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United Way 2014 Campaign Video

United Way 2014 Campaign Video

When I found myself without a home,
I didn’t know what was going to happen, where I was going to be. It got to me emotionally and mentally. I didn’t have a plan really. I just took it day by day. I knew there were people out there willing to help,
but to the degree that the people that I met, they were so caring and
emotional about my situation and I feel like a turning point in my life was, you know,
going from wanting everything to be handed to me to the point where I don’t want it
unless I earned it. and I feel like I’ve gone through what I’ve gone through
cause I need to shine a light to other people. Thank you to the people who don’t even have kids
but they still care about these kids. Everybody that donates and cares matters. My son, Vicente, he’s nine years. Because we don’t have insurance,
I never went to the doctor. I tried many places before. This whole clinic, to me,
is very important and very special. My doctor, she really cares
about me and all my family. Thank you very much for all the people
that are helping this clinic because without this clinic, I don’t know
where I’m going to go to see a doctor. I just can see and I can feel that
they really care about everyone. Tristan was born three days after our
two oldest daughters were adopted and we got a call saying that
their little brother needed a home, but that he would have
some substantial special needs. So six days later, we picked up Tristan from
the hospital and we’ve had him ever since. Tristan has a disability that’s going
to be with him the rest of his life. At the beginning, he couldn’t
write his name at all. He could barely write a ‘T’ and now his name is legible. I would like to thank everybody
who is donating to the United Way and I can’t say enough, how much I appreciate
the opportunity for my children to be here. You can build a successful future by
starting early and laying a good foundation so for that I am especially grateful.

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