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United Way helps treat mental illness, addiction

United Way helps treat mental illness, addiction

– [Narrator] Drug abuse and mental illness can leave people feeling
trapped, confused, like they have no one to turn to. But organizations funded by the United Way can offer relief. With programs for people in need of support and compassion. – We provide a continuum of addiction treatment services for mostly adult men and women. We started 35 years ago, it was an addiction treatment program. We’ve been a farm that entire time. We believe strongly in the value of work. A lot of our clients have been unemployed, maybe chronically unemployed. And working on a farm helps get them ready to return to work once they get out of treatment. And being responsible for another living thing is really important. – One thing that we do is provide services for people regardless
of their ability to pay. – The United Way
donations make it possible for people like myself who has been turned away from
other social service agencies, are able to come here and
get the help that they need. – Michigan Ability Partners offers a lot of services for people who are homeless and
people who have disabilities, all kinds of disabilities. Mental illness comes in all varieties. It’s a condition that
affects many of the people that we serve at MAP and that often goes hand in hand with substance abuse and alcohol abuse. The money that we get from United Way, we use to do outreach in the community, to find those people who
are maybe not diagnosed and need help. – My life has truly changed, you know? I have good people in my life. I have people that want to help me. I had pretty much given up but after coming to MAP, my life is 200% better today. – Think about what it would be like if you had a family member
who needed this service and couldn’t afford it. I would say any little bit that any person could give, it makes a huge difference. (upbeat guitar music)

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