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#WeAreNestle: Nestlé employees team up to fight hunger

#WeAreNestle: Nestlé employees team up to fight hunger

I’m proud to be part of a team that we
work together to make a better place for families in need This work is so
important to help our overall community thrive and I’m so proud to be a part of
it I’m proud that our team is working together to make our communities a
better place to live We have five thousand volunteers that have donated
their time to go out and work across the country from all of our operating
companies giving back to our communities is why it’s important and I think hunger
is one of those fundamental things in a community that just shouldn’t exist in
the U.S. If you look at our nation today we definitely have a health crisis going on and it’s driven by what we eat and by how much we exercise If we’re not fueling our
bodies in the right way then we don’t have a healthy sustainable future
and that’s what Nestlé is all about I love being here with the group, it shows
how strong we are together and the difference that we can make in the
community I enjoy volunteering because it makes me feel good to know that I’m assisting some families who are in need We care about our communities
we live in and we certainly care about the children and the adults that live
there and anything we can do to help we just want to be there I wish that I had
people in my life when I was younger give me some direction on what good
food choices are and maybe I can have that impact that I didn’t have We all know we have a lot of food to go around in this country and sometimes it’s just simply a matter of access and education We have the mission of ensuring that all children get off to the best start possible in life and events like this is a great opportunity
to show kids the importance of nutrition health and wellness, eating right and
doing all the right things I think it’s great that we have a way that we can support the community if you think about it, they’re linked Providing a backpack and the cost of a backpack can now provide a family with more
food on the table for the children We know that healthy bodies mean healthy minds and healthy minds and bodies help kids grow up to achieve their goals and reach
for their dreams For me, I have two kids and they would love to be here to help children just like themselves I feel like Nestlé is taking great steps and providing for our communities that are in need We’re just always focused on dogs and cats so it’s nice to take time
away and really do something good for people It’s always a great day when you
can come out, give back to the community a little bit not only do things that we
love at work but then come out and really give back to the community It’s a great opportunity not only to give back to the community but to really
build our team and to get to know each other on a different level Well in Northwest Arkansas one in three kids have challenges with hunger and so it’s
really important for us, the Nestlé team, to be here volunteering to help in any
way that we can We’re the largest food and beverage company but I think we also aspire to be the best food and beverage company so that’s really about serving the
communities were involved in and helping them solve the problems that
exist today hunger is one of those problems so being a great community partner, ultimately a lot of those people that are suffering with hunger are
families and so we can do a big part to help solve that

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