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Why We Feel A ‘Warm Glow’ When Donating To Charity

Why We Feel A ‘Warm Glow’ When Donating To Charity

This is CHRISTMAS, the season of perpetual
HOPE. I don’t care if I have to get out there and
hitchhike! I’m going to work at the soup kitchen this
season! Howdy philanthropists, Trace here giving you
some DNews for free. Today, is Christmas Eve-eve. During the holiday season some people wanna
come out to the coast… have a few laughs, and others want to take an old blanket out
of the closet and say ‘Here!’ — but, what makes people want to do the second one? In 2014, Americans gave 258 billion 510 million
dollars to charities — that’s 72 percent of all charitable US giving according to the
National Center for Charitable Statistics. All foundations, corporations, and bequests,
when combined –bequests by the way are when someone dies and leaves their money to charity
— that didn’t even hit 100 billion dollars! People who made between 5 and 10 million dollars
gave away 3.7 percent of their gross income, on average, and people who made 45 to 50-thousand:
4 percent! Sure, they gave less money, but 4 percent
of 50,000 has way more impact on them relative to the amount of disposable income they require
to meet their basic needs like rent, transportation, groceries and so on. In 1989, economics professor Alvaro Sandroni
created the “warm glow” theory of giving — people who give feel warm inside. It sounds touchy-feely, but he studied economics,
so he grabbed his graph paper and he and a partner wrote a mathematical proof in 2009. The idea being we donate to charity because
it helps them, but also: it helps us! It makes us feel better. Also in 2009, a Harvard Business School study
looked at why people give their hard-earned money to charity… Groups of students were prompted to recall
happy or sad memories, then told they could give money to other students. Those who’d been prompted with happy memories,
they gave more, and they felt happier! In other words: happy people give more to
others and giving to charity causes happiness in the giver! When people are happy, they pay it forward,
they try to make other people happy (perhaps by giving to charity), but they’ll also be
more charitable in their day-to-day life. Another study from the Harvard Business Review
claimed if you want the “biggest payoff” from an unexpected windfall of 20-dollars, you
should give it away. You’ll feel better about it. And this is reflected in our physiology! Using fMRI scans, research published in the
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found the orbitofrontal, subgenual and lateral
orbitofrontal areas of the brain get a lot of blood flow when people are being charitable. And another study in Nature Neuroscience identified
the right posterior superior temporal cortex as an active region during charity! These areas are associated with [quote] “primitive
mechanisms of social attachment and aversion!” and [quote] “perception of agency,” the idea
that you can guess the intent of another’s action. Basically, altruism helps we social advanced
apes work and stick together, and it’s reinforced by making us feel good — that “warm glow”
that Sandroni identified! And, numerous studies seem to show that when
one person behaves generously, it inspires others to behave generously later; to pass
it on. But to bring it all back, why does this happen
during the holidays? According to that same National Center for
Charitable Statistics review, a quarter to half of all giving happens between October
and December! Prosaically, it is the end of a tax year,
but that alone can’t explain all the giving! Some sociologists think it’s because there
are simply an “abundance of opportunities,” to give or because people tend to ask for
charity at that time of year. But, it could also be a charitable arms race…
if you see someone benefiting others, it makes you want to pay it forward too. Our social ape past is still there, under
the surface, making us want to help our fellow apes. So, go out and give an advanced primate some
love this season, you’ll feel better for it. We would like to thank our sponsor, Kay Jewelers,
for helping us make this episode. For 100 years, every kiss begins with Kay. Altruism, or being charitable, is a strange
behavior to see in animals. It might not make evolutionary sense to help
your fellow whale, or shark, or whatever– but it’s important! Jules looks into it here… Do you give to charity? or Volunteer? Help out at church, school, or Scouts? Anything? Let us know in the comments and take a sec
please and subscribe. Thank you.

  • I beg to differ, I've never felt good about donating or giving anything to a charity before. I might be the exception to the stupid saying of "It feels better to give than to receive." Bullshit. I like receiving better.

  • This is how evolution explains morals. For anyone in a religious argument on morality coming from a bible of all religous books, despite there clearly being morals long before the bible or christianity even existing. Among other reasons.

  • I don't feel a warm glow when I donate to charity. Just the feeling that I lost something important. That's why I don't do it.

    Unless it's a blood donation which I just do for the fun of it because the feeling of losing blood is satisfying.

  • My donating goal is to one day reach 20% I've only made to 15℅ so far. What I have found is that by holding at one level for long enough, my financial world adapts to it and then I'm able to bump it up again.

  • This is a never ending cycle of stupid. People donating money so they feel better about themselfs while not realizing the "big picture" is not affected at all. Also i find it funny how everybody always ignores the people in their own country (While pretending to be patriotic) suffering and just give money to some stranger in another continent.

    A 1000 years from now the same cycle will go on. The lucky ones give little to the unlucky ones.

  • So it's just choosing cheap sentimental self-satisfaction above biting through the bitter cold and callously working on ur own goals?

  • Would be interesting to know the reason behind getting a "warm glow". Imho humans are all selfish. So what benefit could charity have on a selfish person (besides taxes)? Maybe it soothes our conscience because we feel privileged by having more than we need and donating is a way to relieve some of that guilty feeling. (similar to survivors guilt)

  • I dont feel a "WARM GLOW" I feel a pressure in my chest and increasing anxiety
    About the same as if i was receiving a gift.

    Then again im not a normal person and im not really sure what a "WARM GLOW" Is supposed to feel like.

  • Hey there philanthropists, care to give someone money to buy ham for Christmas? Here's my Bitcoin address. 31m6i5Rskx5bBdXvcfWHdXWJfGU27iwL7h

  • Truth:
    People won't give unless they get something back. Unless you can show that giving can get you something (a feeling, or a financial perk, or something) people won't give. We are very selfish at heart.

  • I feel the warm glow the instant I do something charitable, then I feel regret later when I could have used that money for something else, am I broken?

  • When it comes to helping I'm pretty good at it. I'm helpful in the environmental club, I help out with the garden 🙂 🙂 🙂 I help remove the invasive plants and reel in the hose to clean the birdbath 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 its pretty awesome

  • there's no real way to explain this. it's just quite simply because you did something good to help someone in hard times and someone in need. you helped make someones life a little easier then it seems to be. because you did a little good in this world and that's all that matters.

  • the reason lower income people donate more than the rich is because they understand the struggle…even though im pro trump, im afraid he doesn't understand the 98%

  • Unfortunately, this is the time of year when the phony charity scammers come out of the woodwork and try to take advantage of people's "holiday spirit" to enrich themselves. They often set up "boiler room" phone banks and staff them with people making minimum wage or less to "cold call" people hoping to talk them into giving to some obscure charity they've never heard of. The wage slaves in the booths making the calls have a flow chart on the wall in front of them that tells them the lines to use to try to get the call recipient to pull out their credit card and make a nice big "generous" donation. If the recipient tells them that they do not use credit cards, the call will be immediately terminated. They don't want to provide a mailing address for a check or MO to be sent in to because that opens the door to possible mail fraud charges in the future! Often these outfits are in trouble with the Better Business Bureau and have to keep changing their names so that there is no recent record of complaints against them with the BBB. They usually try to use names that sound somewhat like familiar charities. If one actually provides a credit card number to them, there is no telling how much they will extract from it or to whom the card data will be sold. Of the money they manage to talk people into giving, which can be in the millions per year, there's no guarantee that any of it will actually go to help anyone because these charities take their costs right off of the top. While the slaves in the booths making the calls work for peanuts, the top organizers of the charity can be pulling in five and six figure salaries every year. If one is feeling generous during the holidays, the best thing to do is make a contribution to a long time, nationally recognized charity like the Red Cross or Salvation Army that you have to call. That way, you will know that most of what you give actually does help someone somewhere.

  • Some people here are proud to say that they don't like giving away.That is their opinion.
    Christians donate twice as much as athiests.But Muslims donate twice as much as Christians.

  • Also, when you see other people giving to charity, and you're the only one not giving, you worry that other people will think less of you.

  • #Dnews what is Fire ? how it is work ? why hot surface ,like a very hot knife, can start a fire if you put them on a flammable surface ?

  • I don't know if I'm anatomically weird, but I can make myself feel a warm glow whenever I want;
    it's as easy as flexing a muscle.

  • All things are interconnected, nature's amazing engineering. If someone is hungry for few nights and you give him food to eat then you do make a difference: Just because you have volunteered your money, someone is able to sleep comfortably with their stomachs filled or someone is not feeling cold at night because they are wearing warm old blanket that you have donated.From biggest star to tiniest atom, every living and non-living has some purpose and we are after all HUMANS.

  • The act of telling someone about your charitable act converts it into a currency. You're using it as a mark of status, giving the act a selfish value. I'm yet to see someone go on a rescue mission to Africa taking less pictures than there are grains of sand on a beach. Don't forget to set it as your profile pic 😉

  • интересное видео. советую! Продолжай в том же духе)

  • For those of you saying you feel some type of warmth donating to charity have you ever stopped to think that maby your money is not being sent to people who need it but is instead being sent to large corporations and elites? More than likely your being robbed. Just admit it no one really knows where their money goes when they give it away. So why trust some sign that says charity donation.



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