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United Way of Greater Waterbury 2018-2019 Campaign | EVERYBODY UP!

Dear person who might help, I think a change can be made. United Way thinks so too. A change for our world, person by person, family by family, town by town, starts getting the things it needs to grow. Like food, clothing, housing, but also education and opportunities. Sounds like a lot to figure out, right? Dear person who’s not sure who we’re helping, if you are still skeptical about why United Way is so important, let’s roleplay: You have an education, you have a family, then life changes—for you or your family. Just like that, you’re falling behind and having a hard time providing for your family. Sounds scary, right? Dear person who wants to know how change really happens, I think that me getting up to help meant inspire you to get up, and you getting up might inspire the person next to you to get up. And when we all get up, United Way can then see other people who need help to get up too, and they can help them. Sounds amazing, right? Each time we all help, change happens. Change that started with you.

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