course,
beholden to the NRA. -Republicans for years now
have dug in and done the bidding of the NRA. The National Rifle Association,
the gun lobby gives millions of dollars
to Republican candidates and spends millions and millions
against Democrats like me that get an “F” from the NRA,
that stood up to the NRA. We can’t get anything done
in the Senate because Mitch McConnell and the President
of the United States are in bed with the gun lobby. -That’s true, but the only quibble I have
is with the metaphor. I don’t think Trump
ever goes to bed. I think he spends all night wandering around
the White House lawn looking for reporters
to yell at. [ As Trump ]
Where are you, Jake Tapper?! Come out!
[ Laughter ] But it’s true, of course. Trump takes his marching orders
on gun policy from the NRA. In fact yesterday
during a Q&A with reporters on the White House lawn
amid a national crisis over gun violence
and white supremacy, Trump said that
there was no political will for a ban on assault weapons
and offered some vague, half-hearted comments about
background checks where even he seemed unclear on
what exactly he was proposing. -I have had plenty of talks
over the last two days, and I think something
is going to be come up with — We are going to come up
with something that’s going to be
really very good, beyond anything
that’s been done so far. I think we can bring up
background checks like we have never had before. I think both Republican
and Democrats are getting close to
a bill on — to doing something
on background checks. -They’re doing something
on background checks. This is a national emergency,
and he talks about it with all the specificity
of a dad who has no idea where his kids are. “I don’t know, I think they’re
upstairs doing something on the computer.
I also think I heard a bobcat.” But Trump reportedly got a call
from NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre warning him to back off. -What we are told
by the reporting of “The Washington Post”
is that there was a Tuesday phone call from
Wayne LaPierre with the president
and the message from the
National Rifle Association would be that
the Trump supporters in that powerful organization
would not support the president if he were to move forward
with background checks. The message from the NRA
to the president was, “Careful about doing that.” That goes against what
the president has been saying publicly. -Of course it does.
Because you can’t trust anything this President says publicly. First of all, he barely said
anything to begin with. I mean, listen
to how vague he was. -I think something is going to
be come up with — We’re going to come up
with something that’s going to be
really very good, beyond anything
that’s been done so far. -He is a master of using
a bunch of words to say absolutely nothing. He always sounds like
the guy in a movie whose job it is to distract
the security guard while his partner steals
a painting from the Louvre. [ As Trump ] They are going to
come up with something, something that’s
gonna be so good, very good, beyond anything — That’s right. Roll it up. [ Normal voice ] Trump
and the NRA are closely linked for many reasons,
one of which is something they both have in common — They are grifters
and scam artists. Take for example Trump’s visit
to El Paso yesterday. This isn’t the first time
he’s been there. In fact, he held a rally there
in February. And his campaign racked up more
than half a million dollars in expenses owed
to the city of El Paso, expenses they still
haven’t paid. -Donald Trump
is going to El Paso, while he still owes the city
of El Paso over half a million dollars
from his last visit to El Paso. The president has
an outstanding bill of $569,204.63 for police
and public safety services associated with a February
campaign rally in El Paso. -Man, going back to El Paso when you owe the city half a
million dollars is a bold move. They’re going to have to put
the boot on Air Force One. [ Laughter ] In fact, the bill… [ As Trump ]
Let’s get out of here. Oh, no! [Bleep] [ Laughter ] [ Normal voice ] In fact, the
bill has actually gotten bigger the longer it goes unpaid. Trump owed an initial fee
of about $470,000, but the city tacked on
a 21% one-time late fee in June. And of course Donald Trump
has incurred a late fee. That’s so him! I’m surprised his oval office
desk isn’t covered in unreturned Blockbuster DVDs. [ As Trump ]
You guys seen “Tango & Cash”? It’s really good. Lot of chemistry
between the two leads. [ Laughter ] I’m a Tango guy. [ Laughter ] Teri — [ Laughs ] [ Laughter ] Got a young Teri Hatcher in it. [ Laughter ] [ Laughter, cheers,
and applause ] By the way — by the way — [ Cheers and applause ] By the way, at the same time Trump is ignoring a half-million
dollar debt to El Paso, he also scheduled a headline
fundraiser in the Hamptons where tickets run as high
as $250,000. But this is something Trump
has in common with the NRA. They’re also huge grifters, as we learned from
a recent string of financial scandals that
have nearly crippled the NRA. In fact, just yesterday, “The
Washington Post” reported that LaPierre sought to have
the nonprofit organization buy him a luxury mansion, selecting
a French-country-style estate in a gated Dallas-area
golf club, a 10,000-square-foot estate with lakefront
and golf course views on the market
for about $6 million. A $6 million mansion in Texas. Meanwhile, in New York,
$6 million will get you a two-bedroom condo, and your
landlord is an actual rat. [ Laughter and applause ] This explains so much, so much
about politics right now. Donald Trump and his fellow
grifters on the right sell their base racism
and paranoia, and all the while, they and their wealthy patrons
are cashing in. We have seen corruption and
racism from presidents before. But what Trump is doing now
is… -Beyond anything
that’s been done so far. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

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    Incidentally, look he has high heels on his shoes 😀😀😀 and pleats in his shoulders to make him look as if he has broader shoulders. 😀😀😀😀

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  • So Wayne LaPierre of the NRA does not like Background Checks? He says the Base does not like them? Funny, Wane, Polls show something like 85% of NRA Members support Background Checks! So why don't YOU like Background Checks Wayne?

    Would more Background Checks mean more people are denied a gun and the number of guns sold goes down? Wow, so the number of guns went from 294 million in 2012, to where we have 394 million guns for 329 million Americans! That's a lot of guns!

    But I guess then the NRA would get LESS money from the GUN MAKERS, since that's who you represent Wayne, NOT the Gun OWNERS! As Mother Jones and Rolling Stone Mags showed, the NRA gets a freakin' COMMISSION FROM GUN MAKERS for every gun sold.

    Wayne, I can see why you would not want to upset that!

    But guess what, Wayne? YOU'VE GOT BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS! THE BLOOD OF :
    >EL PASO (AUG 2019)
    >DAYTON . (AUG 2019)
    >SANTA FE HS . (MAY 2018)
    >VIRGINIA TECH (2007)


  • We are not from Earth yet we have stopped many Earth war and civil war Earth in past.

    Simply because we are not from your planet is enough not reason to ignore this comment.
    Because Where we from is not important to this time.

    We simply have strong feelings about lives of the humaan creature beings.

    Let’s simply say we are concerned “citizen of The Universe” who desires a more peaceful stay on your planet.
    Because we are very muchly liking humaan creatures beings.

    Now Some ways to solve mass shootings that at start of our evolution for us worked very in the well way.

    Obviously need you more non-lethal options and for civilians no military styled weapons.

    Because No one need semi-automatic or automatic weapon. Your hunter are not hunting Out Cheetas or other much fast creatures.
    Now Our planet has much fastly creature in when compare yours. And weapons deadly not need.

    Because If you feel you need those deadly weapons to hunt then part of problem are you.
    The self defense excuse is a con.
    You want self defense Instead learn martial art or other fighting types styles. Like many us have.

    Now wars or violence of guns we not have for many millennia.

    Gun owners must need to now learn how to deal with negative emotions such like anger, rage and frustrations, among others.

    Now They must be trained most like your police and military trainers.

    Now Before you decide to get a gun you Must learn to control first your state of minds an your body physiology.
    Because if you angry easy you not get gun.
    Learn control you physical being lead to control you mind and true is opposite too.
    RM. Lee Bruce example of follow too.
    When you no longer angry over little thing you then weapon gun get.
    Also need to learn you to safely and properly use weapons deadly.
    Respect weapon yours and treat it the deadly weapon it being.
    Need discipline much too.

    Imagine living in peace free from mass shootings in a couple years from now, and thinking back to now as the moment you decided to get rid of all deadly weapons.

    Now If this pissed you off because you feel you deserve deadly gun. Then you failed test.
    You will soon lose your privilege to have gun must give gun to police.

    Now, Thank you and have a twenty-four hour increment of time that is pleasant.


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  • and the weird thing abut it every time some one ask him in a report why he is doing what he is doing, he say im doing a great job, and try to projects is faults on people calling him out on his corrupt bullshit

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  • It;s appalling that he thinks his main job is to keep the media focused on him, with the well-being of the country as an afterthought.

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  • trump is no bueno for sure, but the dem solutions are a joke, and kinda yuky feeling after this epstein thing. multiple mass murders by racist malitias and the dem answer is to start crying and give their sympathizers control of our gun rights, legal procedures and military/police force.

  • I'm going to laugh so hard when Trump wins again, I can't wait.
    Trump Landslide 2020 KAG🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😭

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    Sanders/Warren 2020!!!!

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  • It's really strange, that we have grow to become numb to the fact that the POTUS offends random people on twitter and it's really, really weird that the POTUS plainly insults people without having any reason whatsoever but what's really, really, really bizarre is, that the POTUS insults random people on twitter after a mass shooting with dozens deads…

    Who are the people that be like: "Yeah, that's totally normal behavior. That's how humans should react. MAGA."?

  • Trump: My critics are political people that are trying to make points
    Me: yes, good job, you finally learned what a fact is

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    Fat pig stands like a penguin trying to not look like a blimp. It’s not working.

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