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Youth Group Fundraising

Youth Group Fundraising

I can’t tell you how important it is for
me to get my kids to camp each summer. It flat out changes lives, no doubt. Raising money for camp, I mean, you know that
most people don’t want their car washed by a bunch of teenagers at all anyway. We sold 62 donuts, okay, uh writing that down
‘cause they’re sold for a quarter, so you’re just counting quarters and then you
got to go to the bank to change that into dollars. I always feel bad for the people that get
their car washed. When they’re leaving, I’m like “thanks for trying.” It always seemed to feel like they usually
give out of “oh I’ll try and help but I don’t even want the thing that you’re
offering, but here’s some dollars.” Since this year, using the Samaritan Card,
it has freed up all my time doing all the forms and junk that steals time that I could
be using for my real passion and love of why I’m even doing this; praying and reading
the Word and developing what is going to move these kids this year. It worked great. We had more kids attend than
we ever have. Next year, we’re selling the Samaritan Card. It’s just too easy.

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