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VW Just Killed Formula 1.

VW Just Killed Formula 1.

(car engine revving) – Volkswagen recently vowed to be more environmentally conscious. Even going so far to announce that the corporation will
not involved themselves in any gasoline combustion
powered motorsports. (engines revving) Honestly, it’s a pretty good look. And provided they follow through, and actually push the
electric motorsports forward, the move should result in
a huge leap in technology. But there’s one major downside. Volkswagen might have
inadvertently killed Formula One, a sport they’re not even involved in. A big thank you to our
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okay, that dude is loud. So click the link in the description, or head over to and get 15% off your order. Thank you Raycon. Just goin’ off script real quick, I truly love my Raycons, I never leave the house without ’em. Get yourself some today. Formula One is the only
sport I watch regularly. So this story means a lot to me. But I know a lot of you
aren’t super into F1, so I’m gonna do my best to lay
the foundation for the story without you having to know
anything about the sport. We will get to the racing stuff. But for this to make sense,
we gotta go back a few years. In 2015, Volkswagen was caught cheating on their emissions tests. Their two-liter diesel
engines were pumping out crazy amounts of pollution. Far above the legal limit in the US. Their cars were equipped
with defeat devices that could detect when
the car was being tested, and change how it ran on
the fly so it would pass. Once the testing was over, the car would go back to running normally, high on power and emissions. The whole thing was called Dieselgate, and it was a huge freakin’ deal. Lots of people high up in
Volkswagen’s ranks knew about it and they were arrested. Volkswagen was fined billions of dollars, and forced to buyback
hundreds of thousands of cars all over the world. The whole scandal left a huge
black eye on the company. And what’s worse, we also found out that they
weren’t the only ones doing it. In the years since, Volkswagen has been trying
to clean up their image. They’ve installed hundreds of
electric car charging stations all over the US, and hyped
up new electric concept cars. Volkswagen’s entire concept
line is based off their modular electric drive
matrix platform, or MEB. Don’t ask me why there’s
a B in there because IDK. If I’m being totally honest,
the lineup looks great. There’s the I.D., a futuristic little
hatchback city car thing. There’s a freakin’ tasty retro
van, called the I.D. Buzz. Then in November, Volkswagen
unveiled my favorite one, the I.D. Space Vizzion with two Zs. This thing’s all wheel drive
can allegedly do zero to 60 in under five seconds. If you’ve been watching
the show for awhile, you know I’m a huge wagon guy, so I freakin’ love this thing. But there’s one MEB car in particular that threatens the balance of the entire motorsports ecosystem. It’s called the I.D. R. (upbeat music) You’ve probably heard about this car. And how it smashed every
lap record in the world. It set an all-time lap
record at Pikes Peak, the fastest electric car
to ever lap Nurburgring, and it set the all-time
record at Goodwood. The Volkswagen I.D. R is
proof that electric cars can hang with the very best
internal combustion cars in the world. And it’s a testament to
Volkswagen’s commitment to electric mobility. But the I.D. R’s speed
isn’t what threatens gas-powered race cars. It’s what the I.D. R represents
to Volkswagen that does. In November of last year, Volkswagen announced that they will quote, “be focusing their motorsport
strategy on e-mobility.” In this press release,
they remind everyone that the I.D. R was freakin’ sick. And that motorsport is the ultimate quote, “dynamic laboratory for the development “of future production
cars and on the other, “as a convincing marketing
platform to inspire people “even more towards electric mobility.” What Volkswagen is saying
is that they’re so confident in their electric future, that when people see their
cars at a race track, they’ll be like, well
those things kick ass, guess I should go buy
that space wagon now. But what the press release didn’t say is how deeply this move will
affect the entire racing world. Volkswagen is not a small company. They own a lot of brands that
you’ve definitely heard of. Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini,
Bentley, Skoda. Even motorcycle maker, Ducati. All of these brands have
a racing department. And all of them will be affected. And by extension, so
will all of the classes that these brands race in. Can you imagine touring car
racing without Audi and Porsche? What about Modo GP without Ducati? What about rally without Skoda? Didn’t think I would say
their name again did you? Now before I get too doom and gloom, I have to point out that this
plan won’t happen overnight. In that press release, Volkswagen says “Volkswagen Motorsport’s
customer sport program “will also be electrified. “The first stage will involve
different disciplines, “platforms and vehicle types
being examined and evaluated.” So it sounds like they’re gonna do it on a sport by sport basis,
and hopefully slowly. Also it should be mentioned that this only goes for factory teams. When it comes to people running turnkey, Volkswagen race cars like the Golf GTI TCR and Polo GTI R5, customer
service and spare part supply will be guaranteed in the long term. So it sounds like private
teams will be able to run Porsches and Audis all they want, and will probably get
some sort of support. But if you wanna buy a race car direct from the manufacturer, I wouldn’t count on it
unless it’s electric. So, how does all this affect Formula One? A sport that no Volkswagen
brand is even involved with? Well to answer that question, we need to enter the Speculation Zone. (upbeat music) I found this super interesting article on, in
which the author lays out a pretty good argument. That Volkswagen’s move to go
all in on electric on the track will lead to a series of events in which every current agent supplier pulls out of the sport, and Formula One becomes a
spec series like Indy Car, where all the cars are
pretty much the same. I’ll leave a link to the
article in the description because it blew my mind, and
I think you should read it. The article argues that
Volkswagen’s decision is very motivated for PR reasons. And that they wanna distance themselves as far as possible from Dieselgate. They wanna go from being a huge polluter to having no hand in
climate change at all. And since Volkswagen is so big, the author believes other
manufacturers might follow suit, so they don’t look like
huge polluters themselves. Two manufacturers that
could do this are Renault from France, and Honda from Japan. Both Renault and Honda supply
engines to Formula One teams. In 2019, Renault built
engines for their factory team in McLaren. Honda built engines for two
teams, RedBull and Toro Rosso. The rest of the field is
powered by either Mercedes or Ferrari-built power units. If Honda pulled out of Formula One, the consequences for RedBull
and Toro Rosso would be dire. The RedBull car is actually
really freakin’ good, and was able to bring the fight to Merc and Ferrari last year, with their less powerful Honda engine. Will Ferrari or Mercedes
willingly sell their engines to their biggest threat? I don’t think so. And that’s just what would
happen if Honda left. What if Renault left too? It could happen. Since the downfall of disgraced
Renault CEO, Carlos Ghosn, the boardroom over there has been insane. According to,
Clotilde Delbos, I butchered that, Reanult’s
interim chief executive, raised eyebrows when she
confirmed a deep review of the company’s business, which included its continued
participation in F1. Renault is looking into
the possibility of exiting. No doubt they saw VW’s electric
motorsport announcement and thought, hmm, maybe we
could pull the chute too. That’s my French. If both Honda and Renault left Formula One around the same time, the chain
reaction that would follow would most likely change the entire sport in a massive way. (upbeat music) We’re seeing the electric car market take off as we speak. If everyone starts buying electric cars over gas-powered ones,
Honda and Renault probably aren’t gonna see any
reason to keep developing their gas engines, heck, Mercedes already thinks this. You might remember from a few weeks ago, but Mercedes stopped development on their internal combustion engines because as far as they’re concerned, theirs is as good as
they’re ever gonna make it. So they have to be asking,
why keep spending money on new racing engines if
we’re done perfecting those for the consumer? A key point for the Honda pullout theory that The Judge 13 brings
up is that Honda recently committed to powering
RedBull through 2021. But no word on anything after that. On top of that, Honda announced last year at the Geneva Autoshow that
they plan on only selling electric cars in Europe by 2025. That’s some pretty compelling evidence. But I’m not convinced that a Honda exit would happen overnight. In early January, lead RedBull
driver, Max Verstappen, extended his contract
with RedBull to 2023. This is pretty huge. Max is insanely talented, and can easily fight for a championship in a Mercedes or Ferrari if he wanted to. Staying with RedBull for three more years tells me that Honda will
probably stick around that long to support him. But of course, I could be totally wrong. This is the Speculation Zone after all. Maybe Honda does leave in 2021, with Renault right behind them. Maybe Mercedes says peace
out and focuses on their Formula E electric racing effort, fighting against Porsche,
a Volkswagen brand. Maybe all the top F1
talent moves to Formula E as the cars get even better. Maybe there will be a day where
that electric Formula E car totally embarrasses a Formula
One car at a classic circuit like Monaco. Maybe the cars will be
so unbelievably fast that we’ll forget what
we were worried about in the first place. I’m sold man, I’m sold. This is just sick right, look at this go! And just watch some good-ass racing. Maybe. All right so what do you think? Is Formula One doomed? I mean a theme in all of the electric car wheelhouse episodes is that
it is gonna happen eventually, the takeover. It’s gonna happen. It’s just inevitable. But I don’t think it’ll be as
fast as people are afraid of. Like I get it, I love the engine noise. I, I mean, you go to a drag strip, gas-powered cars just sound
better, that’s the truth. But I don’t think it’s as bad
as people might be fearing. I think it’s okay. What do you think? Am I totally off the mark here? Is this an interesting theory? Be kind, I’ll see you next time.

  • My only thing is all of these companies are doing good by cutting gas cars and trying to go to electric which is lovely but the problem is, where does most of the electricity come from? Coal, gas… these are the big problems they’ll have to take on next or even before they can fully go green

  • erm news Flash DONUT MEDIA, they already run hybrid engines and are looking to phase out the I.C engine entirely as the technology improves in the future, its called evaluation of the sport

  • It's about time. I hope it goes a little faster. I'm ready for electric performance. Great report, and honestly (mind you, I wear hearing aids and have done a racing academy once) the noise means nothing to me. Especially cars that aren't legit to sound like a performance car to begin with. Cheers!

  • Careful. VW also owns MAN the truck manufacturer that has a division in Dakar. Well here I want to see how the electrics do. Racing like Dakar will help manufacturers test their new electric platforms.

  • Renault leaving f1 has nothing to do with Volkswagen seriously what a joke. Its due to the poor press and remarkably terrible 2019 campaign they had. And every team and supplier is threatening to leave f1 because of the 2021 specs and rules. If they have a bad 2020 season and they don't like the 2021 rules they will leave. Literally nothing to do with volkswagen

  • just wait, now they're using your tax money and money from other non-electric drivers to give advantages to people who buy electric. free parking, less taxes, etc. then in 10 years or so, when everybody forcefully switched, they of course will have to pay full, and suddenly it wont be convenient anymore. reports of the pollution from batteries, and the horrible mining conditions, will result in governments saying it's not so eco-friendly after all, and they will use your tax money again to sell the next technology out there. Meantime in Rome there's still tons of fiat 500s from 1968, ultra small, easy and cheap to repair, use very little gas. Instead the ''ecologicals'' bought about 5-6 cars between now and then. Go figure

  • Weak speculation starts at the 6:00 mark for those interested. I'm off to go erase this video from my history and set youtube to never recommend a video from this channel ever again.

  • MEB vor [M]oduler [E]-Antriebs[B]aukasten -> Baukasten as construction kit or building kit another synonym for plattform or platform else modular system… 😉

  • Vehicles could be better if they built hybrids correctly. Tiny combustion engine and solar to charge batteries to get range out of electric motor/battery setup. Done and proven in many applications. And then there's CNG which most cars can easily be converted to. It's all in vain anyway. It's been proven that the earth has been cycling through hot/cold periods caused by carbon. We're a carbon based life-form and everything we do produces carbon and there's no getting through to the mass of idiots that humans are that changes need to be made. Me want! Can't help myself! Buy a new phone every year, new car, new tits, have litters of children you don't raise..keep effing me in the a, it's been great so far.. It's great being triggered by ads two seconds into a video. Enjoy sucking on that asterisk my man. 🙂

  • There's nothing wrong with combustion engines. Just change the fuel to bio fuel and the emissions argument is dead. Truth is combustion engines have significantly higher power to weight and endurance than electric vehicles and give a more visceral experience to fans. The only reason electric cars can touch them is because they are heavily restricted in either fuel flow, air flow, fuel type, boost level and rpm limit.

  • It goes to that direction yes, but the arguments… too much speculation and too many details not considered. And in order to provide a good opinion you have to address the counter arguments, which was not done at all.

  • We got formula e for a reason. Bring back big power N/A engines for f1 and make them the fastest they have ever been and go all out. Theres no reason to develop hybrid technology technologies etc when they're not even going to be sold in the UK soon. Fuck it, one last blast with cosworth etc

  • I dont think pulling all gas vehicles, is the solution to climate change. i think it is a huge step that needs to happen at the consumer level, but on the performance level it wouldn't matter that much to keep racing on gas. the leap that needs to happen is mass transport and heavy machinery going electric. If all shipping boats, and planes, and cranes and forklifts etc. ran on electric it would make way more of a difference. ships alone burn more fuel than all of america.

  • So youre trying to say a company with nothing to do with F1 just broke F1??? STFU. This is why the world thinks americans know fuck all about motorsport!!

  • It would be a shame if they tried to race in the 24 hours of le mons and that whole series (sorry if I spelled that wrong and I don't know the name of that series) and there battery died like it takes forever to charge that stuff

  • Self-righteous hipsters: going electric with your car to save the environment
    Charging station: uses electricity generated from petro to charge the car

    There's also the element of pollution from eventual disposal of the batteries, the replacement of which costs pretty much the car's (depreciated) value at the time it's used up… ICE cars can be repaired and kept running forever almost, electric cars will be as disposable as cell phones. Enviromental impact? And that's not all. There is more to this "green" fad than meets the eye.

  • Because the DOT is a collection of some dumbest people in North America , any chipped diesel pickup pollutes (aka fogging systems) more than anything on the highway…. When all you flat Earthers figure out that there are no domestic diesel passenger cars made in the USA, and that's because the American Auto Industry doesn't want them, they push back by lobbying the government to have extremely high and unachievable emissions limits only because they want to curb imports. Post any domestic diesels if you can find one…
    Next look up how the American Auto Industry and the American Lighting Industry did to Euro-spec headlights back in the 70's, they produce un-safe lights, and ban euro light to "protect American industry" . Well how about making a better product… Talk about free market BS, if anyone comes out with something better than Good ole Apple pie, they're Commies!!! Ask around about the Avro Aero next time you say that one company can change the future…. This is all about protecting American interests.

  • yeah except formula e has a monopoly on electric racing series so naw, not gonna happen pal. no research, clickbait and a big arse ad in the middle od the video. thats a no from me

  • You really think F1 will lose out over formula E? It's SO boring. They go super slow and they need 2 cars to finish a race since the batteries don't last that long. Sure electric cars CAN go fast but they don't have the range to compete. Also, an all electric F1 or touring car race will need a big enough fanbase to keep it going. Getting a fanbase big enough to kill F1, GT3, and rally racing. . . I don't see that happening.

  • When you watch the video from engineering explaned about why the internal combustion engine is still important for the next 2 decades or so this video becomes obsolete and just a means to sell earbuds… smh.

    If Donut is going downhill the content slope it would be a shame 😞

  • Just like Dieselgate, within the next few years of EV production there will likely be the obvious revelation about EV which is that the chemical hazards produced are far more dangerous than the heavily regulated and controlled methods of producing any ICE vehicle

    secondly the current status of EV for markets outside of city cars is severely limited due to charge time and mile range of even the best EV's and lastly, as much as the vast majority of consumers dislike the noise produced by motors, it is something that if removed would greatly inhibit the ability of pedestrians to decipher how close or how fast a vehicle is to them in order to prevent harm to one's self

    Lastly, the cost versus availability for any current EV is far outside the realm of what is considered affordable for a common consumer without major sacrifice, making EV only available for the market of the wealthy making it remain a very niche market thus would cause a bottleneck of sales as EV's would saturate quickly and cause a stagnate market with minimal profits in the long term

  • Are we sure VW dont have a small hidden combustion engine in the electric cars?
    F1 already got rid of the great sounding natural aspirated engines when everyone didnt like it so i dont think they will have a problem making faster electric cars than the Fe series

  • Bye-bye Honda, from F1 … good riddance …
    What people don’t realize, and I corrected the publicity department when I worked at Siemens Solar, is that just because the end product doesn’t “pollute”, or have “emissions”, that doesn’t mean the manufacturing process also doesn’t pollute. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to melt silicon (melting point is around 1,420 °C), and grow a 35Kg single-crystal silicon ingot (105mm diameter by 1 meter long), in 48 hours. Think about it.

  • Mate, you and many other continue to make the same mistake about the electric engine vs petrol engine. The biggest lie is that, electric engine is greener – bullshit*. Since , when lit ionn batteries or any other baterries are environmental friendly??? Everyone, not just you, are quiet! Meanwhile, the CO2 from petrol engines can be reduced and to be kept in a normal limits that do not harm people and envirenment. Second, electric engines are not reliable. In countries with extreme temperature – Canada/Russia or very hot places such as Oman, UAE and so on, the temp affect the baterries and the cannot remain for more than 150km.

  • Whatever happens, E-racing is lame, as is driving on citytracks.
    E-cars sound is as un-thrilling as it can get.
    In a nutshell, that's what will make E-racing fade away and die. People will rather watch Trump rant about walls.

  • man i love the sound of v12 or v10's. back in the schumacher days. I HATE THE FREAKING VACUUM CLEANER SOUND FROM AN E-ENGINE

  • Im super into F1 and definately can say that ICE powered F1 isn't going anywhere. ICE motorsports isn't going away anytime soon. why? who the hell will get a rush out of hearing the quiet whir of an electric car whizzing by?? Probably nobody. What makes racing an experience for the crowd is also hearing those racecars screaming down the finish line straight and roaring the crowds on! :3

  • its like a debate between toxicity and greenhouse gases, building batteries is both toxic n involves a ton of greenhouse gases

  • Carbon….. energy to weight ratio vs silicon disposable waste ? No contest
    Nice try ! How much $$$ to brain wash your channel ? Push the propaganda elsewhere not F1

  • Dude F*** the electric cars for racing. 90% of the fun from watching a race in person is hearing the ROAR of the engine and feeling it in your chest and shaking the ground. Those electric car passing you might be insanely fast but they looked so bored and sounded boring too. I'll pass on watching those races. 😭

  • If manufacturers leave F1 would be the back to the amazingly super competitive sport it was up in the 80's and 90's. Also tons of far fetched theories and a clickbait title.

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