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What’s A Picture Worth? | Fundraising Tips

What’s A Picture Worth? | Fundraising Tips

Hey guys, happy fundraising Friday. I’m
Kristy. You guys ever hear the saying a picture is worth a thousand words… When
you’re communicating with your supporters it is important to tell them
the impact that the funds raised will have within your organization as well as
the life-changing opportunity the donated shoes will provide to people in
developing nations like Ghana, Honduras, and Haiti. One of the best ways to get
your message across is through pictures because it allows people to make an
emotional connection to the organization that they’re supporting. Make sure to use
them in your website, your social media posts, and in your marketing materials.
Feel free to go to our website under resources and our materials page to
download our microenterprise photos or you can utilize any of the photos that
we’ve shared to our own Funds2Orgs social media sites. Use them to tell your
supporters about the impact gently worn, used, and new shoes can have in a country
like Haiti. Connect with your fundraising coach today to discuss of this tip or
visit our blog for more fundraising ideas. I’m Kristy and I’ll see you guys
next time!

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