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What Are Potential Red Flags When You Are Reviewing Proposals?

What Are Potential Red Flags When You Are Reviewing Proposals?

One of the biggest red flags for me is when a proposal comes to me and it’s addressed, or it says “dear someone else”. That’s a big red flag– that person is really
not paying attention to the grant process and that they’re just
sending out these blanket applications and not
really targeting. Generally when we’re reviewing proposals, potential red flags sometimes come
up around an organization’s financials, so we might see something in an audit
that we need to ask further questions about, or it could relate to the outcomes of the program, but usually that comes down to us having a conversation with the organization’s
leadership to understand those questions. better. First is that the budget doesn’t really match the activities as
they’re stated in the proposal. The second is that the grantee hasn’t really stated
clearly the outcomes that are expected from their work and by outcomes for us that’s distinct from just enumeration or re-enumeration of the activities. And then, finally, I think oftentimes we
have to work with grantees to be clear on the staffing and
organizational capacity to support the work.

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