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Trump Donates His Small Salary And Still Makes MILLIONS Off The Presidency

Trump Donates His Small Salary And Still Makes MILLIONS Off The Presidency

On Tuesday of this week, Stephanie Grisham,
the White House press secretary tweeted out a photo, a photo of a check, a check signed
by Donald Trump, a check in the amount of $100,000 to the department of health and human
services from Donald Trump’s personal bank account. Wow, what an awesome guy, right? And of course Eric Trump retweeted this and
talked about how great his dad was and how giving he is because this was Donald Trump’s
first payment of his quarterly $400,000 a year salary, $100,000 he’s giving to the department
of health and human services after just a week ago announcing he was slashing their
budget. Hundred thousand dollars. Trump’s such a great guy. Here you go department of health and human
services. I know you’ve got a lot of work to do. Stephanie Grisham hyping it, the Trump kids
hyping it, Republicans thinking, oh my God, thank you Trump. You’re such a generous person. Wow. We need more like you. Y’all are all idiots, all of you, every one
of you. I mean, seriously, folks. First of all, Donald Trump cut the budget
for the department of health and human services by millions of dollars. Giving them $100,000 is not going to allow
them to do something they weren’t able to do in the first place. It means virtually nothing at this point. He should have given that money to an actual
charity out there. Of course, we know the Trumps aren’t very
good with charities and that’s why they’re banned from being on the board of one in the
state of New York. But $100,000 to a charity means a lot, to
a government agency that’s had its budget slashed by millions of dollars by you personally,
probably not going to do anything. Not to mention the fact that Donald Trump
deserves approximately zero seconds of praise for donating $100,000 of his salary. Wow. The moron is making hundreds of millions of
dollars a year from his businesses folks, even while being president and some of that
because of the fact that he is president. We have Republican groups, including the national
Republican party themselves, other conservative organizations that are renting rooms and business
spaces left and right at Donald Trump’s properties, putting millions of dollars a year in the
president’s pocket. And we’re supposed to praise him for every
three months donating $100,000 to government agencies that he’s already cut back? No, the man made close to half a billion dollars
last year off of his properties here in the United States alone because after all, he
didn’t divest. He is still the owner of those. He gets those profits. He’s even still allowed to touch the profits
if he gets the okay from his financial, I guess guardian, which is his son, Donald Trump
Jr. He is not giving away a fortune. He is not helping anybody by donating this
measly presidential salary and no, it wouldn’t be measly for me or you, but it’s measly to
a guy making half a billion dollars a year in revenues from his businesses. Donald Trump has also submitted a reimbursements
from the secret service to the tune of half a million dollars, which means they have to
reimburse him after they’ve already spent millions at his golf resorts and the amount
they had to reimburse him for $500,000 is actually far more than his yearly salary of
$400,000 folks. You’re being hoodwinked by a con artist who
says, look how much money I’m giving away on this side while pulling millions in and
stuffing in it his back pocket on that side. But y’all are all too busy watching him drop
a penny in the bucket to see that he’s pulling dollars out of the cash register.

  • During his campaign he charged the men and women of the Secret Service to protect him. Jr said that they don't charge the Secret Service to stay at trump properties. Yet it has now been reported they charged the Secret Service and administration staff up to $650 a night for a $250-$300 room. Yeah if I was screwing the American people to the tune millions, I could give away my salary too.

  • Ripping off millions of tax dollars and using his supposed given away yearly salary as a bait and switch. If I give out a buck and rip off millions I am ahead. The Putin loving Russian Republicans get owned by the math and the pathological liar and con man.

  • so trump spent over 120 million playing golf ,what other expences taxpayers pay for this crook an his crook family an his crook party

  • Y'know, the silver lining is that it must have been one helluva painful thing for Trump to sign that cheque.

  • The president salary is really not that high only about $240,000 but Trump made more when playing golf. You didn’t think a Trump was going to do anything for free did you. He would only play golf at his golf course which I believe at low number is about 190 times so far. That means it has cost the taxpayers about $120 million which because he owns it goes into his pocket. What a man not taking a salary and saving us all that money. Thank you Trump supporters for believing he is this great idiot. Next time they show him playing golf you can see your food stamps helping you feed your family. IDIOTS!

  • Well, Fatty PEDO Trump, is one of, if not the dumbest, stupidest and most idiotic person, ever!
    All educated people agree on that!

  • Trumps salary another fake out:  if he took one he would be undoubtedly be guilty of nepotism;  instead he hires his family (the ones who he said would run his businesses so there would be no conflictive interest.  another lie.  the GOP enables it.  His golf cost about 36 times that of a  presidents salary and his family becomes more wealthy

  • Dodging Donny fake, phony and a fraud, distracts and deceives. Leader of The Insane Orange Clown Posse. Armed with nuclear codes and dangerous to the welfare of all Americans.

  • do u c the fake news donating money 💰 ??

    NOPE! .. just spreading vomit 🤮 hatred delusional non-sense self-centered idiotic BS tabloid news !!

  • Hell he makes more from the money laundering that he does for Putin then he does from any other business , except for the money he gets from Vladimir Putin for destroying America's national security and allowing America's infrastructure to deteriorate to the point that we are soon to be a third world country !

  • How does that actually help anyone? Fuck you that's how. I really, really hope that Trump loses the Presidency and whoever becomes President makes him pay every cent back and then confiscates all of his assets before throwing him and his kids in jail.

  • Rule 40 of the 48 laws of power, "despise the free lunch."

    Drumpf gets more than 400k on a good weekend!

    Now Farron confirms my suspicion!

  • People don’t wanna hear this information they wanna believe that trump is the incorruptible president donating to charities

  • His weekend golf costs taxpayers about 3.4 million and it's paid to him because he only golfs on his properties. He's double dipping.

  • The Crook in Chief may give away his pocket change salary,…but he "pockets"ten times more by violating the emolument clause. What a Generous Robin Hood this Orange Clown is.

  • A robber mugs you of your car, your wallet, your home, but then gives you cab fare and directions to a homeless shelter…Pretty much the same concept here.

  • tRump stated he wouldn't take a salary. Ok, that's one quarter accounted for. What's happened to the other 12 quarterly cheques? Dear oh dear, little mafia donny, the moron FAKE unelected non precedent. This situation could only happen in the Ununited States of America!

  • It's sad to say, but once you accept the fact that we are in the last days of the united states it makes it a lot easier to stomach these kind of stories

  • It's really is hard to believe Trump cult followers, sycophants and cronies still can't see this lawless con man and his slimy family for who they really are. This con is taking place right before our eyes. This is just a very disgusting time in our country's history.

  • Hell if trump can do it help me find a way too i just want 100000 tax free n ill give the rest to the cause its not steelinig if trump can do it

  • What's $100,000 when the government is paying millions for his golf trips. He has his supporters be so blinded, they think he's so generous.

  • What I'd like to see is Trump forced to take his salary and forced to give back the rest of the money.

  • Aw, Trump Junior…no matter how much you suck up to daddy, he is never going to love you. Because he can't. Go cry into your wife's–I mean, your girlfriend's bosom to distract you from the fact that you only feel like a man when you murder endangered animals for sport.

  • Yeah, we've known this for years now. Everybody knows it. So why is absolutely fuck-all being done about it? So much talk, so much yadda-yadda-yadda and fuck-all action.

  • Donald Trump is letting his alligator mouth over on his bumblebee behind as usual. He needs to stop cutting essential services this can no longer be because of him we are all in danger now and it is all one hundred percent his fault end of story.

  • I love how the Trumptards are praising him for this and keep saying that he gives away his presidential salary 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • A token measure that means absolutely nothing at the end of the day. Sure, it'll convince Agolf Twitler's moronic base that he's on the up-and-up, but those idiots will fall for anything. Meanwhile, he's exploiting the Offal Office for all of the money he can grab. Disgusting. I hope he gets sued into bankruptcy that he can never crawl out of.

  • As soon as Grump took the photo of the check he cancelled it. That's assuming it was a real check and not just photo-shopped If he was genuine he would have donated to a health care charity so it could be proven he actually gave the money. His dickhead son claiming it would never get reported when the idiot knows Fox news would be all over it. It is just another scam …yet his half brained supporters will suck it up.

  • Trump it's nothing but a hypocrite, he should take his hundred thousand and stick it up his anus, we don't need nothing from a two-faced nitwit illegitimate corrupted president that needs to be taken out of office.

  • What have you donated asshole, why don't you show us here idiot. Before you speak on some one else, show what you have done.

  • I saw a video from Faux News and one of the female presenters said in all seriousness "Why doesn't Trump put all the money he's earning from his hotels in a separate bank account until he's out of office. That'll stop people saying he's making money white he's in office". Duh..

  • Once again trump actions are merely a drop in an empty bucket compared to the ocean of corruption he and his administration are swimming in

  • They will do anything to sabotage the votes to keep their do nothing for power positions for corrupted USA and there's nothing we can do about it…🤔 yep nothing!

  • America, Trump supporter/voters … Where's Trump's Tax Returns?!?
    How many government jobs/American citizens has lost their valuable jobs & benefits …
    due to Trump's downsizing by millions from the Department of Health & Human Services?!?

  • I hate how people who use this as justification… money doesn’t fix everything, and all the while Trump continues to sabotaged our abilities as a nation to react to crisis.

  • I mean common practice to at least pay for the Uber after you fuck someone.

    Wait 100k…there isn’t any porn stars in health and human services is there?

  • He been saying this since day one. Is this the first time he's done this? If not, why isn't he really showing off by presenting all of them?

    By the way, showing us a check that hasn't been delivered isn't proof of anything.

  • Are we sure he is actually donating the money? Knowing the guy he could be saying that but then he keeps it in his pocket. Or, they get donated to some entity that benefits him either directly, or down the road.

  • Donating his salary is a tax write off for him. Trumps an idiot but he’s not stupid when I comes to screwing the system.

  • Farron u gotta also mention his not paying for his campaign visits while still taking in money at his businesses off the government..
    How did this happen???
    Wow he and his family criminalized the government before and they are doing it again and u they , not me , are allowing this..



  • You know my coworks always talk about how he donates his salary and I have yet to find it? Soo this could be literally a ruse.

  • He is making money from our taxes, how can you go wrong!? He knew that coming into the presidency, he is an idiot but when it comes to swindling the government, he is The Stable Genius he claims to be. So who is surprised about this anyway???

  • Trump has access to the biggest check book in the world.
    So his salary is nothing compared to the 3 trillion dollars he has spent in taxpayer dollars and counting. He has filed bankruptcy about seven times. So he's not good at finance. He spent like there is no end to the money.

  • I'm fairly certain that individual departments of the federal government aren't even allowed to accept donations like this. The only way you can make a cash donation to the federal government is by checking the box to do so when filing your taxes. And when you do that, the donation goes into the general fund to be spend as determined by Congress, not to any specific government agency. That's why, for example, the proposals by Trump cultists to donate money for building his border wall were actually illegal.

  • I, like many other Americans are tired of this greedy, bombastic buffoon. He didn't donate a dime.  Now is the time for action, whoever the Democratic nominee is needs our votes. Vote blue!  Let the Blue Tsunami wipe out the swamp, cleansing our country of the great evil.

  • Not only this one. He donates ALL HIS CHECKS to different charities SINCE HE BEGAN his presidency! AND HE DOES NOT HAVE TO! Obama donated some, BUT NOT ALL HIS SALARY! How much have Maxine Waters given? How much have Pelosi given? How about Schumer?… and yet, they've millions from their career as politicians! And these ONLY A FEW of all the crooks warming up seats up in Congress FOR YEARS while their own districs decay and constituents live in misery! Obama still uses the secret service every time he goes out of his house (one of the perks of being a former president) AT OUR EXPENSE!!… but NOBODY says squat about it, right? Again, Trump does not have to donate his salary! PERIOD! And is bs that he gets anything in return. Trump was a millionaire BEFORE his presidency and has lost a lot of money after! Was he supposed to closed ALL his businesses once he became president?? Be careful on raising your bar, because the next democratic president WILL BE HELD TO THE SAME STANDARDS!

  • A million $$$ wouldn't make up for how much he's taking from tax payers and the government. But he fell dead it'd be worth it.

  • i know it was ridiculous. he could have at least donated a million. His new gov budget plan for the virus ended up being like 50 billion.

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