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UK Announces Historic $2.1 Billion Fundraising Campaign

UK Announces Historic $2.1 Billion Fundraising Campaign

The University of Kentucky is launching a
2.1-billion-dollar campaign – designed to make a UK education more accessible and accelerate
research and care to help transform the commonwealth. We certainly want to start with our students,
they come first, they’re our future. We want to get those scholarship investments
for our students. Next, the people who guide them in that journey,
our faculty, our staff, investments in them through professorships, endowed chairs, and
also through our new programs, We uniquely, as a research, university, create new knowledge. Our scientists, they are beneficiaries of
this campaign, as well. We’re the University for Kentucky. We persist, persevere, come from behind to
lead. We’re going to do that in this campaign and
we do it for those we serve today and those we must serve tomorrow. Leading all of these efforts are two UK alumni
who believe deeply in the power of giving back to their alma mater. This university, this institution and the
state of Kentucky, are really important to me and if I can serve in this manner, using
some of the experiences and skills I’ve developed over my life, I’m pleased and
honored to be able to do that. There’s a joy in giving and doing for other
people, and there’s not anything like the joy that you have when you’re able to give
to fulfill somebody’s need or help somebody.

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