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Trump BUSTED Leaking Classified Info During New York Fundraiser

Trump BUSTED Leaking Classified Info During New York Fundraiser

For the last several weeks, we know that Donald
Trump has been furious with staffers inside the White House, trying to figure out who
the leaker is. Well, as it turns out, the leaker is most
likely Donald Trump. Last week, at a fundraising dinner in Manhattan,
Donald Trump actually leaked classified information to his donors. Here’s what happened. Donald Trump gets up onstage to talk to about
100 people who paid at least $50,000 apiece to go to this little Donald Trump fundraising
dinner, and he told them about a military excursion from back in February, where U.S.
troops went in and killed anywhere between two and four hundred Syrian rebels and Russian
mercenaries. This operation was highly classified. The reason it was classified is because national
security experts did not want Russia to know that we went out there and killed Russians. They didn’t want to create any bad will between
the two countries, who were already on a very rocky footing at this point, and it was classified. Donald Trump went out there to his wealthy
donors and leaked that classified information. Here’s how secret that information actually
is. When a White House spokesperson, Raj Shah,
was asked about Donald Trump’s comments at this fundraiser, Shah had to admit that he
is not allowed to talk about it because that information is classified. Even he admits that, “Yes, this was classified,
and even though the president said it publicly, I can’t go out there and even comment on it
because of how secret it actually is.” Leaking classified info is a crime. That is something that people go to jail for. We know that, and yet Donald Trump just did
it openly during a fundraiser in Manhattan, and nothing is going to happen to him. His supporters are not even going to think
that this is an important story that anybody should be talking about. To be honest, maybe it’s not, but maybe it
is. Because if you have a president who cannot
stop himself from going out there and leaking classified information, what can you trust
him with? There are all kinds of secrets that the federal
government has, and some of them, they should rightfully keep secret. Now that we have an imbecile like Donald Trump
in the Oval Office with access to every secret the United States has ever had, and he can’t
even keep his mouth closed long enough to keep those secrets, that creates a very real
national security problem here in the United States. Trump wanted to use that opportunity in Manhattan
last week to brag about how strong his military is. Instead, he leaked classified information
to roughly 100 people, any one of whom could have told someone else, and so on and so forth. It’s like that old World War Two poster. You know, “Loose lips sink ships”? Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have any problem
with going out there and telling state secrets to people if he thinks it’s going to make
him look a little bit better.

  • If the president releases any info it's no longer classified….

    It's no wonder you guys are losing!

  • $50,000 a plate? Free classified information included. Pay for Play?

    Didn't Trump want Hillary locked up for lax security?

  • What if he’s selling these secrets or someone close to him is selling the information, he’s untrustworthy on every level.

  • I'm shocked, I tells ya, – who woulda' thunk that a bragging, bullying, blowhard, with no sense of decorum, would ever "leak" some information, that makes him look "big"? SHOCKED!

  • Omg how long are the republicans going to put up this lying sick perv for gods sake grow a pair and get rid of him

  • why is pumpkin-heads scary face showing up on your station before vids? My kids ran out of the room screaming

  • Oh yeah this is sweet you want to talk about national security problems let's talk about Obama politics and Hillary kill them Clinton how many people did Hillary killing Benghazi just to get them out the way because they had trash on her a Trump has a little slip at a tongue and your ready to prosecute him yeah, this is sweet. You want to talk about national security problems. Let's talk about Obama politics and Hillary, kill them Clinton, how many people did Hillary killing Benghazi just to get them in a way because they had trash on her, a Trump has a little slip of the tongue and your ready to prosecute him for it give me a break

  • This episode highlights both the treasonous AND the criminally corrupt practices of the current regime and the potus himself. They all need to be locked up.

  • He had to leak because he knows he already leaked it to his boss the true U.S president aka putin
    All this is happening whilst the FBI, CIA, military and police sit on there hands help less

  • Doesn't surprise me one bit. Here's what cracks me up, he says " I don't like to discuss or tell any body what my next military move will be" so, it's ok to tell your rich donors, but not the American people? What, you think your donors will not run and tell someone?
    He's the biggest most idiotic, stupid, person in office. God impeach his ass already.

  • my god now that the russians know who hit them they can retaliate our men better be warned "stay alert stay alive"

  • Mind you, this is exactly what Trump and his supporters said Hillary would be doing. Telling all her friends and donor all the juicy intelligence secrets for her own gain. So now we get to point out the hypocrisy of it. Of course this doesn't matter to Trump or his supporters considering they don't care what he does so long as they think he's right when it does it. So what if he said some classified things during a fundraiser, they'll argue since he's the president he has that right. But the problem is who he tells and what they will do with that information.

    But like I said, Trump supporters will not see anything wrong with this despite the fact that they railed Hillary for the exact kind of behavior.

  • That is exactly why the intelligence agencies of the government didn't want to give classified information briefings to this maniac because he cannot be trusted and cannot control himself.

  • Leaking military operations gets soldiers killed. I doubt if Trump will ever realize the wildfires his loose lips ignite.

  • I hate Trump as much as anyone but this incident is common knowledge. It was widely reported at the time.

  • All Trump Supporters oughta get deported from 'Immigrant' land America, in the future. Just as Germans should've known better than to follow a Nazi lunatic dividing communities, WITH THEIR OWN. It like they use to say 'Kill the racist before they kill you'.

  • Give ,e 5 minutes alone with this sorry sob in a locked room, give me the guarantee that I wouldn't be prosecuted, and I could promise you that the underwear-stain would never leak anything again, intentionally or otherwise.

  • And yet the loyal Trumpites ignore basic logic and continue to support him no matter what. Just like the blind followers of Hitler in the 1930s – and look where that led us.

  • Classified info was leaked by Tyrant ? He doesn't give any crap about that or most else.

  • Well, members of the electoral college — are you proud of yourselves for shirking your duty to keep America safe by rejecting an unsuitable person (i.e. a deranged imbecile) from becoming President of the United States? How much more damage is he going to do? How unsafe are his uncontrolled mouth and inferior brain going to make America?

  • We have a moronic manchild for a president. I literally cannot think of anything else to say to this. He's a complete moron who's been allowed to get away with being a complete moron his entire life.

  • So when can we expect Trump to get the Manning treatment?
    Or even hear the Democrats calling for accountability?
    Shortly after Clinton is brought up on charges for keeping classified information on her private server?

    But, Mr Cousins, the problem is not that Trump is leaking information about US crimes, the problem is that the US is committing them. And by pretending that national security justifies these crimes, you make yourself complicit in them.

    It is of course absurd to think that this operation was classified to keep the Russians from knowing who was behind it, it is all about the Poppy Bush fig leaf of plausible deniability – it's ok to commit the most heinous crimes as long as we can pretend we didn't. And when even that fails, we merely committed a mistake due to noble but overzealous intentions.

  • Of course nothing Wil happen to him. He can say what he wants and do what he wants. He needs to be dismissed………

  • Snowflakes are you still butt sore over the election don't worry you will still be but sore for eight more years

  • 3:00 ITS NOT HIS MILITARY! the military does not belong to him! you have responsibilities in those positions, you are supposed to serve us with those resources not us serve you!

  • Yh but but Hillary and bengazi, and and Emails and Obama, and and fake news and and Hillary and emails,
    But but what about bengazi and emails, Hillary and witch hunt,!!


  • With Trump (and Kushner) in the WH, it's a wonder we have any top state secrets left. He's been warned about critically protected information, repeatedly. He just doesn't care about injury to other individuals or to America. Trump leaks secrets for personal gain, to boost his already stratospheric ego , and because he seems to believe that, for him , the rule of Law is but a small barrier, and he's proud to show that to everyone. No one else would be able to get away with this . He needs arresting, to protect US. From his leaked classified information, his strange attraction to Vladmir Putin … and so very much more.

  • Donald is incapable of keeping track of which information he is given is classified. Further, he does not care about national security. He refuses to use a secure phone. He refuses to counter Russian meddling in elections.

    This puts his staff in a quandary. They can't tell him anything classified because he will blab it. Yet they must tell so he can make proper decisions. The only way out is to impeach him.

  • The President is the ultimate security authority. He cannot be charged with releasing secrets. That said, Trump is a waste of time. Because he can't keep secrets subordinates will stop providing him with classified information.

  • Question? Does the President of the United States have the right to declassify classified information?
    And the answer is […]

  • The intelligence community should create a way to circumvent having to give classified info to Trump.

  • Trump, surely a thousand times busted till now and everyone kept saying last year…he will surely not make it through his first year and that the impeachment is close. Sadly there is still in the white house whining every day, insulting people every day, being unreasonable every day and I think even if impeached he will not go. He just needs his power position too much. I think the only way of getting rid of Trump would be is someone would shoot him.

  • Of course trumpy leaked the classified info. What would you expect of someone who's nothing but a traitor to the United States and a Russian puppet. The republicans won't do anything because they're worried about the mid-term elections. Trumpy is a cowardly Russian puppet and the republicans put party before country. We are so screwed.

  • if the president talks about classified information, it is no longer classified. BUT… that DOESN'T mean he should go out publicly and say things that will more than likely endanger american citizens. Doesn't endanger the wealthy donors though, they can go wherever the wind blows at the drop of a hat…. I really don't want Trump to become a martyr, but if he keeps this up, we may see another JFK conspiracy pop up.

  • turd trump can be charge with crimes, read the Constitution. Article Two , Section Four. Forfeiture Office.

  • WTF? This president is such a farce; Ladies & Gentlemen: It's only a matter of time before his ass is sent to prison…all in due time…..I truly believe the powers that be who are investigating this whole scam want to get every single detail exactly right the first time around so that Fox will have absolutely no doubt and no defense whatsoever when he and his cronies are all found guilty. Just my prediction…..I just cannot fathom any goodwill human beings being so evil and causing so much destruction, division and hatred in our precious country.

  • Actually the president is the only guy who can declassify classified information. Technically he can't be legally held responsible if he blurs out something classified. Should he do it? of course not if he values his country's well being.

  • I got to tell you Sparky the president can release classified information at will. Golly gee cousins you didn't know that he violated no law. You should stick to things you know about apparently you and have no idea how Secrets work in America. You should stick to women and Hollywood and who they're sleeping with.

  • Yes I have to tell you cousins there might have been a reason he did it. Probably above your paygrade. Like I say stick to rumors from Hollywood you're better at it

  • and most importantly the US President can declassify anything he wants… On the spot.

  • The President of the United States has the power to declassify any information he wants. Legally, it is impossible for him to leak classified information. Apparently Farron Cousins doesn't know how presidential powers work.

  • The president can declassify any information he so sees fit. A simple google search would let you know this. Unless, you already know this and are intentionally misleading your viewers……

  • Not a fan of Donald Trump but he is immune when he comes classified information. They can discussed it with whomever and wherever. Having said that, it is unwise to put out classified information they way Donald Trump is doing it.

  • That does not matter who leaked it. If falls under the category of release of information that's top secret, presidential eyes only, The person who leaks it is flirting with treason. Trump cannot be pardoned by anyone, especially Pence who could've known he did and just walked away could be held for being complicint. Any one that knows about a crime but says nothing to stop it is as guilty as the person that did it. That was just another reason to pursue an investigation into whether or not to prosecute the individuals in question.

  • I have tried to get an answer if 45 can be indicted while sitting as president. I have found little that says yes. BUT, once out of office he could find himself indicted AND arrested for crimes committed. Once his presidential powers are gone, it's open season on him. The law can proceed with normal business and business will be GOOD!

  • Too bad that once he said it , it wasn't classified any longer. He commits treason and gets away with it.

  • So thanks to Trump, Putin no longer has to guess as to who killed his people, he just waits until Trump leaks vital confidential information.

  • there is a scam agenda that is multi reinforcing classification leaking being a crime that was based in extortion for forcing just that

  • Try the drill question.

    Which is higher priority? The survival of the Constitutional Republic or The quietness of some classified information when it has to be one or the other on a battlefield bullets survival decision on a now basis?

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