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Why Is Quality Important In A Shoe Drive Fundraiser?

Why Is Quality Important In A Shoe Drive Fundraiser?

Hey, I’m Joe with Funds2Orgs. Now in our
How to Do a Shoe Drive series we’re breaking down the basics of doing a
successful shoe drive fundraiser. And in this video we want to focus on the
quality of shoes that you’re collecting because it’s important to collect gently
worn, used and new shoes. Now we know that you can only kind of visualize this so
much by one of our coaches telling you or reading some information on our
website. So what we have done is we collected some shoes brought them into
the office and we have a visual representation of good quality shoes, bad
quality shoes, and more. So what we’re going to accomplish in this video is
showing you what gently worn means, showing you why a pair of shoes is good
quality, showing you why a pair of shoes is bad quality, and the importance of
quality in your shoe dry fundraiser. Let’s get started. Turn the shoes over and look at the
sole. The sole has good tread wear, good traction left on it. Look at the toe. The
toes not peeling loose. There’s also no holes, tears and rips in the upper of
that shoe. So that shoe fits the definition of gently worn. It’s in good
wearable condition. And this is what we want our shoes to look like, correct?
Absolutely. You can see here this is a good pair of
shoes. There’s a little worn here, a little one on the bottom. But we expect a
little bit of wear. But for the most part all of the tread is very good. The
everything’s connected well. The toes are still intact. No rips, no sole no holes.
The laces are good and intact. There’s not not too much wear on the
back here. So those would be really good shoes. We have a pair here and these are not good for a few reasons. One being it’s just split apart. It’s coming apart. Yes it’s not good. And then another reasons in the inside, that’s also coming apart. And we don’t want that at all. The micro-business that we send it to, they can’t use this at all. Nobody can use that. So the reason quality is so important is
because the people that we work with overseas, they’re lifting their families out of poverty by running their own little shoe stores in their
local open-air village, or marketplace, or bazaar, or even their front stoop. And so
if they have poor quality shoes that’s not going to help them, you know, to make a way for their families. You know this is not a good shoe because it’s
all torn up here. The heel tips are in good shape but it can be polished out so
that’s junk. It’s too bad too because the rest of the shoe is in nice shape. I hope this helps when going through
shoes for your shoe drive fundraiser so you can see what good quality and
not-so-good quality are about in your shoe drive fundraiser. For more of these
videos and any of our fundraising tips videos subscribe to our YouTube channel
so you can get this knowledge. And if you want to learn more about shoe drive
fundraising or you would like to participate in a shoe drive fundraiser
for your organization visit There’s our website right behind me I’m Joe with Funds2Orgs. Thanks for watching.

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