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WVU prepares for Day of Giving, 24-hour online fundraising effort

I’m here with the Executive Vice
President of Development for the WVU Foundation, BJ Davison and BJ we’re here
today to talk about the second annual Day of Giving it’s coming up November
14th and I am sure that you are looking forward to building on the success of
last year’s inaugural event. You bet, April we are working hard and looking
forward to a big day on again Wednesday November 14th we’ve been working behind
the scenes with all of our Dean’s and other academic leaders at the school and
unit level to put together some really fun challenges to keep momentum going
throughout the day. Some of what you’ve been able to accomplish since last
year’s Day of Giving I mean you brought in a lot of money and that money has
really been put to very good use Absolutely we were actually quite
impressed with the last year’s total we hit almost 3 million so 2.9 in some odd
change a lot of people you know believe in helping another generation and jump
right in and created some scholarship challenges funded some scholarships sent
some scholarship money directly to their schools and units we’re also really
pleased that some people just kind of jumped in and made unrestricted gifts to
the University as a whole or to their particular colleges or units and that
really helped the deans have a little bit of extra money as they look at kind
of unforeseen opportunities that kind of pop up during the academic year and we
were really pleased with that response I hope to see more that this year too. Why is that so important to to support those scholarship opportunities and and to
think about that unrestricted giving option. I think the gifts that people
make can really make a difference between whether or not someone’s able to
finish up a year you know get that degree and sometimes it’s not so much
about a big chunk of money but sometimes a student just might need another $500
to kind of make ends meet and that’s really what we’re all about. You’re on
social media as well as online at but talk a little bit
about that social media presence you’re going to have. Through Twitter through
LinkedIn through Facebook of course email and the whole nine yards kind of a
fun way to send out videos to send out thanks
and people are really just getting caught up in the excitement of it so
we’re looking forward to it. Well mark it down Wednesday November 14th the second annual day of giving at West Virginia
University to benefit the WVU Foundation BJ thank you so much. – Thank you, April Don’t forget you can get the latest on what’s happening at the University anytime at
our website just go to

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