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What is Giving Tuesday?

What is Giving Tuesday?

You’ve heard of Black Friday and
Cyber Monday. There’s even Small Business Saturday. But what about Giving Tuesday? Giving Tuesday was created in 2012 by 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation in direct response to these consumer-focused days. And it always falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. It’s also the second largest giving day of the year, runner-up only to December 31st. That makes it the perfect launch pad for your
year-end campaign. And while some nonprofits have voiced concerns
over Giving Tuesday fundraising cannibalizing their year-end campaigns, our data analysis shows the opposite. Giving Tuesday actually boosts your overall results by tapping into a different
network of donors. In fact, 15% of new donors aquired on Giving Tuesday
will give again before the next Giving Tuesday and they become peer-to-peer fundraisers 3 to 4
times more frequently than donors acquired on December 31. Now is the time to capitalize on his powerhouse giving day, which is why we’ve created a helpful resource page just for you. Visit the page to get access to a jam-packed library of
Giving Tuesday resources, creative campaign examples, and so much more. Here’s to making Giving Tuesday even greater!

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