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Trump Has Run 2,200 Facebook Ads Featuring The Word “Invasion”

Trump Has Run 2,200 Facebook Ads Featuring The Word “Invasion”

It’s amazing what a difference one single
day can make after the events in El Paso this past weekend and the manifesto that this shooter
allegedly posted online, uh, where he repeatedly, I think at least nine times used the word
invasion to describe Hispanics coming up across the southern border of the United States. Fox News is back to using that word invasion. In fact, this morning, Fox and friends actually
defended it and said, it’s not racist to say it’s an invasion when it’s an actual fact. So Fox News has learned nothing. And of course the president learned nothing. And yes, the president, again, as we mentioned
yesterday, is at fault for this. And according to a new analysis by media matters,
the president and his campaign have used the word invasion at least 2200 times in Facebook
ads since May of 2018 that is their preferred word. That is the word they use to get their base
all riled up about some mythical invasion coming across our southern border. That’s why every time Donald Trump gets in
trouble or there’s some kind of election on the horizon, there’s always suddenly a caravan
coming up that never actually materializes. I hope everybody understands that, right? Let’s get that really clear. So far, throughout his administration, two
and a half years, there’s been three different times where he says, there’s a caravan coming
up and it never makes it here, and that news story just kind of dies off, but that’s what
the president does. He uses this to just get people energized
to support him, and unfortunately, this past weekend we saw what happens when people get
too energized by the president’s bigotry because that’s what this is. This is the president using racist, bigoted
language to get people riled up. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows that he is at fault for this. We have seen his same language, the same words
that he uses, the same phrases that he is made up have popped up with plenty of these
serial killers and several of the wannabe serial killers here in the United States. This is on Trump and here’s the kicker, folks. This isn’t going to change. The reason I started by talking about Fox
News still saying, well, it is technically an invasion, is because things are already
going back to normal at that network. They’re going back to their racist language. They’re going back to their racist roots. They’re going back to those same words that
the killer used in his manifesto, and Trump is gonna do the same thing. Oh yeah. He gave a nice little flowery speech yesterday,
right? Give it another 24 hours. He’s going to be back to attacking people
of color. He’s going to be back to attacking immigrants. He’s going to be back to using the same hurtful,
harmful, racist language that he was using less than a week ago, because that’s what
he does because unfortunately, in this country, we have too many mass shootings and we don’t
have time to dwell on just one or the other. Even when they happen back to back like they
did this weekend, we have to move on because there’ll probably be another one in a few
days because we continue to ignore what’s really causing these problems.

  • Just like libtards…..want to blame ANYONE but the criminal….nobody forced him to make any decision. He is the ONLY one to blame.with, MAYBE , the exception of his shitty parent(s).

  • Donald Trump has the balls to ridicule somebody when he should stand in the mirror and ridicule his own ass he incited this violence he and he alone. all the time talking all that shit and now he's paying for it and he's trying to put the blame on somebody else mental illness video games well here's a news for all of you Trump has mental illness why are the Republicans not dealing with it because they like the hatred and the racism down with Donald Trump no good for you no good for America his make America great again hats made in China

  • Anyone doing any advertising should advertise this? This is what Latin America has given us. What has Trump given us?

    1. The colour TV. Born in Guadalajara Mexico, Guillermo Gonzalez Camarenawas an electrical engineer credited with the invention of a colour-wheel type of television. His was the first colour TV patented in the US and Mexico, and is still used by NASA today.

    2. Neonatal artificial bubble. Born in Perú, Claudio Castillón Lévano invented the "neonatal artificial bubble", designed to improve the intensive medical care of high-risk newborns.

    3. The contraceptive pill. Mexican chemist Luis E. Miramontes co-invented the first oral contraceptive pill in 1956.

    4. The electric brake. Victor Ochoa was a Mexican inventor and revolutionary who patented the electric brake in 1907. It uses magnetic attraction to make it easier for trains to slow down. Ochoa is also known for inventing the ochoaplane, an adjustable wrench, and a pen and pencil clip, among other inventions.

    5. Photography. Hércules Florence, a French-Brazilian inventor, is considered one of the pioneers of photography, developing a photograph some three years before Louis Daguerre.

    6. The Mondragón rifle. Manuel Mondragón was an officer in the Mexican Army who designed a gun capable of reloading a new bullet without the shooter having to manually eject the spent cartridge. It was used during World War I and the in the Mexican Revolution.

    7. The ballpoint pen. László József Biró, Argentinian by naturalization and Hungarian by birth, was a journalist and inventor. He designed a pen with oil-based ink and a tungsten ball that allowed the ink to roll smoothly on to paper.

    8. The artificial heart. Dr Domingo Liotta was born in Argentina, the son of Italian immigrants. In 1969, he created the first artificial heart to be successfully transplanted into a human being. His creation is on display at the Smithsonian Museum.

    9. Captcha codes. The annoying online access code format used to prevent spam was invented by Guatemala-born doctor Luis Von Ahn.

    10. The stent. Argentine vascular radiologist Julio C. Palmaz invented the balloon expandable stent used to treat cardiovascular disease. In 2006 he was immortalized in the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

    11. Bandage for administering drugs. Uruguayan Alejandro Zaffaroni has been granted more than 45 patents to date, including a bandage for administering drugs through the skin.

  • And what would you call it. The Democratic party said there wasn't a crisis's. Yet they funded 4.6 billion for boarder towns. And didn't want the wall. Hmmm could be blood on there hands. I don't condone killing of people. But both sides had a part in this.

  • Plus, fuck Mark Zuckerberg for allowing this garbage to be spewed on his website. You know, the same website that assisted Trumpo the Traitor to get "elected" in the first place.

  • Let's do an experiment to show that Trump hasn't "caused" these racial acts of violence and death to happen. Trump should voluntarily leave the White House for two years. If there are only 1or 2 mass shooting deaths instead of the 235 deaths then we will know for sure that mental illness and video games are to blame. If there are 235 plus deaths then we will know that TRUMP IS TO BLAME! Either way, are we going to let Trump back in the White House? Not a chance in hell!!!

  • In a recent news statement, Donald J. Trump blamed the issue of mass murder on mental health issues, the use of video games and the media. Donald J. Trump did not take responsibility for his personal fear mongering or his hate-based rallies in which he has personally advocated violence against anyone who disagrees with him and in which he has personally denigrated brown-skinned people by calling them murderers and rapists and by insisting that America was being invaded by these lawless hordes, even though American government statistics demonstrate that immigrants are more law-abiding than native-born Americans. Trump also failed to place any responsibility for the mass murders and gun violence in America on the NRA for the part they play in ensuring that Congress does not pass any laws which will diminish the sale of weapons designed to take life efficiently and with great speed. One of the very first acts of the Republican-controlled Congress and Donald J. Trump in February 2017, just days after Trump took office, was to reverse a law signed by President Obama that blocked the sale of guns to people who had been determined to have a mental illness.

    Chris Cox, Executive Director of the NRA at that time applauded the change to our gun safety laws and said the move “marks a new era for law-abiding gun owners, as we now have a president who respects and supports our arms.”

    If Donald Trump truly believes that those with mental illness should not have access to guns why did he sign a bill that reversed President Obama's executive order to remove social security recipients with mental illness from the NICS background system? In the United States, it is easier to get a gun than it is to get mental health, according to Angela Kimball, acting CEO of the National Association of Mental Illness and that is largely in part because of the actions of Donald J. Trump, the GOP and the NRA. The shooters responsible for the recent mass murders at the Garlic Festival in California, the mass murder in El Paso Texas and the mass murder in Dayton Ohio all purchased their assault rifles legally and none of them had been adjudicated to have a mental illness. Under Donald J. Trump’s suggested ban on people with a mental illness being able to purchase guns the shooters in the recent mass murders in California, Texas, and Ohio would still be able to legally purchase guns. Assault weapons like the AR15 are the main problem because they give a person with the desire and inclination to kill people the firepower to kill a large number of people within seconds. According to the Dayton Chief of police, the Dayton shooter was neutralized within 30 seconds after opening fire on innocent people and in that 30 second time period he was able to murder nine people and injure 27 other people. In less than 30 seconds the Dayton shooter was able to shoot 36 people and that is the problem with allowing assault weapons to be owned by civilians. More than one person per second was shot by the Dayton shooter who legally purchased his assault rifle and the shooter had never been adjudicated to have a mental illness! The only way to stop the efficiency and expediency with which these mass murders are happening is to ban assault weapons!

    Donald J. Trump also wants to marry any new gun regulation that only regulates guns related to mental health issues with immigration even though most of the mass murders in America are committed by native-born white males. Immigration is not the issue, gun ownership is!

    In 2019 the Democratically controlled House of Representatives passed new gun control regulations that would require universal background checks for most gun purchases or transfers. On February 26, 2019, Donald J. Trump threatened a presidential veto on the legislation if it passed Congress. Sadly Moscow Mitch McConnell refused to permit the House Bill to go to the Senate floor for a vote. Donald J. Trump and Moscow Mitch McConnel are playing partisan politics with the lives of American citizens!

    Donald J. Trump, Moscow Mitch McConnell, the entire GOP, the NRA, and its members all have blood on their hands!

    Donald J. Trump's constant rhetoric of hate towards brown-skinned people, his administration's treatment of brown-skinned people which is meant to denigrate and devalue them as human beings coupled with his constant reference to an invasion on our southern border is inciting violence and Donald J. Trump is absolutely responsible for the hate and fear in this country which is now leading to mass murder! As the catalyst of hate, Donald Trump is responsible for the murders of these innocent people as much as the shooter is responsible! The shooter in El Paso who lived in a very upscale neighborhood in Allen Texas appears to have grown up in a family of white privilege. In his manifesto, he wrote that he was doing this to protect America from an invasion of brown-skinned people. He acknowledged that he is a Trump supporter.

    Hitler created a propaganda technique called the BIG LIE in which he would tell a BIG LIE over and over and over until the German people believed it and that method of propaganda was very effective in allowing him to commit genocide against the Jews. Donald J. Trump has studied Hitler and Donald J. Trump is using the BIG LIE method of propaganda to persuade millions of Americans that there is an invasion along our southern border, that brown-skinned people are taking their jobs, that brown-skinned people are rapists and murderers and that it is acceptable to place brown-skinned people in cages and that it is acceptable to take the children of brown-skinned people away from them because these people have little value. Donald J. Trump has so effectively corrupted the minds of millions of Americans with his lies, with the BIG LIE, that young impressionable white people like the shooter in El Paso believes that it is acceptable to murder innocent civilians. Donald J. Trump is absolutely responsible for the deaths of these innocent people whose only crime is that they are hated by Donald J. Trump for being poor brown-skinned people!

    Shortly after the February 2018 mass murder at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland that left 17 students and teachers dead, Donald J. Trump met with some of the survivors at the White House and promised that he would support gun reform. The very next day he met with NRA leaders and reneged on the promise he made to the survivors of the mass murder at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School just the day prior. In February 2019, the Democratic-controlled House passed two bills that would have tightened background checks on gun buyers, but the GOP-controlled Senate never took up either of the bills because Moscow Mitch McConnel refused to allow the bills to go to the Senate floor for a vote, as Trump had promised to veto the legislation.

    The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump has a big responsibility to life and safety in our Country. Claims of Fake News by Donald J. Trump, the Republican Party, and the actual Fake News of Fox News has contributed greatly to the anger and rage that has built up over many years. News coverage from Donald J. Trump and Fox News has got to start being fair, balanced and unbiased, or these terrible problems will only get worse!

    Donald J. Trump is absolutely responsible for the deaths of these innocent people whose only crime is that they are hated by Donald J. Trump for being poor brown-skinned people!

    Donald J. Trump is not fit to serve as the president of the United States of America!

  • Orange bad man has created his own border crisis just to support his racists agenda against brown ppl!! What's the matter with you republican nobody's has dared to invade us !! The only one who dared to do that was Pancho Villa
    How many more collateral damage? How long is gonna take to impeach orange bad man??

  • How many of us remember when we first heard the slogan 'Make America Great Again' and thought, oh boy, this isn't messaging anything 'good'?

  • Wasn't the Ohio shooter anti-trump and a democrat?
    Why doesn't that get any coverage?
    Why does noone blame Obama for the 24 mass shootings?
    Why doesn't anyone talk about the mass shootings in Chicago every weekend?
    Why doesn't anyone propose solutions instead of playing a blame game?
    Why isn't anyone condemning the fact that political figures are using these terrible event to bash Trump?

    Both parties are fucked up but I really see a lot of problems with the left right now. Go ahead, change my mind

  • I spent years watching Fox, listening to their crap, Fox is a fear mongering propaganda station except for Shep Smith, Wallace and Cavuto, the rest are pure fear mongering idiots…

  • To use the words 'white supremacist' is wrong and is nothing but a red herring, leading us to the wrong conclusions.

    Supremacy suggest an ability to rule, to show leadership, to influence, to control, to have power, to have the advantage, to be able to sway, to have authority, to show greatness, to show distinction.

    And these characteristics are not shown by the people or organisations proclaiming to be 'white supremacists'. It should rather be 'white inferiority'. Or any of the next words:


    Reasons should be found why there are people, of any color or creed, that show these characteristics. It is not limited to a specific skin color. The words 'supremacy' and 'supremacists' is hiding what is so obviously observable. These people should not be victimised. If we as society care about our society we will also care about the people on the fringes. Let our language be inclusive. Let our words not create 'the other'.

  • Why hasn't FB taken them down? There fear mongering , hate filled, spreading racism, laden with lies. Everyone knows by now that these ads could cause more violence in our Country.

  • The only invasion that is going on is the invasion that happened in January of 2017 of the group of corrupt and rotten politicians that invaded our government.

  • I guess these poorly educated chumps didn’t know Texas was part of Mexico and that these “invaders” were here long before their asses crossed the Atlantic! Someone should read this part of the North American history to them…slowly, loud and clear

  • And you know what? Even though T is a liar, criminal, cheat, xenophobic stupid moron, we are terrified we can't get him voted out, let alone impeached. . It's disheartening that this is what America is voting for. Even his love of Putin and Kim Jong-un does not derail his ridiculous supporters. How did we get here?

  • The undeniable truth is, Donald KKK Trump is a white-supremacist racist-xenophob hate-monger; fully supported by a fascist neo-nazi Republican Party, and the morally corrupted FOX News.
    … …
    And this is defining, to the rest of the world, what the United States stands for.

  • “Forget the facts. Hate and Fear are the two strongest emotions. That will get voters to the polls”
    Fox Chairman,
    Roger Ailes
    -Fox interrupts Immigrant bashing to report on Immigrant shootings.


  • 24 hrs? nope i don't think so it will be sooner than that, shit i will wake up 2 morrow morning and he'll be back to normal and it's already 8:00 pm here in Ohio

  • The only "invasion" is of WHITETRASH FAKE X-TIAN BIGOTS, Supremacists and GREEDY OLD PEDOPHILES.
    We're coming for you WHITEY!!!

  • Immigrants are now a problem?
    Congress has been permitting the same about of immigrants in every year. Nothings changed.
    There are some problems at a few border towns these days but right wing propaganda media has the entire country on red alert! LOL 
    It's all a right wing propaganda. 
    Scare the voters in the trailer park into voting for trickle down economic policy. LOL 

    Roger Ailes, Fox Chairman is behind the hugely successful Willie Horton ad that got GHBush elected. See below video.
    Even though a Republican Governor prior to Dukakis signed that weekend furlough program, Roger told the voters  Dukaksis did it. Willie Horton is coming to get YOU is the message…and it's Dukasis’ fault. (Even though a Republican signed the law)
    Immigrants are todays Willie Horton. Fox is just a 24/7 Willie Horton ad with viewers intentionally baited into hate and fear. 
    Don’t believe me? Just go to the Fox YouTube channel and browse the comments. Massively ignorant.

     Like Roger Ailes Chairman told his clients when he ran their campaigns… Forget the facts. Scare the voters to the polls with hate and fear.  Then he started Fox.

  • Agolf TwHittler the DICKkkkkkKKKtator has INVADED the Presidency and Americans seem ABSOLUTELY POWERLESS to rectify the situation 😪😪😪

  • I think Fox News & Trump &Co aren't just racist. They are MISANTRHOPISTS.
    They HATE MANKIND itself.
    No wonder they don't care about self-destruction.

  • This Baldy Bastard makes me physically sick when I look at his hate filled ugly face. FK off ya Demoncrat Bastard.

  • Does anyone know how to report or to who to report YouTube channels that may be suspected Russian propaganda to benefit Trump and cause damage other candidates?

  • Cnn,msnbc,abc,cbs,all have said that it is a humanitarian crisis.That must mean that they are overwhelmed by the amount of people crossing illegally.

  • Invasion of the Russian assets paid for by Putin
    (Trojan horse of Anarchists, the poorly educated and the racially biased)

  • We don't just let people in you idiots, there's not enough money to secure the borders you tax dodging morons
    (I think if Trump's Base wants a huge wall they should get their ass down there and build it) idle hands are the devil's workshop

  • America we have been invaded by an infestation of imbeciles that currently occupy the white house. Putin's bitch in chief and Moscow mitch have put a stranglehold on American democracy. This is exhausting judgment day 2020.

  • What would you call it trump is right .being paid for by. Sours. He gives millions to a group out of. Chicago. . George sorus.

  • Dictatorship is coming fast an furious so guys will need to look for jobs seeing that Foxnews will be the only Tv station allowed to broadcast so I do not know what you guy# on MNSBC,CNN ETC WILL HAV3 TO CHANGE YOUR OCCUPATION TO

  • I report every one of them as hate speech in hopes they stop coming. But this ass and his enablers are persistent in spreading the hate, probably a knuckledragger trait.

  • Presidential hyprocricy, he blows the racist dog whistle at his rallies but then reads from a teleprompter at the White house

  • Someone said the Trumpy is taking the USA back to the 60’s. After seeing those sick Texan cops on horseback leading a Black suspect along by a rope I have to agree. The 1860’s

  • Perhaps you need non violent stop work protests to focus on specific issues. If 95% of folks don’t like what is happening, perhaps their feet could do the walking.

  • yeah it's called campaigning that's what politicians do they campaign yeah he's talking about the invasion of our country by Ellie go immigrants we have until legal immigrant problem in this country we need to secure our border you guys want to talk racist This Racist at his rhetoric white this white supremacy White nationalism white white white white you know what it gets old and people in this country are sick of listening to it you can take your white b***** and stick it up your ass and you can take your racist bullsh it and stick it up your ass watch Trump hand you your asses again in 2020 while you're still calling him a racist then you can talk about the whole country's race

  • In fact America is suffering from two invasions. The one where fake fox news spreads its lies, mistruths, misdirections, and general all around bullshit. Then there is the one that criminal, liar, misogynist prick, racist, and traitor, fat ass donnie has done to decency, morality, civility, honor, honesty, and justice. Execute the bastard as a traitor.

  • Then he's invading Facebook with nonsense. Are the coming in tanks, granede launches. Your father was an Invader.

  • When hundreds of thousands storm our border it is in fact an invasion.
    The loony left uses the word "racist" to describe Trump and his supporters on a daily basis.

  • What Americans need to understand is that Traitor Trump is not the president of the American people, Trump is the Grand Wizard of the Republikkklan party.

  • He uses 'invasion' because that is the only condition that allows the U.S. military to be used on the domestic population. Apart from helping enrich his cronies with the outrageous billing from private prison detention centres, he can stack asylum seekers up until they number thousands and thousands to 'prove' it is an invasion. He is using taxpayer's money to ramp up and pay for his 2020 campaign using the (easily scared Republicans) bogeyman of the moment – immigrants – who are legally seeking asylum from hell that the U.S. is directly responsible for causing. You were never a great country.

  • If we don’t stop the propaganda of Fox News, and right wing extremists, the Christian Right, conservatives that pad each other on their backs and are really racist or believe in the Southern strategy, we will see more shootings. These people see a end of their way of life will be governed by people of color.FoxNews, and Rush Lin, have no business in stirring up trouble, they have no loyalty to this nation. Just traitors at the gate.

  • Trump used the work humanitarian crisis several thousand times but the Democrats denied there was even a problem but we're forced. Caravan never makes it here? Liar, anyone can YouTube the hundreds of those videos including them storming the border, breaking barriers and becomming violent. You're fake news! It is an invasion and there's nothing wrong with saying so just like nothing wrong with calling out Baltimore as rat infested…especially since it exposed EC and wife's theft of public funds
    Also noticed you didn't mention the Ohio leftist nutcase. FAKE!

  • Nothing is real under trump…the man literally creates chaos, plans and executes the hatred, racism, division and deflection….The exhaustion of dealing with trump and his narrative never ends…Then, he denies it ever happened. This is the President of the United States, hard at work.

  • He’s got a rally coming up this weekend in New Hampshire, keep an ear to the ground and see if he’s learned anything or not

  • The only thing they learned is that they can do whatever they want and have no personal repercussions for it. They couldn't give a damn about what happens to other human beings as long as they keep raking in the blood money.

  • List the top ten people that are ripping you off or stitching you up.

    I bet none of them are poor refugees fleeing war.

  • Have you notice how Trump is just like Mussolini in how he is on stage and uses his head to look around, nose up in air. Chin up in the air, like El Duke e

  • @karen backs trim from Sweden
    I apologize Karen. I’m a European immigrant myself. I get excited and say as a European myself he’s trash. But you’re right. He’s American trash now

  • Government is mad because word is out about illegally microchip implants and use of FCC,radio,bluetooth,and WiFi to torment and brainwash,used as an illegal listening device. Those in South America found out their citizens were illegally implanted here in the USA. AGREE RACIST A WHITE SUPREMACIST. READ UNDER THE BIG TOP IT WILL SAVE COMMIE BASTARD IS WHAT HE IS. NAZI BLONDE HAIR DESCENDANT OF RUSSIANS.

  • And to make it better, Tucker Carlson is now saying that white supremacy is a hoax. I wonder how long it will be before Trump starts repeating that.

  • I'm Canadian.
    Obviously a large part of the United States is racist. They don't care about rites or what time it is, they believe in the rite to be racist .
    It's kinda too late , but they'll drag their knuckles all the way to the corner store that is owned by whites.

  • Some companies send out ads for porn to porn-addicts constantly, and more likely to be committing crimes. Trump knows this. So mix immigrants with invasion to the Facebook community and set off some extremist, and say that if the immigrants never came to the border they wouldn't be killed. Same BS Adolf Hitler did with practically every religion including the Jewish people. Shame that republicans are speeding towards the same policies that Hitler wanted. Practically everything they do endorses the Nazi mentality.

  • This is getting just too stupid to believe, trying to blame Trump because he used the word "Invasion"??? Mexico has also called it a "Invasion",

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