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Trump bans New Yorkers from global entry program

Trump bans New Yorkers from global entry program

  • This whole thing is on Cuomo. He needs the illegals so he can stay in office. Noone wants him. Everyone hatrs him. People are leaving faster and faster. Then us real Americans have to deal with the consequences. WNY does not identify with the city. We would love a wall! NYC is a joke.

  • New York is not the only state that is allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses , you all need to come up with a better story if you don’t like the official one.

  • Why does BP have to bend the rules because NY decided to eliminate a requirement? It’s not retaliation when NY made themselves ineligible 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Should not get a driver's license if you are illegal in this country..
    So New York thinks it ok to brake the law..
    All illegals go brake in to anything you want in New York it ok..
    DemocRATs have your back.
    While legal Americans get nothing but more taxes to pay for illegals…

  • How can any right minded American allow illegals to apply for driver's licenses? It's just the democrat party making it easier for law breakers to live here. Open the borders and forget any security issues or threats to American citizens. Forget those who apply for entry and are waiting for their turn. This party has become the party of traitors. Sanctuary laws that impede the expulsion of murderers and rapists and they repeat offend. Foreigners treated better than Americans. That's the democrats!

  • The fact that Fox News is crying about this is hilarious, It shows that trump is a true president in such a way that he shakes the ground the establishment is so used to that it makes them fear the truth.

  • LMAO! Was it not humiliating enough that we kicked him out? This is like NYC smacking him in the face with a giant iron reinforced dildo and trump trying to hit back with a tootsie roll. GL w/ dat!

  • The Federal Mandate for the Real ID Drivers License Compliant Law by October 1, 2020 is necessary in this era of fake documents. The states’ DMVs hold this drivers license information in their database and it is necessary that the TSA be able to access this Data for our National Security. New York Legislators-Your hiding behind being a Sanctuary State is unfathomable.

  • If the crazy liberals would stop giving drivers license to illegal immigrants, which allows them then to vote then maybe President Trump will allow you guys to have that back.

  • What in God's name happened to all of you right wingers over the past 18 1/2 years ago!?

    Or….like….were all of you haters faking it back then?

  • I just burned my own house down and you won't let me live in your house😵YOUR MEAN! PHOQUE ALL YOU LIBERAL🐍💩.THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!!💀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🐸! New yorkers please don't move to florida,california is more your style move there or massachusetts we don't need any more trouble makers here. Thank you and have a nice day😳.

  • Oregon has been screwed by ms brown and our driver license. We as a state might be banned from flights due to the real ID law. 3 years to get ready but instead she focuses on driver licenses for illegal immigrants.

  • I live in New York and I agree with the president. New York state to follow the laws like everybody else. My favorite new law is letting criminals that without bail. Thanks Cuomo. He's such a scumbag like his father was.

  • John "Scar face" Trump. 2020 try n stop me!!! I'll make you an offer you can't refuse! Trump is not above the law, he is the law, deal with it!

  • It's All about this Administration's Control! Watch for complete Control of Our Every movement! Watch! Barr announces China stole info from Equafax ,did they , or is our own government about to implement a new tracking & chipping to Control Every Americans financial movement as well as Your Every movement! Wake up sheep, this is about "Control!" 🤔

  • Trump is full of s***. Trump is destroying America. Trump is a con artist. A bully a rapist Trump even pardon a hitman. Trump is making fun of the United States of America. But guess what? The United States of America will get the last laugh. Does Trump know nothing about the military? And yet he said no harm came to the soldiers when Iran fired missiles. that hit close to the soldiers, now the soldiers have brain damage.trump is not God.and the aliens did not send trump to save USA.trump is also racist, Trump commented many crimes no one is above the law, not even you trump.

  • Very similar to the red flag law. Hope these people take note that they can and will lose many more rights if the liberals get into office now.

  • NY should take a hard look at CA. See how much they are failing in almost every way. California is a prime example as to why being a socialist and a sanctuary state does not work. New York is not far behind on that trend.

  • It is a Legitimate National Security Issue.
    New York State is allowing the Entry of "Undocumented Persons" from Outside the United States. "Take a Number & Go Stand in the Snowflake Line" (it's even longer!)

  • Comment section here is pretty disturbing: Something seriously messed up happened to NY and a bunch of people are saying "hur dur take that money bags!" Are we not all Americans here?? And do they really think we're all wealthy elites? I'm literally too poor to even leave, and so are a lot of others just starting their lives here. All of this paints a bad picture, my dudes.

  • Oh please, stop with the anti-Trump spin already. Unless you are really ignorant you know perfectly well why Homeland Security did this. New Yorkers can thank their leftist Governor for exempting New Yorkers from a portion of the security checks all the rest of American citizens have to under go. Aw sorry New Yorkers, I know you think your "special" but you don't get a pass on security checks the rest of us have to comply with.

  • Why dont we send our military down there and wipe out the cartels do a regime change and occupy thier country like we do with the middle east?

  • Trump doesn’t like New York ,,,reason new york people don’t like trump ,,,,never did,,they all know the truth behind him

  • Good to know so many of my fellow Americans would put me in a concentration camp simply for having a differing opinion.

    Gone are the days of working together to refine our ideas. We're a nation of mortal enemies now.

    I'll keep my weapons closer when I go out from now on, just in case a trumpanzee has an incel meltdown and decides he has the right to take my life.

  • People are mad about illegal immigrants getting drivers licenses in new York but what is not said is all states have done this. Take a look at the listing of documents someone needs in there state to obtain one.

    You see usually 3 different list that a person can pick saying such things as " have this or this or this" then many times you can negotiate with certain DMV staff. Then in today's times, with graphic designer programs such as photo shop, one can make fake social security cards if they have the right paper and other papers the DMV requires such as a bill and what not changing the names. This activity is very common actually. It's not just new York and I myself can get a driver's license in any state if I wanted too. The illegals even did this in other countries to get passports and that alone is scary however the Government catches most. Look at the three different passports that Epstein had from other countries as a example.

  • Not even sure why people have an issue with this? Trump is not targeting NYers nor is he targeting anyone for retaliation. That is just more news media spin. It makes perfect sense from a security standpoint. If any region has a law that allows or grants the possibility for someone who is not a legal resident to get a drivers license, and part of the process to verify someone's identity is the use of the DMV record or that particular driver's license ID (which is a compromised part of the process) So, it now weakens the entire process for anyone coming from that region. If a part of the process is weak would you think it more reasonable to completely end the quick entry (global entry) process for everyone? Or isolate the main area of concern? It is not an attempt for anyone to specifically target anyone outside of the understanding of common reasoning. This country and the people in it, no matter what walk of life you come from, no matter what your political view might be had better get their head wrapped around the idea of what national security means. You can not have a secure country without the sacrifice of certain amenities. Sacrificing a bit of your personal time even if it comes at the cost of an extra hour or two to ensure the security of the rest of the Nation. Well, I personally feel that is far more worth a few hurt feelings. Might I make the suggestion? When you travel. adjust your schedule to allow for possible unforeseen security checks. Try to accommodate the rest of the county's safety rather than your own selfish interests? To be clear, "yes" the TSA security pulling you aside or anyone for that matter as they perform their duties and responsibilities is a matter of national security. Because if they hesitate to follow their gut instinct or their training because some man or woman got them scolded or reprimanded by their superiors, simply because they inconvenience that person. That hesitation may be the absolute moment they allow someone to slip through that might be a risk to the safety and security of those outside yourself living in this country. Perhaps that person that slips through might end up killing your son, daughter, friend or family member. Then it will be of true importance to you, and that moment of extra time you felt was "SO!!!" important when TSA stopped, well it really wasn't as big of a deal anymore now that you are standing of the casket of someone you knew and loved is it. The people in this country have no idea the horrors that take place outside the walls and borders of this country. That is that way for a reason, but trust me when I saw that if you had any true unfiltered idea of what takes place outside this country, I think no one would be complaining about making this country safe.

  • Yep, dems screwed us by allowing Illegals to get drivers licenses in CA, IL, NY, making it a useless passport substitute, and great fun when one w/o ins hits your car and flees.. Get a passport like 99% of the planet.

  • Pretty simple. If you are here illegally, no license. Go home. Come back legally. How hard is it for these idiots to understand the law they swore to uphold?

  • It seems we can never see eye to eye again, we beliwve in our values and tgey have decided they do not appreciate or support those values anymore. To avpod a civil war, just give them California and Washington, let them have their own laws and open their borders to all of the "refugees", be their own union and we will continue being America on our side.

    There should be more of this sort of thing going on in the world when it comes to such massive differences between people.

  • I agree with this ban and I am a New Yorker. But TRUMP is from New York too. A Born and raised New Yorker. Let's not forget that detail when you're bashing all New Yorkers in the comments.

  • This is all about NY politicians issuing licenses to ILLEGAL ALIENS in open defiance of the federal Real ID Act. The NY driver's license has been corrupted; it can't be accepted as a valid ID.

  • The only thing you need to vote is a drivers license. We all need 6 points of id. How can they have 6 points. It's NOT POSSIBLE.

  • If I’m not mistaken I think the title should be, Global Entry Banned in New York, as a New Yorker if I fly into New Jersey or any other state am I banned from using my global entry? I don’t think so

  • "The Green Light Law allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses in New York, while also prohibiting DMV agencies across the state from sharing criminal records with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)"
    NY loves obstructing agencies designed to protect Americans…so deal with it NY.

  • Dear Mr. President Trump and DHS Secretary Mr. Chad …….I Love our President Trump and all his undertaking to make America Great Again but please do consider a proud Republican American Citizen and a New York Resident like myself to get the privilege of using the Global Entry since my job requires me to travel to different countries around the globe for work reason assignments

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