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Upcoming webinar: Seven Steps to Improving Your Team’s Performance

Upcoming webinar: Seven Steps to Improving Your Team’s Performance

Hello everyone1 I’m Elizabeth Zevada,
program associate with Candid and I’m excited to have Allison Motz of Ascend
Advisors with me today. Thank you for joining me Allison. Thank you Elizabeth,
I’m happy to be here. Allison will be our instructor for our upcoming digital
classroom on October 17th titled Seven Steps to Improving your Team’s
Performance. Allison let’s jump right in. Performance season will be here before
we know it so how will your webinar help folks prepare? So thanks Elizabeth, I’m
really excited about the webinar. I think the number one start that we’ll give to
people is you got to know your team, you know. I think it’s just like the NBA. NBA
coaches don’t manage performance once a year they’re doing it all year long,
checking in, and trying to remedy when these think that somebody’s got a little
bit of a challenge. So nonprofits are the same you got to do it all year long and pay attention to your team and how they’re performing both individually and
holistically. Fair enough. So during the webinar you’ll be guiding participants
through designing a plan to manage their team’s performance. Can you provide a
sneak peek of what you’ll be covering? Yes. So I think my favorite sneak peak to
offer is that you need to do more than just one evaluation of your staff. It’s
not just based on how they learn alone, it’s also got to be based on how will
they interact with one another, and lastly do they understand how they react
to the overall vision and plan of the agency. Because if they don’t understand
what their role is to achieving the success of the agency, it’s really hard
sometimes to keep motivated especially in frontline staff. Yeah absolutely!
What’s in their role within the larger organization and how do they help the
organization achieve that mission. -Right. – keep them motivated. So what’s one thing that
participants will be able to do right after the webinar to get started? Once we
finish the webinar it would be my hope that people would take back some of the
strategies we’re going to lay out and at least conduct their first set of
evaluation on their staff and even if that’s
just a personality trait, I think that’s a great place for people can start. Some
of those assessments are free and so if you’re a medium-sized nonprofit or you
feel like you don’t have the budget it’s something really important to do.
I think the second strategy that people can go back and implement especially at
the end of the year, we’re in fourth quarter, so this is the best time to help
your staff, again, reconnect maybe it’s through an all staff event where not
only are they looking at the goals of the agency, but my advice is going to be
to let them design their own personal development plans. Perfect. I love it very
practical, simple things that people can accomplish and start checking out those
boxes to get started. And Allison I’m really excited to have you spend some
time with our audience so I’d love for them to get to know you a little bit
ahead of the webinar. So I wanted to ask you what’s your favorite podcast that
you’ve been listening to these days? Yes so I’m a huge fan, Elizabeth, of What Do
You Know on NPR. I’ve listened to it for a long time. I think they do a great job
of bringing out new authors, new books, the quiz part doesn’t hurt either, and I
don’t mind the jazz in the background. So yeah What Do You Know. Fair enough,
sticking with the classics that are now on that at those podcast channels, I love
it. Well, thank you Alison for providing a preview of the training I’m really
excited to dig in a little bit deeper there’ll be plenty of sports puns for a
few sports folks out there, but don’t worry you’re not a sports person
you’ll be able to follow right along. Be sure to register on by
October 9th to take advantage of our early bird pricing if you can’t join us
live, don’t worry once you register you’ll automatically receive a recording.
Thank you so much everyone! Thank you looking forward to it.

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