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United Way Invests In Results

United Way Invests In Results

United Way ensures that every program we fund makes
the biggest impact in our community. We have a check-in point once a year where
we’re going into the program. We’ll sit with them for about an hour, we’ll talk
about program performance. Looking at them on paper is a lot different
than being able to go out and see the program in action. It really provides United Way the opportunity
to engage in a conversation with the agency, but also to make sure that our donor dollars
are being utilized effectively. It provides us with a great opportunity to
come back, have a conversation with some things that we’re noticing in terms of trends. We bring that back, we talk about that as
a team and then we look to see how we can solve or address some of those barriers. It makes me appreciate the work that we are
doing here at United Way and just trying to make our community a better place. We believe that our community is stronger
when we choose to work together. The work of United Way program partners produces
results and makes our community better and we’re proud to play an important role.

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