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Trump Told Ivanka To Release A Sex Tape To Boost Her Career

Trump Told Ivanka To Release A Sex Tape To Boost Her Career

According to a new, a profile, I guess you’d
call it of Ivanka Trump in New York magazine several years ago, her father actually encouraged
her to release a sex tape after he saw how popular Paris Hilton became, and of course,
how much money she made after her sex tape was released in 2003. Now these accounts in New York magazine actually
come from friends of Ivanka Trump up in New York. They’re the ones who said that her father
was basically encouraging Ivanka to film a sex tape and release it online because he
thought it was somehow going to help her brand or maybe just make her a ton of money. Trump didn’t seem to care if it would degrade
his daughter or you know, make her look like a, a cheap woman. He just wanted money. He wanted her brand to get a little more recognition
and he didn’t care what it cost his daughter personally. Now, according to the people that New York
magazine interviewed this upset Ivanka, and understandably so, right? They painted the portrait of Ivanka as the
perfect daughter. She never rolled her eyes at her father. You know, she never talked back to him. She did exactly what he said. She would do anything to make him proud and
to gain his approval. Now, that in and of itself is probably a problem
that needs to be looked at, but that’s something for another day. I guess the issue here is that Donald Trump
was willing to cheapen his own daughter because he thought they could make a quick buck off
of it. That is what is so disgusting about this story. Not that he was encouraging it, but the motivation
behind it. I mean the encouraging. Yeah, that’s bad enough. It’s the motivation. It’s the dehumanization of his own daughter
into a sex object because he wanted more money and yeah, the friends are right. I, I’m sure that did hurt Ivanka, assuming
everything that they’ve said is accurate and true. The White House has denied that this took
place, but given what we know about Trump, given what we’ve seen from Ivanka, it seems
more plausible than fictitious at this point, but nonetheless, this article is absolutely
amazing. Really. It really gives us a little bit more insight
into Ivanka Trump, but I think what we need to understand here is that this is a woman
who is desperate for her daddy’s approval. She would do almost anything to gain that
approval. I’m actually really surprised that she didn’t
follow through with his request to release a tape like this, but if she had, that would
have basically been the nail in her coffin in terms of, you know, being a respected member
of society, productive member of the Trump organization. It would not have had the effects that Donald
Trump thinks that it would have had on either her brand and her company or the Trump organization
itself. Because, let’s not forget, in 2003 when Paris
Hilton sex tape came out, everybody knew who Paris Hilton was. Nobody knew or even cared who Ivanka Trump was at that time.

  • Farron, I generally agree with most of what you have to say, but you're exhibiting a lot of bias in terms of what is and isn't a good choice for a woman. The bottom line is she chose not to do it. But if she chose to do it, I would not think any less if her, and neither should you!

  • maybe daddy is jealous of any attention his daughter gets cause after all that;s less limelight for him. pimping his own daughter would certainly derail her career if this story is even true. with 45 its probably much worse. really as horrible as they all can be its pretty pitiful, i hope its just BS.

  • Ivanka!? Yes daddy? I'm going to need to watch that video because I can make sure it's classy enough to make you money… And Ivanka? Yes daddy? You need to stay out of my room tonight, unless you know… You know you want to be in the room.

  • This proves that Trump probably did rape those women in those allegations that he was facing. This proves that he was great friends with Jeffrey Epstein. And for president to say you can grab them by the pussy. He is a disgrace to the human race and being the president of the United States completely. May the most high God bring wrath and tribulations upon his head for the wicked deeds in the hatred in the cynical aspects that he brings out. Go back to hell where you came from. Donald J Trump. Immediately.

  • UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!

  • I would buy it if she was with BBC but not with creepy lil jared he has no chest hair and his voice aint cracked yet

  • What a perverted motherfucker the Orange Doofus is! A father like that should be taken out back to the woodshed by the other fathers in the neighborhood and dealt with in a man to man way, or in Trumps case, man to boy way. Orange Doofus, turn in your man card!

  • The sad thing is, this doesn't surprise me at all, took DT's measure long ago,,,he's a real piece of work. Or pos.💩

  • What Paris Hilton did is unique. I don't think anyone could duplicated the way Paris Hilton did.
    Be unique, do your own thing, Do NOT copy others. That's how you make a name for yourself.

  • You're wrong. He didn't want the money. He wanted to see her have sex. And then spank to it…..that is what is disgusting about the story.

  • You Got to be phucking kidding,
    Chump needs to be confined in an asylum till he drops dead.
    So now we got a Racist, Nut Job, Incestuous lying pervert for POTUS.
    Disgusting, every president of the usa will now be considered a weirdo freak, nice moves Donny nice moves you disgusting retard pig.

  • In other words…Donald J. Trump was trying to pimp his daughter Ivanka. Wow… Pelosi, if you still refuse to call this President of the United States out for trying to prostitute his own child & America for money, don't get shocked if the Americans wants to kick you out too.

  • you know i've always wondered if Ivanka knows deeply his dad is really sick. I also think she played him to her benefit so she's not all that innocent. Also, i highly suspect that the reason why Donald Trump doesn't spend a whole lot of time with his grandkids is because Ivanka knows what a sick pig he is and will not let him near her daughter.

  • Paris Hilton is an Illuminati psychopath. What is Trump? He likes 'em young; he has told us what he is. He leers @ his daughter on national television. He is an incestual pedophile. Tulsi 2020! Integrity restored.

  • I don't know if that would matter to tRump in the least as to if his daughter was respected!

    He's married to essentially a nude model!

    OS him wanting his own daughter to expose her body and or sexuality for the world to see, is no surprise!

    He has connections in the adult entertainment industry I'm sure he could have negotiated a nude spread for her(tastefully) I'd hope

    But he wanted her to put on a show for daddy and the world to see!

    Because in his own words! Quote "if she wasn't my daughter…."
    ….I'd bedating her" !Unquote!

  • in 2013, on the Wendy Williams talk show featuring guests Donald and Ivanka… when asked what they had in common, Daddy said, "Sex." No kidding. Watch it and weep for our country.

  • I dont think this is plausible, as you say. You are a perverted to think this & continue to promote it. Possibly fleeting word would come out…Kardashian did it & look where it got her!…but not sincere consideration. I as a girl followed Ivankas success B4 I even knew who Donald Trump was. I admired her work ethic. To believe this in sincerity is foolish- the $$ are not needed. Ivanka has built several reputable businesses in various areas. This MO to sell out his daughter, just doesnt seem correct to me. I think its someone e trying to make $$ & stretch any truth to this idea. Really. I just must always stand in the middle & honestly look at both sides the story.

  • I was literally about to comment, "he just wanted to see the see tape" when I read your comment. Totally agree

  • Who are these friends? What are their names ? You can't just believe something just because you hate someone.

  • It actually makes perfect sense, one must have morals & values in the first place, to be able calibrated as a liability ,or a historically shameful despicable ratchet act of absolute barbaric contempt to mankind. Where there clearly is not even a smidgen, well then it’s merely another day at the office, where one is encouraged to engage in RICO Violations one minute then selling black market extremely sensitive software to the Chinese, Venezuela, N Korea, Russia, or trafficking illegal immigrants from Mexico under a false public commodity, like so many fake memberships to a country club that operates more like used old car lot than anything resembling only a small tad of some sort of alleged lemonade stand.

  • Love this Channel. ROF is one of my first go-to Channels for news. Thanks to everyone who works to keep it going so well.
    Your Loyal fan

  • Sources say Farrod Cousins is a Russian plant & racist who wanted to have his daughter do a sextape. I'm outraged by this new information, I'll keep all morons who believe this bullshit updated on all new developments.

  • ▶️▶️▶️▶️▶️. How typical for DIt to suggest his Daughter produce a Sex Tape? 〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️🤮🤮🤮〽️🔅

  • While i'am no fan of the Trumps AT ALL. You have have to be careful of this sort of journalism. It's "He said..she said" sort of reporting. In my opinion you can lose your credibility this way if your not careful. I'am all for bringing down the Trumps but in order to keep our integrity we must resist trying to fight them down at their level and rise above that and crush them with the truth. Trump can;t run away from his crimes and corruptions for much longer. The nets are closing in on him.

  • Did Don tell her to film one or release one? Because releasing one implies that she already has one around, such as him and her together not so innocently.

  • Great idea! I'd love to catch that show. How do you cheapen cheap… shoot- money talks in the Zionest reality, he husband would probably encourage the boom boom.😎

  • We all know Trump talks crap and was probably speaking tongues in cheek. I’d need to understand the whole context but I believe he was stating the sex tape didn’t hurt Paris Hilton’s popularity in an off colored way. This piece is just spreading spreading gossip and innuendo. There is plenty wrong with how Trump carries himself that you can probably solidly substantiate but this piece is not your best work.

  • Ivanka, its not too late. You still have a nice body. I suggest you take daddy's advice and release a porn video. You would make so many men happy.

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