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What Fundraisers Need to Know about Generations

What Fundraisers Need to Know about Generations

– Hey everybody, it’s Zach from Blackbaud here in San Antonio, Texas at AFP ICON, and I’m joined by managing director of the Blackbaud
Institute, Ashley Thompson. How you doing Ashley? – Hi, good, how are you? – You had a wonderful session this morning about the next generation of giving. It’s a study that the
Blackbaud Institute did, is that right? – That’s right, we did it in
2010, 2013, and again in 2018. And this year, we looked
at Canadian donors, UK donors, Australian and
New Zealand donors as well. – Okay, so why is it important for fundraisers to understand generations? – Well, generations give us a road map to be able to understand
how a different cohort that’s grown up in the world, what their experiences
were that shaped the way that they envision
engagement, giving back, how they show up in the
philanthropic world, but it also tells us, where they grew up in
the digital age as well, in terms of which technologies they are likely to be able
to engage or transact by. – Okay, now I am of the
millennial generation. Am I the next generation
of American giving? – You are not, the next
generation of giving. – Oh. – You’re part of the next
generation of giving. – Okay.
– So if you imagine that the prominent donors right now, are still boomers, the next
generation, then, will be Gen X, who we’ve kind of forgotten in the middle, and then, millennials. And what this study showed actually, is that Gen X is stepping up to the plate, and giving back in a more significant way than we’ve ever seen. And so we’re really excited to see that based on life stage, they’re really showing up to play and are starting to give
back in really dynamic ways. – Way to get into the
game Gen X, good for you. Now where can people learn more about the Blackbaud Institute, and these Next Gen reports
that you’ve been doing? – You know what, they can
go to and you can find our resource library. We have a whole library of content that is searchable by
date, by type, or by topic, or if you’re looking
for the Next Gen report, go to, and you can find all of those reports. – Or, and if you’d like to
follow the conversation, hapenning here at the Conference, just follow the hashtag AFPICON. Thanks Ashley. – My pleasure.

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