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WTF is Joe Biden Doing?!

WTF is Joe Biden Doing?!

>>Joe Biden got some hard questions at the
climate town hall including this.>>How can we trust you to hold these corporations
and executives accountable for their crimes against humanity when we know that tomorrow
you are holding a high dollar fund raiser hosted by Andrew Goldman, a fossil fuel executive?>>He’s not a fossil fuel executive. He is not a fossil fuel executive. And the fact of the matter is that what we
talk about is, what are we going to do about those corporations? What have we done? And everywhere along the way, for example,
I’ve argued and pushed for us suing those executives who were engaged in pollution.>>What Andrew is saying is if you’re going
to a fundraiser that’s given in part by this guy who has a company that is pulling up natural
gas. Are you the right guy to go after this?>>Well, I didn’t realize he does that. I was told, if you look at the SEC filings,
he’s not listed as one of those executives. That’s what we look at the SEC filings. Who are those executives? I’ve kept that pledge, period.>>So is that, are you gonna look at that
fundraiser tomorrow night?>>I’m gonna look at what you just told me
and find out if that’s accurate, yes.>>Okay, I think it’s pretty accurate.>>Anderson Cooper with a little bit of spice
there. Yes, it’s pretty accurate and that was, like
if that was Bernie Sanders, it would be describe in the headlines as Bernie oddly combative
after question. That was him dismissively saying, yes I’m
keeping to the pledge, but not if you actually care about the content of the pledge. Because the individual that they talk about
there, Andrew Goldman, yes, he is not technically, by the strictest definition, a CEO or an executive
of a fossil fuel company. But he co-founded a company that starts facilities
that do natural gas production. That’s a higher level, that creates new executives
for that field. That is spawning those corporations that we
have a problem with. So to say that we shouldn’t be worried about
him, it’s not just dishonest, but that’s inverting reality in a very real way.>>Yeah, absolutely, it really kind of speaks
to almost the things we’ve already been experiencing with this current administration in terms
of stretching the truth and sometimes even just giving us blatant lies. And so if Biden’s platform is going to be
distinguishable and different from Trump, it would be great if he actually kind of put
that forth. As opposed to situations like this when he
claims that this gentleman who co-founded Western LNG, and was also his advisor, when
he served in the Senate, is not at all involved in fossil fuels. Come on.>>You have to show that you have at least
some kind of understanding of the reason why people want you to do this. The question was directs, he goes how can
we expect you to hold these types of companies accountable if you’re gonna be going to their
fundraisers. You understand why people ask that question. You’ve been doing this for a while. So if you’re gonna continue to go and say
technically, he’s not really on the board anymore, so therefore, I’m technically holding
on to the pledge. That doesn’t mean anything. Nobody’s talking about technicalities and
you’re not a lawyer trying to get by on some kind of scheme to get your client off. You’re trying to run for president. So if you need to show constituents that you
understand that they’re against you continuing to kowtow to these type of companies. You need to say I didn’t know that, I’m going
to avoid that. Now people may get mad and say, how are you
going to cut out a large section of voting block by oil companies? They’ll be okay, because in the past, what
we’ve done is we’ve ignored constituents that have a problem with what these companies do. You’ve avoided them this whole time, you’ve
ignored them the whole time. So if you’re willing to do that in those circumstances
you should be able to do it another way.>>I think you said there, correct me if I’m
wrong, that he’s been around for a while so he gets why. I wonder though, if Anderson Cooper had follow-up
question, why don’t they want you to take money from these executives, people who have
a vested interest in fossil fuel extraction? Would he actually be able to answer it? Either could he or would he actually do it? Because to answer that, honestly, a full answer,
because we fear that those sorts of people will have an influence over you. The money that they give you now is an investment
on affecting your policy directives when you get in office. To admit that is to admit that all of your
campaign finance should be put under a magnifying glass. And I don’t know if he would actually do that
or if he even could do that, if he really gets why we think it’s a problem. Because his answer that he’s not technically
an executive implies that he doesn’t get it. That guy creates, he cofounded a company that
creates facilities that exploit natural gas. If that sort of person is your advisor, if
he’s raising money for you, and you say you’re going to do something about fracking. Now, I don’t think he’s one of the ones that
says he’s going to ban it. But he says more regulations. Why would we believe that? Why would these people be pumping money into
your campaign if you’re going to shut them down? That would be madness. And I don’t think that they’re mad. I think that they’re savvy with who they donate
to. And so for you to continue to accept that
money implies to me that you don’t take it seriously whatsoever. And the vague promises you make about your
potential climate platform should not be taken at face value.>>Absolutely, it does convey that he is,
essentially, disingenuous. And we are able to see this largely by actions
as opposed to his words. And his words in terms of feeding ignorance,
we can see right through that to begin with, claiming I didn’t know what this gentleman
did, or I don’t necessarily know his title. Come on, you should know better, especially
when this man was your advisor when you were in the Senate. And so again, actions versus words. And it just makes me realize how much more
we are going to get more of Trump.>>And by the way, I guess I’ve sort of buried
the lead. I mean, we’re talking about stuff coming from
the climate town hall. And so time has come and gone, he did go to
that fundraiser. He ended up doing it. He did the fact checking, he said he would
Anderson Cooper, and you know what, he’s okay, stamp of approval. Biden is going to go there. But he said this and this is just a great
quote. So he said, at the fundraiser, I just want
to be very clear to everyone here that I am committed to not raising money from fossil
fuel executives and I’m not doing that here. And all the people who are just taking every
bit of energy out of the ground and burning it up and ruining our climate. They’re like, that’s a great point. Joe, you’re the best. Here’s some more money.>>Well, you missed the second half of that
quote. He said, because I’m taking all the money
that was raised at this fundraiser, and I’m giving it to clean up operations in certain
cities, there’s cities and states all over the country, that have to deal with contaminated
pipes, not just Flint. So pipes that are destroying people’s lives
and pumping through different kinds of contaminants into the system. He’s giving that money to them. That’s what he’s raising money from fossil
fuels company for, am I right, did I miss that part of the quote?>>Sure, sure.>>I don’t think that’s what it is.>>Because he said he’s not doing it as he’s
doing it so he must not really be doing it.>>So look, I obviously was not for, I’m not
involved in the creation of this pledge. I’ve talked about it on my shows. So why don’t we turn to the people who actually
put together this pledge to see whether or not they accept his explanation. Well, we have a comment from David Turnbull
spokesman for Oil Change US. This is one of the organizations that helped
to organize that pledge that he swears he’s still abiding by. That spokesman said, while it may not technically
violate the pledge, it clearly goes against its spirit. We defined the pledge’s rule to make it simple
for candidates to commit to and follow, not to provide loopholes to continue raising funds
from fossil fuel-adjacent sources. And so look, we might all disagree on exactly
where you should draw the line. Should they be going through every donation
no matter how small to find out what industry that person worked for? So if somebody makes $50,000 a year working
at an oil field, should you accept money from them? We can sort of disagree about that. But this isn’t a donation, this isn’t a single
thinng. This is a wealthy, influential person that
you have a past with that you definitely know about. Don’t pretend you have no clue what business
they’re in. Who is organizing a fundraiser for you. And maybe it’s crazy, but I have this sneaking
suspicion that when he’s choosing who to bring to this fundraiser for Biden, some of them
might be in the oil game, maybe.>>Perhaps.>>Anyway, look he got through this first
town hall, I guess. There’s been some criticism so far. It hasn’t really stuck, in part because it
was a climate town hall. So nobody watches because the potential death
of our civilization isn’t a big ratings booster. But there are gonna be other town halls. And there are gonna be debates where these
questions are gonna be brought up. And I hope that his continued noncompliance
with this, if he keeps doing fundraisers like this, becomes a problem for him. Because it’s not an issue we can afford to
just let him skate by on.>>Absolutely.

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