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Who is Pete Buttigieg and why is he having a 2020 moment?

Who is Pete Buttigieg and why is he having a 2020 moment?

(phone typing) – Watching March Madness reminds me: Zion Williamson and I
are similarly athletic. What’s so funny? He’s a skinny guy with a funny name, and he’s the hottest name
in Democratic politics. Sounds like I’m describing
this guy, right? It’s actually this guy. That guy is Pete Buttigieg. That’s B-U-T-T-I-G-I-E-G. Boom, nailed it; ding!
(bell dinging) Boot-edge-edge: That’s how
you say it, except fast, like it says on the
t-shirts his campaign sells. They really do, look! Honestly, just call him “Mayor Pete.” It’s a lot easier, rolls off the tongue. When Mayor Pete started running
for president in early-2019, people, they weren’t
calling him much of anything because, well, they
had no idea who he was. Unlike boldfaced names like Beto O’Rourke or Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden, Mayor Pete was considered
a very minor player in the very crowded 2020 sweepstakes. After all, he is young, 37 years old, relatively inexperienced politically, his highest office is his current one, mayor of South Bend,
Indiana, and has a last name that is harder to pronounce than Cillizza. Cillizza. Except that politics is
an unpredictable business and voters have a tendency
of sometimes surprising you. The Buttigieg bump,
(bell dinging) again, began around early-March when Mayor Pete did a town
hall that was hosted by CNN. I know, self-serving, but accurate, at the South by Southwest
festival in Austin, Texas. The mayor got the sort of exposure he hadn’t been able to
generate to that point, and he honestly nailed it. – I have more years of government
experience under my belt than the president. (audience laughing) (audience applauding) That’s a low bar, I know that. (audience laughing) I also got more years of
executive government experience under my belt than the vice president and more military experience than anybody to walk into that office on
day one since George H.W. Bush. So, I get that I’m the young
guy in the conversation, but I would say experience
is what qualifies me to have a seat at this table. – He was funny, smart, and above all spoke and seemed like a normal person. Suddenly, Buttigieg was everywhere. – Where are you on the
ideological spectrum? – I consider myself a
pretty strong progressive, but I also don’t consider
the left-center spectrum to be the most useful way to
look at our politics right now because I think it’s gotten jumbled up, both by the current president
and by the pace of change. – And after that appearance,
Joe Scarborough said that there hadn’t been so much reaction to a guest on his show
since, well, this guy. A clip of Buttigieg speaking Norwegian, he’s conversant, because of course he is, with a reporter from
Norway then went viral. – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – Buttigieg’s campaign announced that he had already secured the
65,000 donors that he needed to qualify for the first
Democratic presidential debate in June in Miami. He announced in late-March that he was trying to raise
$500,000 more for his campaign in the week or so before the end of that fundraising quarter. He raised that amount in 24 hours. All told, Buttigieg announced
he had raised $7 million in roughly two months as a candidate, a total that, yes, is going to put him behind the likes of Sanders and O’Rourke, but will put him way in front of where he and everyone else thought he would be at this point in the race. This right now is Mayor Pete’s moment. Every candidate running
for president wants one. Not all get one. The question going forward
is whether Buttigieg’s moment is like that time when Herman
Cain led the 2020 GOP field, nine-nine-nine, baby, or more like when that other
skinny guy with the funny name started surging in the
2008 Democratic race and really never stopped. There’s reason to believe Buttigieg will last beyond this
current 15 minutes of fame, and the biggest reason for that
is, well, the mayor himself. – Why are you only showing us the positive things about Pete Buttigieg? Because that’s all we could find, all right?!
(audience laughing) No, I’m being serious. There’s no dirt on this guy, like nothing. – Remember that presidential
races, especially in primaries, are as much about
personality and backstory as they are about policy. That’s mostly because the candidates running for a party’s
presidential nomination tend to agree about the
broad policy solutions needed to address things like immigration or health care or the economy. The way that you stand out in a field where everyone has very
similar policy plans is by the force of your life story and the way in which you
tell that life story. And Buttigieg, though
he’s only 37 years old, has a hell of a story to tell. He’s a Harvard grad, a Rhodes scholar, he was deployed in Afghanistan
for seven months in 2014, and was a Naval Reservist until 2017. He was elected mayor of
his hometown at age 29. He is both gay and married. In short, there’s lots of there there when it comes to Mayor Pete. His surge has been fueled
less by some catchy slogan than by a genuine excitement
among Democratic primary voters about his personal story and candidacy. Plus, the momentum and money Buttigieg is gathering right now will help him in real tangible ways. His campaign says it
plans to double his staff in the coming weeks and they are working on
building bigger organizations in places like Iowa and New Hampshire, where Mayor Pete will have to show well to have any chance at
winning the nomination. Now, before we get too
far ahead of ourselves, and I just said, “Any chance
of winning the nomination,” it is worth remembering this:
No one, absolutely no one, will be voting until late-January
or early-February 2020, which is still a very long time from now. Mayor Pete may be the
flavor of this month, but he’s unlikely to be the
only lesser-known candidate who experiences a bit of a
boom between now and next year. Still, an early Buttigieg bump is better than no bump at all. And lots of Mayor Pete’s
fellow 2020 candidates would love to have the sort
of run he’s been on recently. Campaigns for president are
about creating opportunities, seizing them, and never letting go. Pete Buttigieg has already accomplished the first two parts of that equation in just two months as a candidate. It’s the never-letting-go bit
that he’s still got to master. And that is The Po!nt. We make new Po!nt episodes
every Tuesday and Thursday. Check ’em out.

  • Hey, Chris here — Mayor Pete Buttigieg is experiencing a major bump in popularity. Is this more than just 15 minutes of fame?

  • What popularity if he has 2% lol plus CNN loves him bc of he appeals to donors by using sophisticated language to hide policy for pro corporate and makes you listen what we Democratics want to hear

  • Hey, Cilizza you didn't mention ONE policy of his. I wonder why? Probably because he has none, and cause you're a clown.

  • What an absolutely masterful adulation and yearning endorsement of a candidate without once mentioning any policy position whatsoever. In fact, in order to get out of mentioning any of Buttigieg's policy positions the video states that policy positions are irrelevant in the Democratic Primary. Absolutely masterful political commentary.

  • Lemme ask, what are his POLICY ideas. Not is he fun and and like able or where he sits ideologically; you guys already don’t get why he won’t last. Unless he has some some concrete policy he will go nowhere.

  • If u love ur country and want to gain back the trust of allies that u lost. U need to vote for him and bring back the usa that the world knows. Progressive democratic. Not bully and racist. Just remember that china is already overtaking u.s and u dont want to be the laughing stuff again if u elect the same president. At young age his resume is already high. Think of what he can do more for america.

  • It is so good to see a calm, rational person who makes sense again. His language is not divisive like many other candidates. Instead, he seems to be talking to everyone. He gets why people voted for Trump. He can explain in plain English how Trump sold them a lie, and how he plans to make things right. He’s a mayor of a low-income city in the midwest, so he’s coming from a good place. He knows what working-class America needs.

  • If you want 4 more years of Obama, where people died and went bankrupt from lack of affordable medical care and health insurance, where we increased the number of overseas war operations and terroristic drone strikes, where we fracked the entire country keeping us dependent on fossil fuels, where jobs continued to be outsourced to other countries, where banks that royally screwed up the housing market were bailed out with no consequences, then vote for this Obama disciple. If you want real change vote for someone actually willing to fight for real change: Sanders, Warren or Tulsi.

  • Saw so many videos and comments on this guy, and the only criticism I've seen is hard core lefties whining he's not Left enough. They really need to grow up. The dude just lives and works in the real world. His policies have brought tangible growth to SB. I've also heard his ideas on reforming tax and social policies to improve the lives of middle and lower America. He is legit.

  • I lived in South Bend for over 50 years and this clown has done absolutely nothing but put up pretty lights by the St Joseph River and bring in lime bikes that are scattered all over the city making it look worse!! And the crime rate is worse and never got better under his watch!!! Pete is a smooth talker and will say any BS to get a vote!!!!!!

  • How much you want to bet he appears on Saturday Night Live between now and Nov. 2020. And/or Jimmy Fallon as Pete Buttigieg. "Give Pete a Chance".

  • Another open borders, eliminating free speech and anti-White candidate pushed by the Democratic Party propaganda media.

  • Please democratic get it right this year . I can’t deal with another 4 years of trump . Sander you can’t even beat Hillary. Please stand down . Mayor Pete has my vote .

  • Hey CN&N we can see your corporate favorite pets , as you treat Bernie like dog shit. Its so blatant . Your the Megaphone for the establishment DNC and you solicit the ideology of will tell the electorate what they need . Watching and listening to this Buttigieg cheerleader , was almost xxx rated .

  • I love how Chris says with a straight face that people don't really care about policy, but instead personal stories. Chris you are so far from the truth it's hilarious.
    So we're going to now see a promo like this for the front runner Bernie Sanders right? Lol yea ok. Pete is for keeping private insurance companies which is our main issue with healthcare.
    Having a middle man profiting from people getting sick is never in our favor.Pete is not for Public colleges, just like other centrists in the race.
    I don't care how smooth he talks his policies are all that matter and they're not great.

  • Centrist Neoliberal being pushed by media because the others are doing that bad….Sanders 2020…Get over it Corporate Media…..

  • He is so refreshing amidst all these traditional politicians. Oh yeah, I just found my candidate! #MayorPete2020

  • I was so ready to vote for Beto until I learned about Mayor Pete. I really hope this guy wins and we don't re-elect Trump.

  • You can't Cherry Pick What's in the Bible.. "Whoever keeps
    the whole Law but stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all
    of it. For
    He who said, “Do not commit adultery,” also said, “Do not murder.” If
    you do not commit adultery, but do commit murder, you have become a
    lawbreaker.… " – James ( Jesus's brother 😉

  • Pete Buttigieg is the new fresh face of Democratic Politics. He's like the White Barack Obama haha. Can't wait to see him in the Debates.

  • Why are all democrats BETA males? I’m dead ass serious. Has anyone asked themselves that? A party full of BETAAAA males 😂

  • Good vid but I can't help to think this is CNN trying to appeal to Youtube viewers by making a quirky funny "internet" video. Generally this wouldn't bother me but I don't trust CNN or any MSM. Still nice work. Pete's a great choice.

  • This Chris Cillizza guy is a fucking idiot. "The democratic candidates largely agree on policy" — seriously? Don't let this idiot cloud your judgement people. Vote on policy — whether you vote for Buttigieg or someone else, because the democratic candidates this year have vastly different views, and the fact that "hes gay" should never be at the center of any argument.

  • Attention
    2020 Elections Cancelled
    Trump installed as
    Supreme Ruler for Eternity

  • Please, Please do not be fooled by this guy, ANOTHER FAKE PROGRESSIVE! Pete Buttigiege who apparently qualifies as a progressive by simply being well educated and in a same sex marriage was recently in secret meetings with other corporate Democrats ( Pelosi, Schumer etc) to figure out how to derail real progressives like Bernie Sanders. Money poisons the well again!. Here in an excerpt from the NYTimes piece on the subject:
    The matter of What To Do About Bernie and the larger imperative of party unity has, for example, hovered over a series of previously undisclosed Democratic dinners in New York and Washington organized by the longtime party financier Bernard Schwartz. The gatherings have included scores from the moderate or center-left wing of the party, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California; Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the minority leader; former Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia; Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., himself a presidential candidate; and the president of the Center for American Progress, Neera Tanden.
    Not the honorable guy he's pretending to be, how about just debating Bernie and letting the people decide.

    Richard Franklin

  • I think a well spoken highly educated, Midwestern, young, gay, veteran, mayor is the anti trump. Trump pretends to care about the Midwest but he doesn't, pete actually knows and cares about their issues. And the left will love him to

  • He has no effective policies that will help the country. Like Harris and Biden, he’s a regular politician that wants our vote but will not really do anything. No thank you. He needs to take care of his city first before being President.

  • Andrew Yang appeared on Fox waaay before him. And Pete claimed he was first, but he lied! Andrew Yang is refreshing and already bringing left, right, Dems and Republicans together. Pete has no policies that will benefit the American people.

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