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Trump Is Sharing Government Secrets With His Wealthy Donors

Trump Is Sharing Government Secrets With His Wealthy Donors

When you think about who you want advising
your president on, you know, national security issues, keeping Americans safe, you know,
uh, intelligence issues. We’re dealing with other countries. Who Do you want doing that? Do you want career military officials, people
who have spent their entire lives working with intelligence? Or do you want some rich billionaire who gave
Donald Trump a hundred thousand dollars in 2016 making those decisions? Well, if you’re Donald Trump, the answer’s
very clear. You’re going to give those decisions to the
guy who gave you a bunch of money and ignore what the actual experts have to say. Most people are not familiar with the president’s
intelligence advisory board, but it is a board that has been used for decades by the president
of the United States to help him make decisions for national security purpose, intelligence
purposes. It’s typically in the past, this has been
made up of former military officials, people who know what the hell they’re talking about,
and now it’s made up of a couple of those guys. But most of the people on this presidential
advisory panel are just people who gave $100,000 or more to Donald Trump in 2016 he is packing
this advisory board with his wealthy donors and they are the people who, one have no idea
about national security issues, but two, they’re telling him what to do about it. Oh, and by the way, in order to tell him what
to do about it, they have to have access to top secret government files, which they do. So Donald Trump is handing over government
secrets to his wealthy donors rather than people who actually have those security clearances. The people who understand what all of this
means, they get kind of shoved out the door. And instead of businessman from Dallas, he
gets to call the shots. Now, Republicans claim that, oh, well Obama
puts some of his donors on there too. You know, people gave him a couple thousand
dollars. Okay. But those people also happen to be former
members of the intelligence community. And again, they knew what the hell they were
talking about. George W. Bush, same thing. Yeah. Some of those people were as donors, but they
were also intelligence officials. Now, I don’t want to sit here and thing, uh,
have people think that I am somehow endorsing, you know, our intelligence apparatus and you
know, bombing other countries. I’m not in any way, shape or form. But I do think that on matters of national
security that affects, you know, our daily lives, whether or not we can continue to live
them, I think those decisions need to be made by people who have actually spent their lives
working in those fields. Not Somebody who just made a quick billion
and decided, you know what? I don’t want to pay more taxes. So I’m going to give Donald Trump some money
because that’s what this panel is stacked with now. And again, to make it even scarier, these
people who have no business seeing any of this government information now have access
to it. So if you two want to get your hands on some
government secrets, you know the trick, all you gotta do is raise a ton of money. Write a check over to Donald Trump, and then
you too could be the next member of his presidential advisory board.

  • Now we have all kinda of incompetent fucks privy to our top secrets unqualified clowns like kushner ivanka don jr and the other stooge eric and the other unqualified fucks like his donors .

  • He shares secured secrets with his chosen people yet he Sue's people for talking about how hes running our country into the swamp hes creating? Wow!

  • What’s your point? Obama had Clapper and Brennan who lied though their teeth. So you have proof they don’t have security clearances. Show us that proof. As usual you’re full of hot air.

  • This is the ULTIMATE example of Insider Trading. No wonder so many big donors still support him. It's cash in time, Baby!!! Get it while it lasts!!!

  • Not surprising Trump's been a Russian asset long before he set hooves in the White House. Hell he's been Cleaning the Russians money since the 80's.

  • 😒🤗😉👌Well.. at least we now knows that we're totally #Respondble for allowing #Republicons to sell off our souls for the betterment offerings of #Elites irresponsible financial regret payments..🤨☻🤒😳🌛yep🤑🎻👏😜

  • Donald Trump should face supreme court charges: He is being criminally disloyal to the state. He is betraying the population of America.
    He should face charges of treason, espionage, desertion and undermining the government. Also, he should face a jury on charges of being a traitor to the nation.

  • That's treason TRUMP. They don't have security clearances. You dumb Bafoon. To many of your bug money friends like your admin that don't know what they are doing. Treasonous TRUMP.

  • Funny how the guy who claimed to have the best interest of the middle class, and got elected based on that premises is now serving the wealthy.

  • Trump selling out the country like he did his businesses! And, republicans allowing him to do it! Republicans work for Satan!

  • Donald is running out of shit to sell. He sold out his voter base. He embezzled as much money as he could by golfing at his own resorts and cutting taxes for the rich. He sold out of his good will on trump universities and other scams. He sold out US foreign allies by aligning with authoritarians. He sold out the future of his country by selling positions on his administration. He is selling intel. He is one step away from selling state assets if he can find a way around the constitution

  • its USAInc. They own you, so stop with the nonsense that you think, or others think, that you actually have a say, unless of course you are an owner. That's the "dream", to be an owner, BTW, all those experts you put your faith in, aren't they the one who whole heartily have put you into wars and kept you there these past 18 years. Draining you of blood and treasure. Trump is mana from heaven for exposing what a fasicist dysfunctional entity USAInc is.

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