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Warren On Trump Impeachment, Buttigieg’s ‘Wine Cave’ Fundraiser, And More | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Warren On Trump Impeachment, Buttigieg’s ‘Wine Cave’ Fundraiser, And More | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  • Isn’t this the Bird who milked the whole “I’m an Indian” for all that it was worth until she got caught with her hand in the jar? Teza from Sydney Australia

  • Question: why do you people hate Mr. Trump? I don't think that it is right to criticize somebody just for his phone talk. I hope you will find peace in your mind, folks. Warm greetings from Kazakhstan to people with critical thinking!

  • I love her ? She's smart, intelligent and progressive. Way to go Senator!!! Stand strong for what you believe in… I will be standing right beside you fighting with you ??

  • Warren is spot on about thinking it is crazy we can work with the current carnation of Republicans, it ain't going to happen. Does anyone really believe Republicans sit around and wonder how to reach out to Dems? Don't think so.

  • Someone put Vaughn Hillyard out on an assignment while he's still too wet behind the ears. He knows NOTHING about listening. The person he is interviewing seems to be irrelevant to his reason for being in front of a camera. MSNBC reporters rock! Will one of you please teach the boy about the 4th Estate and who he serves?

  • Make my healthcare $25-50 a month, don't deny my coverage and I'd be glad to pay it, every month. That's $50-100, every 2 policy holders. It beats free plans and overall contributes to the system.

  • She has no answers about how she’s gonna do all the things she promises. Nothing happens in senate without 60 votes. Only empty promises.

  • a platform of anti-trump doesn't cut it. i am a democrat but will be voting for trump. supporters of this channel and the current party nominees have drunk the media kool aid.

  • She's a hypocrite, that up until her her senate race took money in high-dollar fundraisers and sold access to her time. But that's not the only time she lied to the American public.
    Donate to honesty, chip in for Mayor Pete >=->

  • There's a reason why the adage, "Money is the root of all evil" resonates with everyone. It's because it's true. And it has no place in our politics. We need to be as adamant about overturning the Citizens United decision as conservatives are committed to overturning Roe v. Wade.

  • Warren & Bernie is right on, Health care for all is not as expansive as they say on tax payers , How Do I know this…. a single payer system gets to set the bar for the price of the treatment.. over paying is the issue …. 65 dollars for one pill / aspirin in the Hospital and that is where people are getting the numbers from(what we pay now) , But I also believe tRump is a sign from corporate world saying to Americans it Not who votes but how counts the votes… We really don't have a say in our elections George Bush stole his election and so did someone else do it for t Rump…. Maybe even the same could be said for Boris Johnson… there are powerful people running these countries and the allow the people to think they have a say… when they really don't… term limits , healthcare for all and limiting the outside money / donors in our three branches of government….

  • Why does the Media insist that Democrats need to be Genuine to blatantly Disingenuous Republicans.
    Republicans cheat at Every level, but hypocritically insist that Democrats play by the "Rules"…ya sure.

  • I am so proud of Elizabeth Warren. She gave great answers to a very annoying and condescending reporter. Go Warren 2020!!! This old veteran(USA & USN) is with you.

  • Disclaimer: I'm a social democrat and also not living in the US.
    The slogan should be, "Make the Republican Party Great Again"
    Conservative values not money need to be the foundation of a new republican Party.

  • PRESIDENT TRUMP ISN'T IMPEACHED Until the House transmits the House Articles to the Senate. Nancy Pelosi thinks the average citizen doesn't possess the capabilities to understand the intricacy of the United States Constitution. She's absolutely mistaken!

  • OK, so the backroom millionaires shouldnt "choose" the president, but they can run themselves? Warren literally transferred over 10million from her senate campaign to her presidential campaign and now frames herself like she is free from money influence when the main reason is that she has enough from when she took the big donor money. But nevertheless: corruption is dangerous and wrong BUT taking donations from everyone does not make one corrupt. There is nothing wrong with being rich, being part of an elite, nothing! It is about what you do to help others get the oportunity to get rich too. I dont like these populists statements from warren and her spokeswoman about shiny crystals or stuff like that, *thats exactly what trump does btw*. And also: people like to frame Buttigieg like a conservative corporate guy, but this couldnt be more wrong: his political ambitions started by supporting Bernie Sanders and only because he is not a populists and is about bringing people together does not mean he is not a progressive. He is literally the poorest guy running, his capital is his common sense and knowledge, thats how i see it.

  • Elizabeth is quite correct in saying that it is the power of people's votes that will win the next election. Any attempt to match the Republican Party dollar for dollar is a total waste of time and is destined to failure. Put simply our totally corrupt political finance system has put our democracy up for sale to the highest bidder for some time. Any vestige of fairness, any pretense of democratic process that still existed was totally erased by the the disastrous Citizen's United Supreme Court decision which literally gave big money interests the right to buy members of Congress as well as the Presidency itself. Big money, in other words, is in total control when it comes to campaign funding and the blank checks at this point can be filled in with either Republican Party or Democratic Party as the Payee. Because whoever signs those checks will be beholden to the Big Money interests that issue them. Anyone who thinks that the way to bring democracy back to America is to court the favor of Big Money in order to secure political funding is either totally stupid, totally corrupt, or both! Hate to be the bearer of bad news folks but Santa and the Tooth Fairy are fantasy characters from children's books. The way to restore democracy to America is win the vote of the average American who is being thrown under the bus by a corrupt corporate economy with the aid of bought and paid for politicians. Any attempt to bring about meaningful change in America via securing a huge campaign budget from Big Money is the worst sort of folly and plays right into the hands of the very power structure that has been and is continuing to destroy our country.

  • Impeached! Lovin' it!! 3 million more voted against Donny diapers. Today we got a little something back, a permanent stain on a giant POS.

  • Elizabeth Warren – champion of the people for decades. Not a hard choice people. We don't need another old white male democrat (Biden) either. We've witnessed what wrinkled old orange /white men billionaires at work destroying America and a compassionate woman is our progressive answer for all the citizens of the USA.

  • Thank yo so much senator. i pray for you to be the President of The United States . Amin.

  • Have anyone noticed these democrats are not hot on the illegal immigrant issues as they were last year…i wonder why? is it because they know it is not a hot topic with the American people to be screaming they want to open up the door and let all illegals in?

  • Where is she (Warren) getting her money to run for president? from big business? she surely is not using her money to run for president…she is a liar..she could not run for president without big donations and fundraisers for the rich and wealthy…..they own her…she will be working in the interest of the big donors that support her candidacy with their money….she owes them and they will collect by her working for them to get richer….she is a liar…working for the poor….and working class American BULL***!!!!

  • If Warren was really concerned about all these issues she would drop out & endorse Bernie because she's sucking up half the progressive voters. Add those voters to the pool & Sanders is up 70/30 over Biden.

  • Thanks for the impeachment Dems. Fired up conservatives and guaranteed reelection in 2020. TRUMP 2020. Go CRY lol.

  • If you live in Tacoma, Washington the gravel pit is accepting the bodies of democrats, illegal aliens and child molesters for free.

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