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United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin – From Poverty to Possiblity – Action Read Literacy Centre

United Way Guelph Wellington Dufferin – From Poverty to Possiblity – Action Read Literacy Centre

(guitar music) – Action Read does a lotta different things in the community. We help adults who have basic skill gaps, reading, writing, basic math, budgeting, using the computer. – As a volunteer, I meet with Cassi on a weekly basis. – I love it here. I come here early, like four hours early. – [Sophie] She’s gained
a lot of confidence in things that she’s good at and she’s become more assertive about things that she’s not good at. – It’s a real honor to work here. I think when you come into
a program like Action Read, you, takes a lot of courage for people to walk through our doors and say, I need help with things that other
people take for granted and society expects you to have. I think it’s pretty easy to see how and why a program
like this is so important. – When I first came here,
I couldn’t read or spell. Now, I can read novels and spell and write my own books. I’m not gonna have anybody
tell me I’m stupid or dumb. Action Read showed me that I’m not stupid and dumb. They gave me a reason to wanna live. It’s brought me close to my family. I do things with my daughter more than I ever did in my whole life. – For adults in our community
who have skill gaps, this is the starting point to look at. They can go on to get
their high school diploma. They have the skills
to be able to get a GED which will help them get a job. – I wanna be a counselor or a social worker for troubled youth. Either that or a work with ABS which is autism behavioral services. (upbeat music) – If Action Read didn’t receive funding from United Way, we would really feel that and that would be a real shame because the people who come into our program don’t have a lot of other places they can go. – I think if there wasn’t Action Read, I don’t know what would happen actually to tell you the truth. I probably wouldn’t be
able to face my daughter and all my family. When they help us, they give us life. (soft upbeat music) (soft upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music)

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