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Vintage Cash Cow for Charities is making big money for charity shops

Vintage Cash Cow for Charities is making big money for charity shops

Vintage Cash Cow For Charities is here to turn unwanted items
into cash for great causes. We work with over 200 UK charities and over 1,000 shops including some of the biggest national organisations. New charities are signing up
to our free service every day. We’re already helping Age UK unlock funds by sending in their boxes of unsold donations worth up to £23,000 a month, for their cause. So how much could your shop make? The average box sent in each month by a charity shop is worth about £60. That makes £720 a year for their charity
from our free service. How many shops does your charity have? If you have 20 shops, that’s £14,400 a year. If you have 100 shops that’s £72,000 every year! So how does it work? We will collect your unsold and non-saleable
donations directly from your shop free of charge. We cover all the collection costs. All you need to do is box the items up and
call our customer services team to arrange a collection. It’s as simple as that. We will even pay any return postage costs
if you’re not happy with our offer. We have years of knowledge
in buying old and unwanted items and our team are experts in identifying
and pricing the items sent into us. You will receive a cash offer for the box
and if you’re happy with it, we make immediate payment direct to your charity. Our service ensures that your unsold and
non-saleable items don’t end up earning you pennies through recycling, or worse end up in the bin. Once we’ve purchased your items we sort them into
categories such as precious and non-precious metals, costume jewellery, coins, cameras,
watches and clocks, and much more. All our items are then photographed
by our specialist team and sold through a worldwide network of collectors and traders. Our specialist charity welcome pack
will give you a detailed breakdown of what we buy along with how to arrange free collection of your boxes. Vintage Cash Cow For Charities
is already helping over 200 charities across the country raise more money for their cause.

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