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We Don’t Hold Fundraisers on Wall Street | Bernie Sanders

We Don’t Hold Fundraisers on Wall Street | Bernie Sanders

[applause] I am going to New York City tonight and tomorrow but I’m not going to New York City to hold a fundraiser on Wall Street. [applause] Instead, I’m going to hold a fundraiser, right here, right now, across America. [cheers] My request is: please go to and contribute. [cheers] Please help us raise the funds we need, whether it’s $10, or $20, or $50, help us raise the money we need to take the fight to Nevada, South Carolina, and the states on Super Tuesday! [applause]

  • I tried to donate but it was stuck on the loading screen, so I tried 4 more times. My bank account said I actually donated all 5 times when I thought it didn't go through. And I ain't even mad 😀

  • URGENT: Super-Delegates are blocking Democracy! Sign the petition:


  • Don't forget, we're not out of the game yet. Nevada is next, so please PHONEBANK for Bernie. If we can win in Nevada, we can win the nomination.

  • donations to Bernie is critical right now.. these coming weeks will determine if Bernie gets to fight for us as president.. or get derailed by the Political Machine. Clinton is counting on the Democratic Machine to carry her, and Bernie needs all the small contributions he can get to inspire folks to abandon the Clinton Brand..that has done little for us.

    The Clinton Democrats have devastated people of Color and Minorities with their mandatory sentences and School to prison pipelines that Clinton headed to appear "strong" to the mainstream. Hilary is distancing herself from that catastrophe yet has the same mindset to get us into deeper problems.

    Bernie has the Judgment, empathy and wisdom of what is Just and Humane.. America sorely needs this transformation. Please help Bernie with any small contribution you can make.. even 5 dollars is plenty good when all of us contribute.

    I have donated twice already and will continue to do so.. I hear old folks donating from their social security checks.. Even if Bernie does not win.. the message will be loud and clear that Democrats need to start delivering to progressive causes or they will risk being displaced by real progressive candidates. Clinton has already been forced to adjust toward more progressive positions.

    More progressive politicians will emerge and Bernie will become more powerful and still champion the causes.. so every donation has lasting benefits.

  • wall(et) street is war street. what we need is peace street. turn down the wall in your head, and listen to your heart instead.


    End Super Delegates!

  • Donated again after the victory last night, I heard it was the biggest win since JFK! Together we will win and we don't need a Super PAC like our competition because we have the people and together we are powerful! #Bernie2016

    Also register to vote and spread the word!

  • Just donated! This will not be easy, but we will not give up! And everyone, please: vote in your local elections, get involved, and keep the pressure up. Even if by some strange circumstance Bernie doesn't win, we have to keep this momentum going. It's time for the American people to reclaim our destiny!

    ALABAMA: register to vote by February 15
    FLORIDA: register to vote by February 16
    ILLINOIS: register to vote by February 16
    OHIO: register to vote by February 16
    MISSOURI: register to vote by February 17
    MAINE: register to vote by February 19
    NORTH CAROLINA: register to vote by February 19
    NEVADA: register to vote by February 20
    UTAH: register to vote by February 22
    ARIZONA: register to vote by February 22
    VERMONT: register to vote by February 24
    DELAWARE: register to vote by February 26

    Check other dates here:

  • what a piece of shit. that was so low class, and grimy. like sending a business card at Christmas . The guy is worth millions and begs for money every chance he gets. there is a time and a place, …what a disgrace

  • Bernie Sanders is a DAMN decent human being, who only tries to help others.
    Unlike the Clintons, he's not in it for money or power.
    He only wants to make others lives better, and to end the corruption!

  • There were sooo many donations last night Bernie's site couldn't keep up! My first donation never processed fully. I did it again today and it was confirmed. I urge you to donate and help him help us.

  • Those that do not learn history are doomed to repeat it" – George Santayana.   Here's Lenin's speech from 1919 as the Soviet Union rose from Socialism and into Communism   –  Sounds all to familiar today…"…in the past the country was, in one way or another, governed by the rich, or by the capitalist, but now, for the first time, the country is being governed by the classes, and moreover, by the masses of those classes, which capitalism formerly oppressed.  Even in the most democratic and freest republics, as long as capital rules and the land remains private property, the government will always be in the hands of a small minority, nine-tenths of which consist of capitalist, or rich men…"

  • Everyone should sign this petition to tell the super delegates not to mess around and vote for who the people support.

  • Hey Democrats, why the hell do you even bother holding primaries?? If your super delegates can vote for some bitch irrespective of the actual primaries??? WTF???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is clear that the entire leftist spectrum suffers serious mental disorder!!!!

  • Is this just a FRAUD to collect some money from donors?? SERIOUSLY, all these votes will end up in the bin!! SUPER DELEGATES will finally and decisively decide the candidate regardless ,…..!!!!
    WTF is THAT SYSTEM???? just to collect money ????

  • A Communist and a Criminal running, yet the Republicans win in New Hampshire, a blue state by 15%, y'all already lost, just tap out.

  • Democracy has been high jacked by DICTATORS that call them selves SUPER DELEGATES. Why isn't Bernie Sanders calling on his people to out them? How can we begin to overcome this oppression placed on to the people of this nation? Most people are CLUELESS and IGNORANT ABOUT SUPER DELEGATES!!!! AS WELL, WHY HAS BERNIE NOT ADDRESSED THIS ISSUE? My money and vote is of no use. Yet our taxes pay billions for war with other countries in the name of democracy!

  • Just gave My first 30.00 It's time for a real change in our country and I believe that Sen. Bernie Sanders is that change. #Feelthebern

  • Here's my first essay on Bernie Sanders: an analysis of unbalanced media coverage during a time of tangible popular upsurge, detailing out the stances of various players in the American media including a) Print media b) tv media c) online media d)Comedy news.

    Do give it a read and let me know what you think. If you think it's worth looking at, do share it.

  • Bernie needs to modify his strategy a little. Now that he has the people on his side, he needs to make peace with the top 1%. They are powerful people. that he will need to work with. Don't change the planned taxes but rather than harshly forcing them to accept it, he needs to nicely force them to accept it. Change the msg a little. Rather than telling them to stop being greedy. He needs to say things like, ''help us make America a fairer, happier country.'' Bernie msg has always been about ''together''. They are part of American too. Force them to pay the taxes, but try to make them like it too. Give them a chance to be part of the movement.

  • I'm not even American but I can't stop watching Bernie videos because they bring such joy and I always either leave with tears or a smile on my face. Please get this man in office USA – and remember that the rest of the world is waiting for you to finally topple the Wall Street locusts.

  • Today is payday! I hope that buying t-shirts is helping to fund your campaign. Because that's what I've been purchasing so that I am a walking, talking advertisement. Thank God for Bernie Sanders!!

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