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Trump’s Kids Forced To Attend Classes On How NOT To Defraud A Charity

Trump’s Kids Forced To Attend Classes On How NOT To Defraud A Charity

As part of the settlement with the New York
state attorney General’s office, Donald Trump’s three children, Don jr, Ivanka, and Eric have
all now been ordered to take a special class to teach them how to not defraud a charity. That’s how corrupt these three little monsters
that the president birthed or spawned, excuse me, are. They are so corrupt that the attorney General’s
office said, you have to take a class to teach you to not be corrupt, to not steal charitable
funds. That’s what’s happening here with part of
this settlement agreement. Now, we also know that they had to pay out
$2 million, which Donald Trump did shell out in the form of a quarter million dollars to
eight different charities. They’re also no longer allowed to operate
as a charity because they were using the charitable funds to pay for personal things for the Trump
organization, the Trump campaign, and occasionally just for Donald Trump and self, including
spending more than $10,000 on a painting of Trump to hang it Mar-a-Lago. They also paid some legal bills the president
was having some trouble with. And of course, they also, uh, benefited his
presidential campaign by paying off charities after they came out in support of him. But we all knew that part of the story, right? To me, the bigger thing is obviously the fact
that his children are so corrupt, they now have to take anticorruption courses. And I think that’s what we need to focus on. I mean, here we have a president who right
now is attacking Hunter Biden as being a wholly corrupt individual. Trump’s kids have attacked ah hunt- Hunter
Biden as being this horribly corrupt and incompetent individual. And yet Hunter Biden hasn’t been ordered by
a judge to take a special class to learn to not steal from people. Donald jr now has, Ivanka now has an Eric
now has, so really, whose children are worse, the guy who got a job that he’s really not
qualified for and paid a lot of money for, or the three who defrauded a charity, defrauded
their donors, and are now being ordered by an attorney General’s office to take special
classes so they can learn how to not be such horrible, miserable, thieving human beings.

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