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Trump Attacks Windmills As Dangerous Bird Killers In Bizarre Fundraising Speech

Trump Attacks Windmills As Dangerous Bird Killers In Bizarre Fundraising Speech

If someone were to ask you what is the thing
that Donald Trump hates most in the world, you would probably say the media, you might
say Robert Mueller, but the truth is based on statements this man has been making for
years, it seems that the thing he hates most on the entire planet are windmills. During a fundraiser last week in New York,
he once again went on his little tangent where he started talking about how horrible windmills
are because they’re killing all the birds. Now this was part of his section of the speech
I guess where he was talking about how great coal is, but I’m going to read you exactly
what Trump said at this fundraiser. Please understand that this is the way he
said it and there’s a part I have to mime a few things out, so bear with me on that
because that’s what he did during the speech. “You can blow up a pipeline. You can blow up windmills. You know, the windmills, boom, boom, boom,
bing. That’s the end of that one if the birds don’t
kill it first. The birds could kill it first. They kill so many birds. You look underneath some of those windmills,
it’s like a killing field. The birds, but you know that’s what they were
going to. They were going to windmills.” Okay. Aside from that reading like a really poorly
written children’s book, yeah, birds occasionally run into a windmill. Yeah? The force of that would likely kill them as
with the drop itself, but see, I think Donald Trump doesn’t quite understand how windmills
work. They’re not massive rapidly rotating fans
up there in the sky like giant blenders waiting for birds to fly in and get pulverized. If you’ve ever seen a clip of actual windmills,
they move very slowly. Birds move very quickly. Birds have eyeballs that can see these things. They don’t just run into them and plop to
the ground as Donald Trump is saying. I mean this is absolutely one of the more
idiotic things that has come out of this man’s mouth since becoming President of the United
States and that is saying a lot. Here’s the reason he’s on this attack because
he ended his whole little weird paragraph I just read for you there with, “So, uh, the
coal is doing great.” That was the last sentence he said, “So, uh,
the coal is doing great,” after going after windmills for allegedly killing all the birds. His schilling for the coal industry is what’s
happening here. He’s doing it in a very roundabout way that
left even the staunches Conservatives in that room kind of scratching their head because
they know that’s not true. Furthermore, since when the hell did Republicans
care about any animal in this country? I mean his administration has already lifted
the ban on imported trophies from hunting big game over in Africa like his sons love
to do. They’re repealing environmental protections
trying to skirt the law and get judges to overturn laws that protect endangered species
so that they can hand those lands over to the coal miners or the oil drillers or the
loggers. So yeah. Are we actually supposed to believe that you
care about birds? Not going to happen. But again all of this is coming from the coal
industry, which by the way, they’re losing jobs left and right even in states like West
Virginia. The coal industry is dying. The only thing preventing it from finally
passing away, moving on to that great beyond so that we can start utilizing renewable sources
of energy here in the United States is the Republican Party. They are keeping it on life support knowing
that it’s never going to wake up, knowing that it’s never going to be revived. They could pull the plug immediately and stop
feeding them our tax dollars to keep them going, but they refuse to do that. Because as long as there is a single piece
of coal or a single drop of oil left in U.S. soil, you better believe that these Republicans
are going to do whatever they can to get that last little nugget of coal or that last little
drop of oil out of the ground so that they can make a quick buck off of it. That’s what Donald Trump’s little tangent
about the dangerous windmills is all about. It’s not because he cares about the birds,
it’s because he wants that fossil fuel money for himself and for the Republican Party. You can’t really have that money if we were
a country that actually switched to renewable energy.

  • Well that might play in Virginia where so many out of work coal miners seem to welcome the thought of black lung, silicosis, fire damp explosions and cave-ins but what about good old republican Texas with a lot more wind mills than mine shafts ? Can we expect to see reports of good old boys shooting up windmills with shotguns now ?

  • your american political divide on this subject is really ludicrous, I'm guessing your conservatives are payed to support coal and oil but it should be made non political and abolished

  • He hates anything that has natural and clean power like the windmills. Coal was the old days in energy and with today’s technology and bright minds we have found ways to save the planet earth from dying quicker even by a smidge but then this dipshit comes along and says out with the clean in with the dirty….like seriously??? It’s like saying out with veggies and in with oil and grease it’s good for you ?‍♀️. That’s the logic trump is putting into peoples minds….the stupidity of this guy hurts everyone with logic. Agree with me or not but that’s how I’m processing this moron and his sense of what is logic.

  • .. your ENTITLED, MORONIC, SMALL, DIRTY , TROPHY- HUNTING COWARDLY SONS KILL ENDANGERED SPECIES .. the cocksuckers……and you want us to believe your main concern is the " hundreds of thousands " of birds that are slaughtered DAILY….and not the COAL and OIL INTERESTS …?? i fucking hate you , tRUMP – you illiterate, frightened, whiny, GUILTY, LYING CUNT..! FUCK OFF AND DIE

  • The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity, and Trump is not a molecule. Enough said…. 😉

  • Oh dear lord, Farron, I am so glad I woke up in the middle of the night and happened to stumble upon this video. I couldn't stop laughing at your Trump-omiming. And I mean that in the best way possible. That said, serious, what is it with Trump and animals? All this bird talk, calling everyone dogs, turning a blind eye to and encouraging big-game hunting…it's almost a sociopathic level of vitriol for our furry/scaly/etc. friends.

  • Donald J. Trump is now attacking the windmills, so he is a Don Quixote in a certain manner of speaking. The Donald is tilting at windmills and that is an English idiom that means attacking imaginary enemies. The expression is derived from the 1605 novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, and the word "tilt" in this context comes from jousting.

    The phrase is sometimes used to describe either confrontations where adversaries are incorrectly perceived, or courses of action that are based on misinterpreted or misapplied heroic, romantic, or idealistic justifications. It may also connote an importune, unfounded, and vain effort against adversaries real or imagined for a vain goal.[

    In other words, The Donald is in fact a really uninformed and crazy person.

  • I've lived on 45000 acres in Kansas all my life and we have 52 water windmills..Unlike these power generating CLEAN environmently friendly mills that turn very slowly ours spin about 500 rpm in windy weather yet u NEVER see them harming birds?he just doesn't believe in clean energy anything but filthy Coal-fired Plants that pump trillions of tons of toxic gases emitted that kill billions of living things including ppl!!..Send Bloated Trump into s coal mine with NO Safety mask and fn well leave him in his Orange jumpsuit

  • Actually Windmills are a problem in ornithological circles. They do kill quiet a bit of birds, and conservation groups are concerned about it. I dont know the details about it but i would gues its related to windmills being huge, so even though they appear to be moving slow, they are actually moving very fast around the edges, also the wind turbulence caused by them probably helps pull the birds in to a current vortex.

    For once… trump was a little right about something… what the fuck

  • If they enclose the blades with a cage so that the blades can turn, the birds can't get that close. But this idiot could care less about birds, or anything else! It is now pretty obvious that he is just trying to hold on to fossil fuel. This half wit thinks we are all as ignorant as his he is.

  • I dont know about you but ive been driving about 32 years & ive hit & killed dozens of birds.. I guess we should ban all cars.. And cats as cats have been responsible for wiping out some 33 species off the planet.. Oh thats right Trump is cool with hunting protected species..

  • Bird brain is worried about birds dieing to windmills!!! He just needs to shut his Orange ,commy, cockhole and see what death of animals looks like in Florida by a god damned, theiving, cockroach ,Republicon buddy he has indorsed for senator of Florida fucking, treasonous ,idiot!!!!!!

  • My contry Denmark peoperly has the most windmills in the Word comperd to size. And peoperly som of the worlds biggest conservation zones for birds rigth next to windmills and No problems.

    this is just as stupid as Fox News trish Reagan compering Venezuela to Denmark…

  • the eagles came back to denmark, while we made the moste wind power in the world. i dont se no, killing field under the danich windmills and, boy we has a lot of birds and wild mills

  • I work on a wind farm and I am also a big trump supporter. We obviously have different opinions on this and he is greatly exaggerating the death toll of the birds. This guy in the video is also wrong about the speed of the turbines. The tip of the blades travel very fast and will destroy anything they hit. Birds do die but every effort is made to minimize that including loss of production at times if birds are seen flying close to operating turbines. He needs to stop hating so much and realise wind farms contribute to grid and economy.

  • The reason traitor trump hates windmills is because the Scottish government put windmills off the shore of his Scottish golf course to poss in off.

  • Lmfao lets stick some huge windmills by your house. Oh u probsbly live in a gated community or all white neighborhood. Better yet a checked high rise

  • he’s trying to bully windmills now? ya he doesnt like windmills cause they bloxk his view from his golfcourse in scottland

  • ClassicSpace-Guy  As well, to add to the fine points you have made, I wonder if there is a study of how many birds are killed each year flying into Trump Tower because they cannot see the glass.  I am sure that tens of thousands are killed each year just from flying over the cities with these large/tall glass encased buildings.  Does the Trump administration or trump himself care about that….  NO!!!  With that said what about the bill to allow hunters to use lead bullets again how much wildlife and birds will be killed because they have eaten lead contaminated food.

  • Just like the wall he doesnt care about the people he cares for the money hes going to make all the builders work for him hes going to make billions

  • Never knew Trump was a bird watcher but, than again he does have a bird brain. The guy supports coal…COAl lol. What is this the 1800s?

  • Here's few facts for President Dipshit: For every bird killed by these "treacherous" windmills, over 2100 die at the hands of fossil fuel powered plants. So next time you roar at your rally crowds that the ecologically effective and basically harmless windmills are killing the birds, do a little math (right) and tally up how many dead birds it takes to fill up a bucket of your foul (!) KFC. I'd wager you eat 100 times more of our feathered friends than get whacked by windmills every year. Ever seen ducks, geese and seagulls after an oil spill? For somebody who has absolutely nothing worthwhile or pleasant to say, you sure make a lot of noise.

  • …also Donald Trump suffers from “Thought Vomit” Syndrome. He lacks the enzyme that prevents you from saying everything on your mind all at one time. ? That’s why he is cringeworthy every time he goes off script. Oh who are we kidding, he is cringeworthy regardless.

  • The birds are attacking the windmills? OMG We must get the military mobilized to protect them (the windmills, not the birds).  Coal is a good way to attack the birds in general, as is reintroducing lead shot for hunting.  Leaded gasoline here we come!

  • God I hate people calling them "windmills" I work in wind energy.. I manufacture wind turbines by hand.. layers and layers of fiberglass epoxy resin, carbon fiber and pvc and I still can't stand people calling them "big metal fans" or "windmills" were not turning fucking water or grinding wheat.. were powering 5.2 megwatts of electricity per rotation with new turbines that can adjust each blade individually as well as rotating on its base (nacell) to maximize turbulence and create more momentum in low and high wind conditions.. they're not metal and they certainly are not "mills". Get it right people! You don't power a rural house with back-up "mill" it's a back up generator or a turbine.

  • Wasn't there someone else who hated windmills?
    Perhaps the Orange One needs a horse, a lance and some rusty armour so he can go chase windmills.

  • Of course removing the tops of mountains and strip mining, and turning valleys and lakes into toxic slug pits so coal can pump poisons into the air is just fine for the birds.

  • One of the very few things I agree on with Donald Trump: Wind mills are 'bird killers' everywhere on this World. Not as bad killers as hydropower stations are for migrating fish, but they kill substantial numbers of birds. In Denmark they killed a whole generation of young sea eagles in a couple of months a few years ago.
    Anybody who claims that wind mills in the USA only kill 7000 birds per year, doesn't know what he is talking about or must learn to count…

  • Ha ha ha – do you Ami`s really believe that LOOOOL, if that should be the case, we Danes would be walking in corpses all over the damn country – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – ha ha ha ha ………..

  • My dog kills the occasional bird. Other dogs kill birds. Cats kill birds. Diseases kill birds. Windmills don’t kill near as many birds as any of these things.

  • I would really like to see proof that any bird is so stupid or unskilled that it would be able to hit a slow moving blade on purpose. I have never seen a dead bird around a windmill? On the other hand, I am sure A bird might have hit ONE, but jet engines suck in many more birds with turbine high speed blades, that I have seen!
    I have also seen many birds killing other birds!
    Besides, if birds were rally attracted to windmills, hunters would be lined up with shotguns ready for some easy pickings, because I used to be one of those bird hunters and you could spend ALL DAY looking for one bird to shoot!

  • He doesn't give a rat's anus about birds, obviously. All of his pro oil/coal rants are the same tired empty headed ramblings that were disproven 20 years ago. One of his first acts was a tariff on solar cells which crushed a growing industry that was employing a lot more people than coal mines.

  • How about attaching an owl to the top main body of the windmill with sound. Also, you could light up there eyes for maximum effect. It works for gardens and farms, what a novel idea. Someone should get a government grant and try it, what do you have to lose.

  • You do realize that the tips of the blades are moving in excess of 100 mph. if you think that is slow, that is your prerogative. A Boeing 747 looks slow too at a distance. So, if your walking across an intersection, and looking for traffic in one direction, but a car runs you over unexpectedly at 100 mph from a direction you're not looking, its your fault because you have eyes. I think you need to look at the pages of videos showing many, many dead birds. If there is a oil spill that rarely happens kills some birds, the oil companies must massively pay all these damages. There are many bird deaths each day, yet these wind turbine companies pay nothing. Hypocritical.

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