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Trump’s Deregulation

Trump’s Deregulation

We have undertaken a historic effort to massively reduce job-crushing regulations. Sounded good to me, but the media says Trump is wrecking America. This is a very big deal. The Environmental Protection Agency just rolled back Obama-era climate rules. He singlehandedly led the world down a dark path. His proposal is literally insane. We’re told his deregulation is an attack on the environment, that workers health, safety, and pay are casualties, and even that Trump is trying to kill us. Now Trump has cut regulations This is where we were in 1960. He promised to shrink the regulation rulebook back to the size it was 58 years ago. We will have a great regulatory climate. One. Two. three. [applause] The day he got elected, you saw the stock markets swing up. Grover Norquist runs a group that fights for lower taxes and fewer rules. Trump sent a message to business: we’re not going to crush you, and that’s caused growth. That was the beginning of a recovery. In the 48 hours since Donald Trump was elected to the Oval Office, the stock market has rallied, reaching new heights. And the Trump administration has repealed lots of rules, for example… Waters of the United States. We’ve got to protect waters of the United States. Sounds good. They were including little trickles, the kind of ponds that spring up when it rains a lot one night, and then it goes away the next day. They were using it as land control. Land control can crush people. Jill and Jack Barron were encouraged by Idaho officials to clear a drainage ditch, but when they did that, federal officials went after them, fining them thousands of dollars. 37,500 a day Until the Barrons had to sell their home and move into this trailer But now thanks to deregulation, they can use their land again. Good. But other repealed rules sound important. The names for all these regulations are written by the regulators. They’re advertisements for themselves But unlike many advertisers, regulators don’t list the side effects Some people have had changes in behavior, hostility, agitation May cause unemployment, may reduce wages, may raise the cost of energy, may make your car not drivable. [CAR NOISE] Well, its drivable, but smaller because the Obama rules would have forced car makers to nearly double gas mileage, and more people are killed in smaller cars Should the government tell you what kind of car to buy? Should they? And that’s what the regulation does. Now California regulators have made a deal with 4 automakers to keep the Obama rules, in effect telling Californians, some cars you cannot have. Net neutrality for everyone Trump’s FCC also ended “net neutrality” rules. They were going to turn the internet, which is a free, largely free, and open operation into a government regulated utility monopoly When Trump repealed that, people said he was Handing the keys to the internet over to a handful of multi-billion-dollar corporations Bad things were going to happen. They were going to charge you to do this, that and the other thing. The companies would send your emails slower than somebody else’s. None of that’s happened. None of it. None of it. None of it. The 2 for $5 mix and match deal from McDonald’s is back. Many regulations were repealed that few people know about. One would’ve treated franchise companies like McDonald’s as one single business. Why? The trial lawyers want to be able to sue all of McDonald’s, not just the local McDonald’s, if they spill coffee on themselves. And the labor unions wanted to unionize all of McDonald’s, not just the one store. That would have been a disaster. That was ended. Deregulation. It’s when we remove those bad rules so that corporations can maximize their profits. Ha ha! People think Trump is destroying the workplace and the environment. If you get your news from late night comedy shows, you think that deregulation is bad for the economy and bad for the environment. In point of fact it’s good for the environment, it’s good for jobs, it’s good for people having more wealth. But we want the air to be cleaner. The air is getting cleaner. It’s dramatically cleaner. It is. Mostly because of EPA rules passed decades ago… and every time someone replaces an old car with a new one the air gets a little cleaner. Now climate change and whether we can do anything about that is a separate debate, but when it comes to clean air Trump’s undoing of Obama’s ever-stricter standards just returns us to the rules in effect during the Clinton and Bush years. Were you coughing then? No, but the media won’t tell you that. President Trump has liberated American factories from the scourge of pollution rules. [coughs] Lost in the coughing is the unfortunate fact that Trump is adding regulations too! It’s all about “made in America” Now government agencies have to buy more American made stuff. That sounds like a good idea, but it’s a dumb idea and I wish he hadn’t done it. That is not deregulation. That is regulation. Stocks tumbling today Markets that rose when he was elected have dropped as Trump’s tariffs punish American companies that buy steel and consumers who want things like washing machines and solar panels. There is a challenge. Trump is a protectionist in many ways. And then I can always do much more or I can do less, depending on what happens with respect to a deal and tariffs are taxes and regulations on the border, are regulations on consumers, and frankly it hasn’t cost our consumers anything. It costs China. The good news is, the vast majority of the regulatory acts by a factor of many have been deregulatory and they have been tremendously helpful And yet with all this publicity about Trump deregulating, he hasn’t done that much. He’s done a great deal more than anybody in recent history, maybe even more than Reagan did. We have cut 22 regulations for every one new regulation. Think of that one He exaggerates, as usual. The real number is about 5 repealed for every new one passed. But that’s still pretty good. He’s loosened all these rules. It’s good whenever excessive regulations are cut. Regulations are like taxes. They take choices away from … the government takes your money. You don’t get to decide what to do. You have to go work more hours, spend less time with your family, less time of things you want to do. They take your time. [Thud] They cost us money, [Thud] deprive us of opportunities, [Thud] they take our freedom. [Thud]

  • All those people bitching about environmental issues, listen…. So it's Ok for other countries like China to have little, or no regulations, and take our jobs and money!!!? Bring "Made In America" back I say!!! Trump 2020!!!

  • You make this argument that it's unreasonable for the government to control what sort of car you can own. 'It's safer to drive a bigger car. The government wants to put you in danger by making you drive a small one.'

    Okay, then shouldn't I be allowed to drive a monster truck? That's the safest option for me, and there's no way the GOVERNMENT is going to tell ME that I can't drive because I'm an AMERICAN and I'm SPECIAL.

  • Have you looked what all those laws been passed this country for the last two hundred years and did they repeal any of those laws?

  • I'm sorry but trump did make it legal to dump coal and toxic waste into waterways which is very bad for clean water and he's made it to where manufacturing plants don't have to keep tabs on their emissions when they use to have to stay under a certain level. Trump has also fired all scientist from the epa and handed it over to coal lobbyist and they dismantled environmental protections and those are all facts.

  • Whatever they're accusing Trump of is what they are and doing.
    Trump is reversing all of the socialist damage that the far left socialists have done.

  • I laughed when that guy said "That sounds like a good idea but it's a dumb idea and I wish he hadn't done that."
    John Stossel, getting the good AND the bad, like a REAL journalist, not one of these virtue signaling opinion writers who call themselves journalists today and just write about they're feelings.

  • the only part that I disagree with in this Stossel report is where the guy claims the repeal of the Net Neutrality was good, that regulation is actually needed to keep the ISP services separate from the online streaming, entertainment, news, and communications services. Basically treating the ISP's as platforms to access the actual services.

  • We have a urgent global climate crisis. Yes, the government should be involved in telling automakers what standards to follow!

  • Foreign free trade has destroyed this country, destroyed our wages, and has contributed to slave labor; but hey, free trade!

  • The "deceiver" Obama the first black Muslim President of USofA who funded, backed, located & nuclear armed isis, I mean Iran from TRUTH land, fuk Obama & his deception!!


  • Under Obama I was fined $8,800 for not Immediately (records in storage) providing proof of pre-employment drug screen for an employee hired 15 years earlier. Records that were put in storage 6 years earlier when the same regulatory agency verified I had them. For a company with 4 employees that was a major hit and prevented me from expanding and hiring more people.

  • 2:42 The Dems weren’t mad when Obama handed the “keys to the Internet” to the United Nations, a handful of unelected globalist bureaucrats

  • More people have money to buy your shit when tariffs keep us spending our money in the U.S.. China stuff is cheaper because they don't have standardized wages, corporate taxes or environmental standards, like the ones U.S. companies are subject to. It's more profitable on a transnational CEO level to do unrestricted trade with China, but it's economic CANCER for the American job landscape and standard of living.

  • Regulations are put into effect after something happens. Like a lake catching fire, buildings with no sprinklers, exhaust fumes, selling homes to people that can't afford it, sewer run off, bank reform etc. Yes regulations cost business money….but it saves lives, the environment and our health.

  • I’m glad for the tariffs. Frankly, we need to bring back jobs here. Tariffs are how you do that. As long as you make it cheaper to produce here.

  • "Handing the internet over to a few powerful corporations." So it would have been better to hand it over to the single most powerful (and corrupt) corporation to ever exist? That is to say, the US government.

  • I'm happy about the Tariffs on China. In the long run it will be a good thing. Companies will move to other places instead of a manipulating dictatorship.

  • One thing I know. When goverment have a buisness in something it is never good. So my serious question is when did we get so addictive aboit the goverment. The only job they need to do is to protect the citizens. And the rest let the great minds work it out. But then again then would be capitalism and that is evil…. I guesd when the childeren in year 3000 will learn about our past the age would be called : the sheeps belive evrything or the new slaves. If simebody will read it how would you call our age??

  • he's actually trying to keep his promises. And big businesses probably like most regulations because heavy regulation prevents competition.

  • Not everything trump has done has been great. But he’s done much more benificial things than negative things by an order of magnitude. And that’s overall a great thing.

    Sure tariffs might be bad. But they tend to be temporary, and he’s used them in benificial ways to get better deals because those countries don’t want us to have our Tarifs active like we don’t.

    Medicine is not something that tastes good but it is helpful.

  • Trucking next Orange beloved head, help us get our freedom back no hours of service and minimum rate for all loads at $2 per mile that falls in line with diesel prices

  • People, don't understand. If a Dem takes over? There will be millions without work!!!! My dad owns a company. He says, he will sell before a Dem destroys it. He pays his employees very well. There is a waiting list to get on with him. He always worries about his employees. He loaned one of his employees the money to buy a house, and he bought one employee a car. (Out of his own pocket) He would rather pay more to his employees, than pay more on taxes. When Obama was president ? He barely got by and his employees starved.

  • When our planet is dead in 20 years we'll come back and see how awesome it was to have a pro-polluter at the head of the EPA to do whatever he wanted.

  • 27 miles per gallon is high enough to end oil wars? Unchanged since the 80s. Stop subsidizing cheap gas militarily.

  • Tariffs are good. "Free trade" is a direct attack on the American worker by encouraging corporations to move over seas to take advantage of slave labor that America can not compete with, and should not anyway.

  • Steel industry is laying off workers. Trump and Republicans are killing the Nation's bird. The bald eagle is being killed by eating wounded animals with lead bullets. Trump's economy is crashing. Back to the same numbers in two years ago. Trump's deregulation is too much and dangerous when done to extreme measures.

  • Wait….. so the environment won't get worst without regulations telling companies not to use high polluting methods because they won't use them anyway? If so, how does the regulation change anything? Seems to me that they are angry that they can't use cheaper, more polluting, tech and that the environment would actually get much worse because they would be allowed to use previously regulated methods.

  • Democrats will crush your weekly pay check…. Look at your pay check stub, and notice the state deductions ounce – in – awhile people! …it's your Democratic state that is fuckn ya!!!! Not Trump!!! Trump gives avenues..for the peoples of the state to help the economy, and they just rather take your hard working tax dollars and gorge themselves! Democrats are pigs..!!!!

  • For every law passed 2 laws should be removed. This would forever change the legal system to make sure the laws they want are truly beneficial.

  • The eco warrior elite should practice what they preach and live by the rules they want to impose on the rest of us. Obama and Hollywood should ride the bus instead of their luxury vehicles, private planes, and yachts.

  • If you get your news from a late night comedy show you're more of a moron than the MSM Mockingbird Media crowd.

  • Central governance, apart from being inefficient in the long run, makes it easier for opportunists to establish totalitarian regimes, under the guise of necessary restrictions.

  • Trump was probably getting American businesses ready for the China tariffs. by getting them to find local(US) suppliers be for hand so not stunned when the tariffs happened.

  • People think that government is good, corporations are bad. The government is basically a corporation, but much more powerful.

  • There’s 194 countries in the world….And we are the only country in the world that has to do anything about climate change…Climate change is nothing more than a way to make money!!!…

  • Theres still a bunch of regulatory laws that will stand. Were not going back to 1850. Tariff's sound scary, but if the other nation says WOAH! Then we might get them to negotiate a good deal for both countries. All we hear are trump tariff bad, but people dont realize we already pay more for imported goods from country A than the goods we ship back to country A. That's what this is all about, fairness. Personally I'd like to see Trump pull the guts out of so many government funded programs. We have a huge national debt. A large enough debt to make every American citizen a billionaire several times over and we have little to show for it. That's not the government's money…. every single dime belongs to the citizens.

  • I get why people don't like Trump fighting China with a Trade war, because it does hurt Americans, but I'd argue that it's a matter of any war worth fighting is going to have negative effects on your own nation as well. America needed to crack down on China considering all the dirty tactics they are taking such as undermining copyright laws, devaluing their own currency, and generally being a country that can force it's workers to work vs having to pay them a decent wage lest they say fuck you and go work somewhere else like in an actual capitalist society. Does the trade war hurt us? Yes. But it also will hurt China as well. And it's more of a matter of taking a hit short term vs taking a hit long term.

  • The majority of these Federal "agencies" are unconstitutional. They have to authority over any of these issues. Why not mention that, John?

  • If you have a job and have money you can buy a car and make the air cleaner, if all the rules make you lose your job you don’t have a new car and the air is dirtier

  • The internet "largely free"… Umm do you know how fast a piece of online game software eats through a 1tb data cap?

    $50 for every 10 gigs after reaching the data cap?!

    Oh yeah! So largely free! Fucking retard boomers!

  • Trump doesn't lie! He just tells you a story like a fisherman would, it's a little bit exaggerated! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 GPE!!!!

  • I see that the Trump administration has exempted 5G wireless technology from environmental review. That's not great. It should at least be reviewed. And not because of its supposed mind control powers, but because of the potential effects of pumping such intense millimetre wave radiation into the atmosphere.

  • Hold up Stossel. You contradicted yourself here 4:15. You say the air gets cleaner every time someone buys a new car…I wonder why? Because new cars are more efficient due to the regulations you’re criticizing… I’m for environmental regulations but not for economic regulations like the one example about McDonald’s , that’s ridiculous.

  • I dont care what you say my internet is being throttled and certain sites are being censored from me go on a vpn an it magically all vanishes

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